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209-858-3500 is a Landline Phone in LATHROP, CA

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Comments for 2098583500
  • iPhone User

    Agencia de cobro prestamos estudiantiles

    02/10/2014 5:39PM
  • iPhone User

    PRI. Collection company for defaulted student loans. NOT a scam

    01/22/2013 5:15PM
  • Android User

    this is PRI collection co for defaulted student loans

    10/29/2012 1:23PM
  • iPhone User

    They do not leave messages so I don't bother to pick up the phone.

    07/12/2012 6:41PM
  • iPhone User

    Dont even bother answering the phone!

    06/05/2012 5:37PM
  • iPhone User

    Get calls all the time from this number they never leave a message and i have never answered and after wut I read I am glad

    06/25/2011 12:41AM
  • ticked

    If you get calls from these people report them to your Attorney Generals' Office. If they are legit so be it...if not they need the law to investigate.

    09/29/2010 12:00AM
  • me

    Cody from this number was very rude would not give me any information about who he was or what he wanted. I called back and Cody refused to put a supervisor on the phone

    08/19/2010 12:09PM

    I have 10 calls from this company during all hours - no one ever leaves a message...but hangs up and calls repeatedly.

    08/16/2010 11:01AM
  • Lisy

    I got a cl form them stating I owe money and when I asked them what for, they hang up.   Sounds scammy to me

    08/15/2010 12:00AM
  • leavemealone

    This b@#$@# keeps calling me that I owe money in an account that I know that I had close and I know that were charging me for calls from all over the world. I tried to reason with her, and wanted to negociate with her but no luck she started screaming. So I said f^&*( my credit has improved I'm not paying for something that I did not do. It's about principal! They can keep calling I'll never try to negociate with people. I own a house and my credit is not perfect but is fine.

    08/06/2010 11:38AM
  • Dawn

    Diversified Collection Services Lathrop, CA 95330

    08/05/2010 8:55AM
  • Terry

    This guy continue to call my house for my x-wife, asking personal question and calling continually, stating he's working on some project for her.

    07/28/2010 9:50AM
  • WOW!!

    So this agency will call your job looking for someone !!  I have told Kylie or whoever calls ( AS IF I DONT HAVE CALLER ID-IDIOTS!!) my direct line to !!STOP!! calling looking for this person.  In addition she will get rude as if I don't know who she is, asking to be connected to our HR department. (DUMMY-collector is stoopid enough to believe that HR wil give out that info.)  Due to the laws FDCA (Fair Dept Collection Act) states that if you answer the phone and tell them to "stop calling" they have to adhear to that. 209-858-3500.

    07/26/2010 12:00AM
  • Angry

    Some lady claimed to be Nicky asking regarding someone I've not seen for a while. I told her to buzz off!

    07/13/2010 10:36AM
  • Slidell

    I also had a call from this number said she was trying to reach an old neighbor.  Drilled me for information.  She never said who she was, just said she was trying to reach him but the number he had wasn't good anymore.  I didn't even know my previous neighbor!Caller ID registered: DCS inc.

    07/08/2010 12:00AM
  • Concerned Richmonder

    Female caller attempted to give the impression the call was of a personal nature and involved an established personal relationship between her and my neighbor about whom she attempted to secure information. I informed her that the call coming from a business which she failed to identify violated the do-not-call act and would be reported. She responded she wasn't scared and had only called after obtaining my listed number from a 'directory" in order to re-establish contact with my neighbor who she referred to only by her first name as if she were a friend. Deceptive calling probably in violation of the do-not-call act since I have no business relationship with DCS, Inc. whose name displayed on my caller-id. I've reported the call to my neighbor and local authorities as I suspect identity theft or an attempt to identify homes where the occupants were away for purposes of burglary may be the motives.

    07/01/2010 5:56PM
  • Freshface57

    Lady called stated a neighbor phone was disconnected, asked if i would deliver a message.

    06/28/2010 11:30AM
  • Sian

    Get numerous calls from this number on my cell phone. I don't answer and they never leave a message.

    06/25/2010 12:00AM
  • Asha

    I received a call on my cellphone yesterday from this number.  The woman asked for my husband who was unavailable.  I asked who was calling so I could take a message for him.  She gave me her name, Marilyn.  I asked who she was with.  She made brief pause and then informed me she wasn't WITH anyone; she was alone.  I asked if she could tell me what this was the nature of her call.  She paused again and then told me it was personal.  At this point, I was a little irritated with her vagueness.  I told her if was so personal to call him on his PERSONAL cellphone and not mine and hung up.

    06/24/2010 12:00AM
  • John

    Has called me multiple times left a message saying to call her back on this number about a time sensitive matter. Even began calling my friends pretending she was an old friend saying her name was "cynthia Zambrano" and that i once posted my number on her "wall post" and she wanted to get in touch with me. Never heard of person with that name and i live all the way on the other side of the country.

    06/10/2010 8:00AM
  • mrt

    They seem to be a collection agency. They called me to verify information about my ex husband and I know he doesn't pay his bills

    05/03/2010 12:25PM
  • Valerie Neese

    Calls everyday night and day.

    05/01/2010 2:53PM
  • Wrong

    If they were smart they would realize that it is illegal to contact a federal agency in reference to collecting a debt on someone.  My wife received a phone call today because this company was attempting to locate an individual that they saw my wife was friends with on facebook.  My wife hasn't even seen this person for about 14 years so it was quite a shock.  There is a line and this supposed agency crossed it.

    04/29/2010 12:00AM
  • Wrong

    What I was trying to get at is my wife works for a federal agency and received this call while at work for an individual she hadn't seen in 14 years!

    04/29/2010 12:00AM
  • XXX

    I have not nor ever had outstanding bills that require a collection agency.  My bills have always been paid in full all my life) so this is a fake company calling.  No one said anything to me when they called today, they hung up.  THIS IS NOTHING BUT A FALSE SCAM FOR A FACT.

    04/12/2010 12:00AM
  • scott

    rep called my work

    03/29/2010 1:20PM
  • Joseph

    These scumbags called me and left no message AND called my neighbors looking for me. They are scum, the creditors they are collecting for are scum and can KMA.

    03/20/2010 12:00AM
  • pammm

    i got a call from 1-209-858-3500. did not answer. i called back and the lady told me the initials of the "company" but refused to tell me what the bussiness WAS, you know, like the function or purpose. i told her i had received a call and if she would check her records...and she tells me sure, just give me your social security # so i can check if you have an account with us. yeah, as if!!!!

    03/04/2010 12:00AM
  • Homer Simpson

    If they are so legit then why dont they send me something in writing?

    03/03/2010 12:00AM
  • normajean

    Left message asking for a person who is not at this number. Get it right!

    02/25/2010 11:18AM
  • wayne

    Called me in Louisiana 12 noon, did not leave a message. Some crazy S.O.B./

    02/25/2010 12:00AM
  • sam

    DCS, Inc. started calling everyday a few days ago but doesnt leave a message. Who are they and what do they want?

    02/18/2010 3:57PM
  • Ryan

    i've received a call from this  209-858-3500 me too. Caller ID DCS.. in a brief description , what is it exactly ?

    02/16/2010 12:00AM
  • LawEnforcer

    They called me and claimed to be an Attorney with the legal Dept. I could hardly understand him and when I pressed him for his bar number he started cussing at me and every other word out of his mouth was f*** this and f*** that. He told me I was mad (crazy) and then gave me someone else's personal information to include, SSN, Name. Bank Info, DOB, and email address - at that point I couldn't contain myself and started laughing at him. He got more angered and threated to show up at my house and hurt my family. I am a law enforcement officer and was smart enough to record the entire exchange. I called back the next day and said  nothing, just played the recording! I haven't heard from them since. I turned all of the information over to the Secret Service being that they have a special unit for this kind of thing, as well as the US Attorneys office whom also has a special unit for this type of crime against individuals. From my understanding the incinuation that this terrorist was an Attorney and representing Virginia is a federal crime, furthermore the threat against my families safety in an attempt to obtain money is extortion. Both can have these people locked up for some time. If you get any of these calls RECORD them and turn them over to a local secret service office - they will route to the proper place. Also be sure to turn over to yours states Attorney's office. As the case grows these terrorists will spend a long time in jail. More importantly if they happen to be out of the county and are having these calls routed through a US area code, as some do, they are going to have additional charges filled! NEVER give them your information, if they already have it they are fishing for the one missing piece to be able to cheat you out of everything, they will even go as far as asking you fax them something authorizing them to remove money from your bank. NEVER verify the information that they do have, tell them that they are wrong and as I said before RECORD it all!!! Furthemore, I live in VA and if anyone attempts to call you they will call you from an 804 or 540 number being that those are the only places that VA debt collection offices are. They DO NOT hire out for the purpose of debt collection. Also if ANYONE tells you that they are calling from the STATE of Virginia you can be certain that they are a fake - Virginia is not a State it is a Commonwealth and all employees of the Commonwealth refer to Virginia as just that - The Commonwealth of Virginia. Also the DCS link that was provided by AM is that for a company which has no dealings with the Commonwealth of VA

    02/03/2010 12:00AM
  • dennis

    called but didn't leave message. who are they?

    02/01/2010 3:46PM
  • AM

    http://www.performantcorp.com/dcs/index.htmSeems very legit- that they collect for the Dept of Education.  They may just be more aggressive in their methods (i.e. calling friends/ family and posing as people) instead of just waiting for people who owe a bunch of money to contact them..  Called about my ex who is a loser and just ignores collection companies...so what else are they gonna do?

    01/29/2010 12:00AM
  • fb

    wrong no.

    01/19/2010 5:30PM
  • will

    what type of company is calling my number and who are they.

    01/15/2010 9:49AM
  • Amy

    Lady from this # called and asked about my neighbor!  I told them I didn't know a thing and then told her good night! Good grief!

    01/12/2010 12:00AM
  • jimmy

    had a name and said they were calling for a mortgage debt.called the # back and line went to music then cut off.

    01/07/2010 12:00AM
  • Frank

    The guy on the other line said his name is Tony.  Tony asked for my wife by her first name and said this call was to check a reference for Amy, an old friend of ours.  He then proceeded to ask if Amy had seen her mom lately and how was their relationship, same for her ex-husband.  He was drilling for information on Amy and her family.  Before I found out what the number was I suspected the FBI was investigating Amy.

    01/06/2010 12:00AM
  • LYNN

    This is Diversified Collection Services, they are a government contracted collection agency representing several government entities.  (dept education, dept treasury, state tax agencies, etc)They are legal and are governed by federal regulations for collections, not state.  They will continue these calls until you take care of the debt that is owed to the government.  The individual that owes the gov't debt will eventually lose any/all federal tax refunds until the debt is paid and they cannot get this money back even if they set up a payment arrangement with DCS, because DCS has no control over the seizure of the tax refunds.  Majority of the time bankruptcy does not stop the collection either because of the federal nature of the debt.  I worked for them for 3 years, that's how I can give you this info.

    01/06/2010 12:00AM
  • Anonymous

    They have called me various times also saying that I owe taxes in the state of Virginia.  I have never lived in Virginia.  They somehow got my name sometime last year as well, but didn't have my phone number.  They called my grandparents and the woman posed as a friend.  She told my grandmother that she knew me from high school and asked for my phone number.  Very obviously a scam and the person commenting above is clearly in on the scam.

    01/06/2010 12:00AM
  • ex construction biz owner

    I had an OSHA violation on a project. The economy tanked. So did my business. These nice folks are trying to collect the payment for the OSHA violation.

    01/04/2010 12:00AM
  • Tammy

    This is not a complaint, just an update for you now that I know who it is..The company's name is Diversified Collection Services, INC (DCS) and it is contracted by the U.S. Government for debt recovery for the U.S. Treasury.. I'm sure they're contracted by others as well, but if you owe the government, this is why you are getting these calls.. At least why I am getting them, so I know first hand.

    12/02/2009 12:00AM
  • girl

    It is DCS I got a call from them about "business" they have with my brother. Laura Lewis-Stupid!Said Manteca CA

    12/02/2009 12:00AM
  • sondra

    Lisa has called looking for a person that is not with our company... We have told her 2-3 times that she is no longer with the company.

    11/25/2009 12:00AM
  • Jeff Richardson

    What's up with these guys? I owe NO-ONE! They call but only leave a caller I.D. that's the only evidence of their call maybe they are scoping out houses to rob. (Guy sits in nbrhd & waits for phone & goes to check the place out when he gets no answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11/19/2009 12:00AM
  • fed up

    This is a collection agency by the name of " Diversified Collection Services"or DCS.

    11/12/2009 12:00AM
  • joy

    they calls 3 to 4 times a day and they also called my neighbors. can anything be done about this company calling so often and calling my neighbors?

    11/08/2009 10:34AM
  • anonymous

    received 3 calls... various times on various days. does not leave message

    10/30/2009 12:00AM
  • tina

    leaves no message receives call about once a month

    09/23/2009 8:43PM
  • annoyed

    Hang upCalls on cell phone

    09/11/2009 12:00AM
  • funkstart

    Did not answer, did not leave a message.

    08/21/2009 12:00AM

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