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202-697-7222 is a Mobile Phone in WASHINGTON, DC

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  • 61
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Comments for 2026977222
  • Kim

    This is a scam

    12/01/2014 12:30PM
  • Kim

    This is a scam

    12/01/2014 12:28PM
  • Cell Phone User

    The way to deal with calls like this is to not answer your phone if you do not recognize the number on your caller ID. If the call is important, they will leave a voicemail message. Also, if you answer, the caller knows they have a "live" number and they will continue calling.

    12/01/2014 11:08AM
  • Danielle

    I received a call from this same number if they call me again I will the cops after them

    10/08/2014 11:33AM
  • betty

    Phone call claiming my name and phone # were chosen to receive $10,200 grant that I never have to pay back. Indian woman was a little hard to understand. You had to listen closely. Got disconnected mid way thru call and never finished details. Called back # on my caller ID , it said "call refused".

    08/15/2014 12:22PM
  • MSM

    very annoying- they speak very broken English- I asked to talk to someone that spoke better English. But then I hung up- Last week they wanted to confirm my personal info-- I hung up on them. This week they say they are from the Federal Government and have Grant money for me- I seriously doubt that

    08/06/2014 5:13PM
  • wayne

    told me I would get 10200.00 by sending 185.00 using green dot thru riti-aid Walgreen etc; now why would the government want to give me ten thousand two hundred dollars for free????.saying government one time grant...

    07/29/2014 5:34PM
  • Sandra

    These calls are a pain in the you know what. There should be away to stop them.

    07/16/2014 11:59AM
  • Margaret

    I have received numerous calls everyday for almost a week. When you try calling back call is rejected.

    07/02/2014 7:01PM
  • Steve

    Fourth call today - probably 20th overall in the last week from four different numbers, including this one. Majority ask for Lily? There is no Lily nor has there every been one here. One caller said when asked he was calling for :College Search of America"?

    07/02/2014 6:08PM
  • Karen Morris

    I'm not really sure they are spammers but researching online everyone says yes they are. When I answer it is dead silence and then I hang up wasting another minute of my cell phone. What a joke, there has to be some way to stop these calls just haven't found it yet.

    07/02/2014 4:57PM
  • Rosie Posie

    they are scammers they have called several times over that last couple of days

    06/19/2014 3:38PM
  • Android User

    broken English speaking lady wanted my account numbers when I refused and told her to prove it was not a scam she hung up. return call rejected

    06/03/2014 1:22PM
  • Yes they keep calling me and when I answer they hang up

    05/30/2014 12:23PM
  • Yes they keep calling me an answer to hang up

    05/30/2014 12:22PM
  • My Phone

    Number keeps calling from Washington DC. I don't answer and don't know anyone from that number. I'm not interested whatsover in what they want. (I signed up for free grocery coupons online and now I'm getting 20 calls a day from different strange companies.) The number 202-697-7722 calls occasionally and I don't answer the call.

    04/28/2014 3:38PM
  • iPhone User

    Don't bother answering the calls from this number...it is a definite SCAM!!! I plan to report this number to the Feds on Monday!! 4-28-14

    04/26/2014 5:24PM
  • Android User

    I downloaded call zapper 1.0 when they call they keep asking for the boxer Joe Frazier and so I tell them I look them up and I think he died 3 years ago but it could be an ugly long haired 60 old hippie friend of mine in Gillette oh well

    04/17/2014 3:43PM
  • iPhone User


    04/15/2014 12:01PM
  • ted b

    i think this was the call that said they were representing the us govt and had money for me.

    04/12/2014 1:38PM
  • iPhone User

    They keep calling for Joe Frazier I keep telling them I think the Boxer Died 3 Years ago on November 7th 2011 & quit calling

    04/09/2014 1:01PM
  • LB

    So far I have been called a dozen times,they ask for someone named Shannon,I got irate with them 4 times. There has been 5 different numbers so far.I have blocked each and every one.

    04/05/2014 1:50PM
  • iPhone User

    Yup they are likely looking to scam. Called asked for Donna

    03/28/2014 1:28PM
  • iPhone User


    03/25/2014 12:21PM
  • Los

    Dam idiots keep calling .... I can smell a scam though!!!

    03/19/2014 4:53PM
  • iPhone User


    03/11/2014 4:32PM
  • I received a call from 202-697-7222. I answered and he asked if I was Samantha, I said yes please take my name off your list as im not interested. He then told me to f*** off. I said hey there is no reason to talk like that. He then said I will talk to you how I f****** please. Then the line went dead

    03/03/2014 4:56PM
  • iPhone User


    02/14/2014 1:59PM
  • Android User

    they have called several times so I answered, the lady could barley speak English said she was with the US grants department. when she asked if I would give my info (social) included I said no I wanted a supervisor, she got mad at me and said no, then hung up. I'm saying SCAM and spam.

    02/12/2014 2:14PM
  • Robin

    Received call from this number; no voice mail. return call does not accept calls.

    02/10/2014 10:46AM
  • Android User

    needs a punch in the face.. waste of air space ..

    02/08/2014 6:02PM
  • iPhone User

    "Call rejected." I hope the get tooth cancer.

    02/06/2014 4:06PM
  • iPhone User

    202-697-7222 this number and should be blocked from all residents

    02/02/2014 4:33PM
  • 2026977222

    i aint no scammer

    01/25/2014 1:19PM
  • Amber

    The number was on my caller ID I called it back and it said my number was rejected.

    01/08/2014 6:51PM
  • Jeanne

    They've called 5 times today, I never answer any longer since there's never anyone there. QUIT CALLING!!

    11/29/2013 5:15PM
  • there out to get me!

    no one on the line!

    11/26/2013 3:13PM
  • iPhone User

    Calls repeatedly!! Hate them!!

    11/20/2013 6:07PM
  • No one spoke, called repeatedly over the past week, when dialed back it said "call rejected".

    11/19/2013 6:52PM
  • leave me alone you sob's

    11/06/2013 11:09AM
  • Jagpup

    Leave me alone

    11/06/2013 9:12AM
  • boobaloo

    I received three calls from this number today, which I rejected. If they call one more time, I will hunt them down and damage them badly.

    10/25/2013 7:30PM
  • have call times, asked for man of house, then hung up

    10/23/2013 2:20PM
  • Bornatnitenotlastnite

    Call from 202-269-7222 Man English Accent, when I sounded suspicious, hung up, get these calls a lot lately

    10/09/2013 12:36PM
  • Android user

    told me they are from US Grants department in washington DC. then hung up. I called the secret service. and reported them... the government is shut down so obviously this is not legit.

    10/08/2013 7:08PM
  • Android User

    number keeps call me how do I get them to stop

    09/28/2013 6:30PM
  • iPhone User

    Do no talk to them. Big time bad news!!!

    09/17/2013 11:55AM
  • iPhone User

    Bad scammer!!!

    09/16/2013 7:23PM
  • iPhone User

    Do not even talk this number called my sons live trying to get money from him when I answered and asked who is this the man got very hostile told me to F off ext. he then called back told him reporting him to police told me to F off again and hung up... Bad task bad...

    09/13/2013 5:34PM
  • iPhone User

    When you answer someone wants to give you a grant for$3200.00. All you have to do is give them an checking or savings account to deposit it to. To bad I didn't have either.

    09/09/2013 11:48AM
  • iPhone User

    Did not answer. Thank to all who have posted these warnings.

    09/07/2013 4:41PM
  • iPhone User


    09/05/2013 9:44PM
  • iPhone User


    08/28/2013 7:24PM
  • iPhone User


    08/28/2013 4:27PM
  • iPhone User

    Spam and a Scam

    08/28/2013 3:25PM
  • CG

    Call from Indian sounding character - I've been awarded $10,200.00 reward from Feds as I have a clean criminal background. Tax free - money can be used anyway except to pay taxes. Wanted bank account number or credit card (pref. American Express) to transfer. I called him out on the scam. He got mad and asked me if I'm stupid? I'm throwing away free money... I hung up.

    08/21/2013 4:01PM
  • troublefuru

    This lady wants personal information in exchange for 10,200. I'm calling it a scam, don't do it!

    08/20/2013 4:53PM
  • DC


    08/16/2013 6:20PM
  • R Meyers

    these people will not stop calling my phone at all hours of the day

    08/12/2013 11:55AM
  • Ms.C

    This 202-697-7222 is constantly calling and when I return the call all I get is an answering machine. Do Not Call my number again, this is harassment.

    08/10/2013 8:17PM
  • Sandy

    It's someone from Verizon, the voice sounded k=like he was from India and I couldn't understand a word, asked him to take my number off the list and he hung up on me!!!!

    08/05/2013 6:12PM
  • ratherbshopping

    I got many cell phone calls using up my time and minutes. Said I owed someone money, do not. Must be a scam. wasting my time.

    08/01/2013 7:10PM
  • Android User

    also a "foreign" lady stating something about a grant.... definitely A SCAM!!!!!!!!!

    07/29/2013 4:56PM
  • Android User

    keeps calling and hanging up

    07/27/2013 4:14PM


    07/24/2013 3:29PM
  • Windows Phone User

    great app

    07/22/2013 3:01PM

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