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206-338-7217 is a Landline Phone in SEATTLE, WA

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  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 72
    Spam Reports
  • 78
  • 2556
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Comments for 2063387217
  • iPhone User


    02/07/2013 12:23AM
  • iPhone User

    Baba booey baba booey!!

    02/05/2013 8:38PM
  • iPhone User

    Calls after 9pm and say nothing

    02/01/2013 10:23PM
  • iPhone User


    01/30/2013 6:05PM
  • iPhone User

    They need to die. When I track them down, I will slice them up, insipid douchebags

    01/28/2013 9:59PM
  • iPhone User


    01/13/2013 6:04PM
  • Android User

    Block it

    01/11/2013 9:24PM
  • iPhone User


    01/08/2013 8:08PM
  • Da Cajun

    always calls ans says noting, I say hello and they say noting and then hangs after 30 to 60 secs. aholes.

    01/07/2013 8:51PM
  • Android User

    do you smoke? they are selling electronic cigarettes

    01/05/2013 11:38PM
  • iPhone User


    01/04/2013 6:49PM
  • iPhone User


    01/01/2013 9:49PM
  • Android User

    Scrum of the Earth

    12/28/2012 9:25PM
  • Android User

    Ehrmahgerd sperm!

    12/26/2012 10:17PM
  • iPhone User

    Called 7:53 p.m definitely the illuminati calling. Busy signal then stops. Go figure.

    12/20/2012 8:15PM
  • Android User

    Really weird called my cell phone and then 20 mins later called my mother's house phone... Called back and it was busy

    12/19/2012 10:08PM
  • iPhone User


    12/19/2012 9:49PM
  • iPhone User


    12/19/2012 2:51PM
  • Ticked!!!

    Got a phone call (6:11pm) from an out-of-state number that I didn't "know" or recognize. (Does this mean that they are involved in Interstate Fraud?) They, of course, left no message. As always, I didn't answer, but looked up the number here. I am on the National Do-Not-Call List, and have been for over a couple of years now. (I guess this is our government at work for us.) I'm going to http://www.fcc.gov/complaints AND to https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx and see if that can get the government to work for me, and stop these calls. (Yes I will go through all those steps.) [I have also bookmarked these URL's.] I have also assigned a silent ringtone to this number. (I am up to 44 now.) We should all pile on.

    12/15/2012 12:11AM
  • Android User

    Called my cell while I was driving only to find it's a solicitor. If they call me again they will get a lovely blast from an air horn.

    12/03/2012 9:18PM
  • iPhone User


    12/03/2012 9:08PM
  • iPhone User

    Always call 8:50pm...sick people....

    11/30/2012 9:06PM
  • iPhone User

    I don't answer numbers I don't know but they call a lot no message .

    11/30/2012 8:20PM
  • Android User

    Sick of the harassing phone calls.

    11/23/2012 11:36PM
  • iPhone User

    I notified the do not disturb agency. Others must do the same. The more complaints , the more likely the enforcement.

    11/23/2012 10:04PM
  • iPhone User

    Recorded msg

    11/23/2012 7:59PM
  • MS


    11/20/2012 9:33PM
  • Android User


    11/19/2012 8:25PM
  • Shar

    Called after 8pm very nerve racking to have to listen to a recording through its entirety before given the option to be removed from their calling list only for them to call back with the same ad and different number

    11/14/2012 9:32PM
  • Called me at 850 pm- called them back twice- noone answered- pricks!!!!!!!!

    11/13/2012 10:25PM
  • iPhone User


    11/12/2012 11:09PM
  • matt

    hang up as soon as I answered

    11/12/2012 8:24PM
  • Liz


    11/12/2012 7:04PM
  • Frank Anthony Cesaro

    They called my 10 year old daughters cell phone in attempt to sell her a smokeless cigarette. When I informed them that I was not happy about this, and wanted to speak to a supervisior, they hung up on me.

    11/09/2012 9:41PM
  • Android User

    selling e cigarettes

    11/08/2012 8:40AM
  • Solicitor. Did not leave message

    11/07/2012 10:20PM
  • iPhone User


    10/31/2012 9:30PM
  • iPhone User

    Solicitor. Trying to sell e-cigarettes

    10/30/2012 9:32PM
  • iPhone User

    8:30 at night.. Call from Seattle, Washington.. I'm in FL. WTF?! Called back this number is busy.

    10/29/2012 9:15PM
  • iPhone User

    No message

    10/26/2012 9:45PM
  • Android User

    spammer left no message

    10/25/2012 10:04PM
  • iPhone User


    10/25/2012 9:05PM
  • iPhone User

    No message. 8:52 PM!! Spam!

    10/24/2012 11:01PM
  • no one there

    10/23/2012 6:41PM
  • iPhone User

    No message

    10/22/2012 9:05PM
  • iPhone User

    No message

    10/20/2012 9:44AM
  • iPhone User

    Credit card debt. Spam

    10/20/2012 12:01AM
  • iPhone User


    10/19/2012 7:16PM
  • iPhone User

    Spam credit card bull

    10/18/2012 8:07PM
  • iPhone User


    10/17/2012 9:27PM
  • iPhone User


    10/17/2012 7:02PM
  • g

    Spammer @ 8 frikkin' thirty at night!

    10/16/2012 9:36PM
  • iPhone User

    Don't answer spammer

    10/16/2012 9:00PM
  • iPhone User

    Cigrette calls at night

    10/16/2012 8:59PM
  • iPhone User

    Don't answer, spammer!

    10/10/2012 10:41PM
  • iPhone User


    10/09/2012 9:09PM
  • iPhone User

    Spam to cell phone - no msg

    10/03/2012 10:41PM
  • iPhone User


    10/01/2012 11:43PM
  • iPhone User

    Def a spammer.. So annoying!

    10/01/2012 8:27PM
  • Matt

    Called and left no message.

    09/28/2012 7:37PM
  • iPhone User


    09/27/2012 10:13PM
  • iPhone User


    09/24/2012 6:49PM
  • iPhone User

    Repeat spammer

    09/21/2012 7:19PM
  • iPhone User


    09/21/2012 7:19PM
  • Android User

    Area code 206 must be full of spamers.

    09/21/2012 1:22AM
  • Angie

    I received a call from this number and another one from New York. I don't answer unfamiliar numbers, so I checked the voicemail afterwards. It was an automated message, saying I would be transferred to their security department - as if I had answered. Same message for both numbers. Definitely spam.

    08/17/2012 11:17AM
  • janet


    08/14/2012 7:19PM
  • JM

    Wish someone would answer I would blast a horn at them several times a day.

    08/14/2012 7:19PM
  • mkn


    07/07/2012 12:43AM
  • Android User

    Yep, another spammer!

    07/06/2012 11:58PM
  • Android User

    Spam big time

    07/06/2012 11:22PM
  • Jan

    Through my cell phone. Hung up when I answered.

    07/05/2012 10:17PM
  • iPhone User


    07/05/2012 8:35PM
  • Don Blackmon

    Yes This Organizattion calls under different numbers but they all come back as coming from International Telcom LTD of Seattle Washington Never speaking when I pick up the phone.Twice in a long barrage of calls a person answered and said they were from a security company in L.A. California! I said I did not want their product and they keep calling any way! Please find a way to Stop these kind of people! They are Definatelywhat I would Call Spammers!

    07/04/2012 8:45AM
  • iPhone User

    Sales call

    07/04/2012 12:03AM
  • Mark

    Left a message concerning a fax and then leave a message. Sounded most unwholesome; maybe a method to confirm identity? or steal identity?

    07/02/2012 10:16PM
  • Android User

    Didn't answer they left no msg

    06/29/2012 10:51PM
  • iPhone User

    Answer the phone and get automated msg extolling the virtues of electronic cigarettes. Spam!!

    06/29/2012 9:14PM

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