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210-736-3080 is a Landline Phone in SAN ANTONIO, TX

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Comments for 2107363080
  • iPhone User

    Conducting a research survey. Always call between 9-10pm.

    10/17/2015 1:41AM
  • dt

    Our answering machine received the call. No message was left. Their second call. Using a 803CID phone call blocker to block them now.

    07/09/2015 11:33AM
  • dt

    Our answering machine received the call. No message was left.

    06/26/2015 10:00PM
  • iPhone user

    Legitimate companies would be scouring the web looking for unfavorable reports like these and providing legitimate information about how to STOP these unwanted calls. If they don't do that, there is a reason: THEY ARE SPAMMERS!!!

    01/16/2015 7:02PM
  • ScamBuster

    These morons have called 6 times in two days. They use 210-736-3080 and 941-379-1954 listed as Scarborough Research. They are blocked - but will probably use another number. A-Holes!! Caller: Scarborough Research

    01/10/2015 7:41PM
  • iPhone User

    Gabriel M Patlan 277 Addax Dr San Antonio, TX 78213 (210) 736-3080 Household: San G Patlan, Griselda S Patlan, Sangabriel Patlan

    08/02/2014 5:02PM
  • iPhone User

    Don't believe anything they say, meth dealers trying to get your money!!

    01/27/2014 5:22PM
  • Android User

    keeps calling me at 930 at night!!!!Leave me alone!

    04/17/2013 6:06AM

    I have the ATT UVERSE digital phone package and I took advantage of ATT's call block function. You can Google the url for the ATT UVERSE website for it. Log into your account and fill out the information needed to block their number under the "block caller" feature. It might also be worth a try to see if your phone service offers a number blocking service, even if you don't have ATT UVERSE. Why all phones don't come with internal number blocking features, is beyond me, such a feature should be standard. Hope this helps someone.

    04/05/2013 12:35AM
  • iPhone User

    Calling at 10pm

    03/13/2013 11:22PM
  • iPhone User

    Took short survey and hung up after 10 minutes

    10/02/2012 4:55PM
  • Android User

    Gabriel Patlan ?

    08/17/2012 10:16PM
  • Special K

    The # 210-736-3080. Left no message. I call screen all calls, thru the answering machine. Most companies will not leave a message.

    07/31/2012 8:08PM
  • Ross

    Scarborough Research, (210) 736-0892, 4440 S Piedras Dr.,San Antonio, TX 78228 Keep calling them and tell them to stop calling you!!

    01/16/2012 11:28AM
  • iPhone User

    Keeps calling

    10/29/2011 9:07PM
  • iPhone User

    keep calling and calling

    10/13/2011 7:43PM


    10/06/2011 9:00PM
  • They called at 9:40 PM, when I informed them it was late and asked to be put on their do not call list, they asked when they could call back at a better time!

    10/29/2010 5:32AM
  • Ken

    A suggestion: Obviously, all of us get calls like this and they tick us off. A simple solution -- block it. To my knowledge, most phone companies, cell or land, allow call blocking. If you're a AT&T customer, do the following: Step 1 Dial "*60" and listen to the voice instructions. Step 2 Press "3" to turn your call blocking service on. Step 3 Press the "#" button. Step 4 Dial the telephone number that you want to block. Step 5 Press the "#" button again to block the number. Yes, they may have more than one number. However, this usually works for me.

    05/14/2010 12:57PM
  • Willy

    call no one there 2939

    04/07/2010 4:26PM
  • Pokemom

    Multiple calls from this number during the day and especially in the evening. I picked up when they calle at 9:40pm. Told her I was on the DNC list. She said I couldn't be because she had my number and they weren't telemarketers and they weren't trying to sell anything. After arguing with her, I finally hung up.

    04/06/2010 7:24PM
  • gram

    receive calls every day - no msg left - am on Nat'l DNC list

    02/27/2010 12:24PM
  • Ron6850

    We are on DNC list am tired of these type of calls on our unlisted #

    01/29/2010 6:42PM
  • JJ


    01/27/2010 8:16PM
  • JD

    This company is Nielsen group and Nielsen is the world’s leading marketing and media information company". So, as far as I know they are not a telemarketer and this is how the get under the radar of the do not call list. Can you remember back in the day when we had only house phones and no caller ID. I was thinking back and before the days of custom call features I can't remember getting a telemarketer calling my house. The occasional policeman's ball call, but other than that you had to answer the phone not knowing who it was.......

    01/27/2010 12:00AM
  • Zak

    Called at 10pm at night on December 12, 2009 and woke us up from our deep sleep.

    12/12/2009 7:06PM
  • Louise

    They call several times a week. I told them twice to stop calling. I am on the DNC list. What can be done to stop them? One call was close to 10 p.m. I thought this is illegal. Am sick of them.

    12/10/2009 7:03PM
  • Ethel-10 29 2009

    These people call every night at 9 p.m.   I would like it to stop.  I do not answer and they do not leave a message.   I am on the do not call list.

    10/29/2009 12:00AM
  • zack

    We are on do not call list and this keeps calling.

    10/27/2009 3:44PM
  • Wisconsin

    After 8:30pm - suspected telemarketer???

    10/09/2009 6:33PM
  • Pms Pam

    called at 8:53pm

    08/22/2009 8:31PM
  • Marty

    These morons called at 10pm!

    08/13/2009 12:00AM
  • kofen

    these people keep calling up to twice a day every day . and it gets annoying ,they seem that they cant take a hint that no one wants to talk to them. is their noway of stopping them from calling..

    08/12/2009 10:02PM
  • curtis trusheim

    please trie to let this person know they have a wrong number which is mine at 641-232-6490and not to calk it or text it please?thank you curtis trusheim

    07/01/2009 12:00AM
  • Patti

    Scarborough research called regarding a survey at 9:50pm. When I told her it was too late for such a call at 10pm she said, "It's not quite 10". she wanted to ask me a question. I hung up on her.

    06/23/2009 10:01PM
  • nocabs

    Called at 8:56 PM. Spanish speaking male, didn't know English, start calling at 8:15 every morning. Just kept repeating my name over and over, told him not to call any more. I even changed my number today, let's see how long it takes them to get my new number>

    06/16/2009 10:26PM
  • Information

    I have received multiple calls after 9:00 p.m. despite the fact that I am on the do not call lists and have a no solicitation message.  The Scarborough Research is part of the Nielsen rating company.  From their website: "Nielsen is the world’s leading marketing and media information company"  I am sending a cease and desist to info@scarborough.com.

    06/06/2009 12:00AM
  • CH

    They are trying to sell medications

    06/03/2009 3:39PM
  • Freddy

    Calls everday from this number.The calls are a recording about your car insurance is about to be cancelled. Try calling the number and you get the same recording. The recording doesn't give the name of a company. Irritating to say the least !

    04/25/2009 8:46PM
  • Debbie

    These people call every day! I am on the federal 'do not call' list. There really has to be some way of stopping these bothersome unsolicited calls.

    04/25/2009 8:18PM
  • Calls 3 to 4 times a week at all times, never leaves a message. The last call was 8pm, 4/24/09.

    04/24/2009 8:45PM
  • bob

    keep calling and calling and don't leave a message

    03/29/2009 2:25AM
  • r.m.

    they called after 8 pm on a Friday...weird

    03/14/2009 12:00AM
  • Unlisted in So Cal

    How did they get my number?  This is the link to go to to fill in an on-line complaint form with the Federal Trade Commisionhttps://www.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx

    03/13/2009 12:00AM
  • DOG


    03/12/2009 5:06PM
  • S

    8:40 pm - Someone needs to reign in these automated systems!

    03/07/2009 12:00AM
  • J C Reta

    These people need to stop calling.  I'm on the DO NOT CALL list!!!!!

    02/28/2009 12:00AM
  • calling about a brief survey - calls just before 9PM. I'm on a state do not call list. Have asked them to stop, sstill getting calls. Contacting prosecuters office.

    02/27/2009 6:52PM
  • J

    They used to call once a day from that number.  Now that has stopped and I immediately started getting multiple calls/messages from an "out of area" number (in Spanish) instead.Apparently this place has been in business for a long time.  Shockingly our pathetic government has continued to let them get away with this.

    02/27/2009 12:00AM
  • GT

    Calls 3 to 4 times a week,never leaves a message. Stop calling us.

    02/15/2009 2:34AM
  • Annoyed in Indiana

    Calling here between 8- 11 pm.  I don't answer, they don't leave a message.  Frankly I turn off the ringers anymore and just let the answering machine pick up.

    02/14/2009 12:00AM
  • mrz

    This listing called twice last night 2/11/09, once at 8:44 and at 9:42. I did not answer, but certainly wondered who it was - now I at least know others are registering complaints. This was first encounter, but from others sounds like it may not be last!!!

    02/12/2009 7:34AM
  • Called and left a message, with a older male saying something like "You're gonna crash!" and then creepy laughing, and then "Never seen one like that before!"

    02/10/2009 3:39PM
  • too many calls will not remove my number

    02/08/2009 6:20AM
  • DJ

    Keeps calling wants me to call back.I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!

    01/29/2009 7:31PM
  • A

    They are doing some sort of media research.  They called 3 times in one night.  The last time was after 9pm. My husband finally decided to answer the phone. They wanted to ask him just a couple of questions that would only take a "few" mintues of his time.  He ended up on the phone for 30 minutes.  The calls stopped for about 2 weeks. Now they are calling again!!  Next time they call, I am going to tell them that I am reporting them.  We have been on the DO NOT CALL LIST for several years and I check it often to make sure we stay on it.

    01/26/2009 12:00AM


    01/20/2009 7:41PM
  • el

    6 calls,yesterday at 8.08pm today at 8.30 the caller insists on talkin to me about a survey I warned him I will not answer any calls fron him. it is becoming a grade of harrasment and must stop

    01/16/2009 8:55PM
  • Ralph

    Give them a dose of their own medicine by calling their switchboard repeatedly or write them:Scarborough Research4502 CenterviewSan Antonio, TX 78228 (210) 733-0870http://www.scarborough.comCall (210) 733-0870 and get the direct phone numbers for any of the following Scarborough senior management staff and call them directly:Bob Cohen - PresidentSteve Seraita - Sr. VPAlisa Joseph - VPJames Collins - Sr. VPHoward Goldberg - Sr. VPGary Meo - Sr. VPHave fun!!!

    01/08/2009 12:00AM
  • Rus

    Just call Bob Cohen directly! 646.654.8400 (you can spell his in directory). The better way is to find his home phone number and call every night at 9:30-10:00.

    01/07/2009 9:18PM
  • Ralph

    Give them a dose of their own medicine by calling their switchboard repeatedly or write them: Scarborough Research 4502 Centerview San Antonio, TX 78228 (210) 733-0870 http://www.scarborough.com Call (210) 733-0870 and get the direct phone numbers for any of the following Scarborough senior management staff and call them directly: Bob Cohen - President Steve Seraita - Sr. VP Alisa Joseph - VP James Collins - Sr. VP Howard Goldberg - Sr. VP Gary Meo - Sr. VP Have fun!!!

    01/07/2009 5:38PM
  • Every time i get a call from this number, no one is on the other end

    01/04/2009 2:03PM
  • K

    They call constantly!  Sometimes more than once a day and even as late as 8:30 at night.  I never answer, they never leave a message, and I just don't understand why they keep calling.  Drives me crazy!!!!!

    12/18/2008 12:00AM
  • Donald Stockdale

    Calls twice a week, Violation of Fereral No Call Rules

    12/12/2008 4:30PM
  • Don S

    Violation of Federal NO Call list

    11/21/2008 5:36PM
  • Suz

    ANNOYING!  Call after 9:30 pm (and I've got kids here!).

    11/05/2008 12:00AM
  • Suz

    This company has been calling me for weeks! Late hours.

    11/04/2008 7:53PM
  • minnie

    They have called my home late in the evening over 10 times in the last week. I have caller ID and have not answered.

    10/30/2008 9:53PM
  • mike

    they continue to call even tho i use my do not call electronic machine

    10/23/2008 7:49AM
  • Weirded out

    These folks called Oct 8; did not answer. Then I got a letter with three one dollar bills and a statement they would call again for an interview on media.

    10/21/2008 12:00AM
  • Weirded out

    These folks called Oct 8; did not answer. Then I got a letter with three one dollar bills and a statement they would call again for an interview on media.

    10/21/2008 12:00AM
  • Received call at night from scarborough rsr. This is very annoying and I have no idea who this is or why I received the call. It is very annoying and I want it stopped!

    10/14/2008 7:58PM
  • Karissa

    This number calls me almost everyday, how do you get them to stop?

    10/12/2008 12:00AM
  • Pissed Off Again

    These jerks called again (8:13 p.m.) and since I have a list of these bogus numbers handy, as soon as I picked up the phone said to them "take this number off your list and don't ever call again."

    09/27/2008 12:00AM
  • Whorst

    Calling late night near 10pm.

    09/23/2008 10:09PM
  • jt

    called my phone... no one on line

    09/23/2008 4:52PM
  • Annoyed

    Thid Number calls me several times a day both during the day and evening.  It is very annoying.

    09/20/2008 12:00AM
  • Jake

    I'm getting several calls a day from this number and caller ID says: Scarborough RSR.  How are they getting by with this when we are on the national do not call list ?  I do not pick up the phone but am tired of the calls coming in all times of day.  It is probably computer generated because if you do not answer there is no message.  I will report them to the National Do not call data bank now that I know I am not alone.

    09/17/2008 12:00AM
  • fool me once

    These scumbags promised me that they would take me out of their database. They lied. Now I am calling the Attorney General in Texas.

    08/23/2008 12:00AM
  • gary

    this guy calls every night for the last week and leaves message about some survey about television programs he leaves the message and wants us to call him back at some 800#.

    08/22/2008 12:00AM
  • rosario graham

    calls once a day

    07/16/2008 12:00AM
  • Renee

    called received 6/28 at 8:44PM

    07/09/2008 12:00AM
  • Shelli Black

    Scarborough RSR.  I did not answer and they did not leave a message.

    06/05/2008 12:00AM

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