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209-233-8864 is a Landline Phone in MERCED, CA

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Comments for 2092338864
  • Sarah

    They call often. Caller ID says "Mercer CA". I finally answered. They asked for my husband. I said he wasn't home and asked what it's regarding. She said "CAR INSURANCE". I lied and told her we use the bus and don't have a car. She said "YOU ARE A LIAR. YOU ARE A LIAR. HE HAVE CAR". I laughed at her, said thank you, and hung up.

    12/12/2014 1:28PM
  • Amina Ali

    Magic Jack is with Tomobile you have to call 1877-453-1304 and report them to the mobile company

    11/20/2014 3:52PM
  • Amina Ali

    Magic Jack 209-233-8864 has been calling me for more than 8 months now. I have asked nicely not to call me, I have yelled on them, I have made it very clear that I am not interested in their insurance. It is a group of Indians not sure if they are actually here in America or in India. They call as early as 7am until 9pm. I can't keep doing these. There has to be a way to file a class action law suit for phone stalking, phone harassment and just being plumb annoying. I called 209-233-8865, 209-233-8866, 209-233-8867, 209-233-8868, 209-233-8863, 209-233-8862 and it is Magic Jack make free calls from anywhere unassigned number. I read some other complaints from other websites and it seems this is a ring of Indians making telemarketing calls for Car Insurance, Home Repairs, Vacation Rentals for Holiday Inn, claims to be with Publisher's Clearing House. It seems they have a private line where 2 separate woman have answered 209-233-8869 and 209-233-8861. The 209-233-8864 is a cell phone in Merced California. In fact all of these numbers are mobile phone numbers from Merced, CA. Ha Ha Ha as I am writing this report they called so I answered and I ask what do you want and why are you calling me, the man said " shut up you bi***." I am done. Now I want to find them. They are calling from their home, I heard the water running in the background with this women's voice, I want and need to find him so I can spit in his ugly face. He got scared when I told him he is calling me from a mobile hone out of Fresno, CA and hung up.

    11/20/2014 3:51PM
  • iPhone User

    They call anytime of the day, is spam

    01/08/2014 7:45PM
  • E

    I'm going to call every 2 minutes until I get the point through to them. My long distance is unlimited so I'll stop calling them when they stop calling me.

    12/19/2013 12:00PM
  • iPhone User

    When they called, the call only lasted 5 secs and they dropped off the line.

    10/09/2013 6:03PM
  • iPhone User

    They call numerous times every day!!!

    09/16/2013 5:49PM
  • iPhone User


    09/16/2013 5:21PM
  • iPhone User

    Spam Block call

    09/16/2013 5:19PM
  • iPhone User

    Block call

    09/16/2013 4:50PM
  • iPhone User

    Magic Jack! Spam! They keep calling!!!

    09/02/2013 8:26PM
  • iPhone User

    Does not leave mess don't answer these calls.

    09/02/2013 5:14PM
  • M K

    The calls started 2 months ago. They used to call every 2-3 days. I never answered and they never left a voicemail. So, I thought they would stop calling. They stopped for the entire month of July, then they were back at it again. I blocked their number using my Mr. Number app. I have it set to pick up and hang up. That must have pissed them off because now they call at least 4 times a day.

    08/27/2013 11:21PM
  • N/A

    I received a phone call on my cell. I do not answer these calls if I am not familiar with the number. They waste their time calling me.

    08/13/2013 1:03PM
  • iPhone User

    They call and say there from a auto shop but don't stay on the phone long

    08/12/2013 1:42PM
  • JMacWilliams

    209-233-8864 keeps calling--10 times today, so far. Can't block it, so I'm turning off the phone.

    08/07/2013 8:06PM
  • A

    i got that it was MAgic Jack when i called back, i contacted them t o remove my number from their list. they told me that my phone carrier allows this?? so confused and SO F**KING ANNNOYED.

    07/31/2013 1:05PM
  • iPhone User

    Calls several times a day. Night and day. Finally did answer then no one is on the line or it just does dead. A pain in the butt. They started calling me at 8 am.

    07/30/2013 8:56PM
  • Android User

    Called and left no message. Ligit calls leave msgs.

    07/30/2013 1:50PM
  • iPhone User

    Spam. Annoying!

    07/27/2013 2:49PM
  • windows phone user

    annoying !

    07/23/2013 3:56PM
  • iPhone User

    Called me 4 times in the last hour. I didn't answer. They left no message.

    07/11/2013 2:24PM
  • iPhone User

    Called hubby's phone 3 times tonight, hubby says they've called a bunch of times before. Spam-o-Rama!

    07/03/2013 10:42PM
  • Android User


    05/29/2013 12:15AM
  • Very Upset

    This number has called me approximately every 2 hours over the past several days. Of the few times I answered and talked with the person I had received many different names of the operator(even though it sounded like the same person). 2 times they claimed to be Auto repair services, and another time they claimed to be a diabetic medical supply company. This last time they called I told the person if they called back 1 more time I would be forced to hunt them down and make sure they were unable to ever call anybody again. I have yet to be recalled. Let hope it lasts.

    05/28/2013 7:59PM
  • jean

    They call regarding a person who does not live at this number.

    05/24/2013 1:59PM
  • iPhone User


    05/21/2013 9:38PM
  • iPhone User

    So annoying. These pple really need to get a life. I just decline the call every time

    03/30/2013 12:53PM
  • Android User

    got a call from that number its magic jack ,tells me that number hasn't been assigned to anyone so hang-up check the number .if not assigned how & why is someone able to call from that number .

    03/22/2013 11:50AM
  • T

    This number called twice. I answered the first time. A man came on with very broken english and a heavy accent. I could hardly understand a word he said so I hung up.

    03/21/2013 2:29PM
  • iPhone User

    Magic Jack number? Wth!

    02/20/2013 12:35PM
  • no message. Called before. Annoying.

    02/19/2013 6:50PM
  • Android User

    1/30/13. Houston. I answered but nobody on the line.

    01/30/2013 1:10PM
  • iPhone User

    Calls multiple times every day

    12/11/2012 3:29PM
  • iPhone User

    Calls every hour...who do I report them to?

    11/12/2012 4:40PM
  • iPhone User

    They are crazy...same people that using 209-233-8862!! What's next-8863

    11/09/2012 3:58PM
  • huwei user

    I have no idea who this is and they do not leave a voice mail

    11/01/2012 2:28PM
  • iPhone User


    10/17/2012 10:09AM
  • iPhone User

    No message likely spam, called around 8pm later than a normal business

    09/10/2012 11:44PM
  • Laura

    This company is relentless. Calls multiple times a day offering home improvements. I was ignoring the calls at first, and they never left a message. I finally picked up once and the calls have gotten worse ... even though I told them several times I am not interested and to take me off of their list. I have also reported them to the FCC and urge you to do so too. BEWARE of this company!

    07/11/2012 2:26PM
  • iPhone User


    07/11/2012 12:32PM
  • iPhone User

    I answered and there is silence then a recording says goodbye. Will not answer again!

    07/03/2012 2:08PM
  • iPhone User

    Same here in Utah

    07/02/2012 2:08PM
  • iPhone User

    Thought it was familiar. Similar # ends 8862

    06/30/2012 4:30PM
  • iPhone User

    This is a Merced California number. Didn't recognize so didn't answer. No message left here either rec call on 6/12/2012.

    06/12/2012 5:25PM
  • Pee Wee Swift

    Just called me. 6/11/12. I'm in Missouri. Don't know anyone in CA. No message

    06/11/2012 9:17PM
  • iPhone User

    Total spammer.. Don't answer!

    06/07/2012 9:31PM
  • Not available how do I know it is not you?

    Same thing here in San Antonio, TX. I did not recognize the number so I did not bother in answering the phone. Call all you want and waste all of your energy and resources but I am not answering!

    01/16/2012 12:21PM
  • unkown

    has recently been calling around the same time from 2092338862 and 2338864. If we were familiar with each other then a message would have been recorded

    01/13/2012 4:54PM
  • Lee Ashford

    I don't know who this is. I have family in this area code, but none at this number. I didn't answer, and they didn't leave a message. I find it interesting how many searches have been done for this number. Anybody have a clue who this is? So far they've only called once.

    12/12/2011 10:48PM

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