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217-694-6245 is a Landline Phone in URBANA, IL

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  • 26
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Comments for 2176946245
  • upset

    Did not answer

    09/24/2013 3:43PM
  • iPhone User

    Another insurance scam on cell phone. ld

    09/24/2013 3:28PM
  • iPhone User

    SPAM!!! How in the H--- do they get out cell phone numbers?? Don't answer!! Auto insurance SCAM!!! Next time I will tell them where to go:)

    09/24/2013 2:50PM
  • Mary R.

    This number just called my cell phone, about 12:30 pm, as I was putting the baby down for a nap. I said "hello" 2 times and they hung up. I did NOT call them back, I came here to check out the number first. (I won't be calling them back!!!! Thanks to all you others for your input.)

    09/24/2013 1:43PM
  • Amanda M.

    Got a call from 217-694-6245 waking me up both times they called. Only rang twice, then quit each time. I called back and the message said I could lower my insurance rate. Press #1 to connect, press #3 to remove from list. I pressed #3 but recording just kept playing. When I connected, operator just hung up on me after I said I wanted to be removed. I called back and operator said they had called me in error and couldn't hear me, had a bad connection.

    09/23/2013 3:42PM
  • Dylan

    @LeAnn, you misinterpret what you're reading. It's just a phone number PROVIDED by Frontier. They aren't the ones calling you.

    09/23/2013 3:37PM
  • LeAnn

    Everyone should complain. A telephone company selling auto insurance. Just not right. They also call phones trying to sell auto insurance to phones that are placed on the national do not call registry. They are not accredited with the BBB. Do not do business with this company.

    09/20/2013 1:29PM
  • Ryan

    I returned a missed call from this number to receive an offer for cheaper auto insurance. The individual was persistent on collecting my information, but would hang up after I asked any questions regarding who they worked for or through, asked why they wanted specific information, or questioned how they received my number. I have called back four times now and talked to four different individuals with the same results, suggesting to me they only wanted my credit card number and nothing more. Caller: Refused to say/ hung up Call Type: Telemarketer

    09/19/2013 2:28PM
  • R

    I tired to return call and it said it was disconnected. I smell a scam I am.

    09/18/2013 1:27PM
  • HK


    09/16/2013 2:15PM
  • Will

    Yep, definitely sounded like an auto insurance scam!

    09/16/2013 1:34PM
  • Wiser

    they blocked CID, just got number so I didn't answer. No VM, will not call back. Very much like other scammers with autodialers i've run into before.

    09/13/2013 1:46PM
  • tired of scams

    Car insurance scam

    09/11/2013 12:40PM
  • dummer

    Car insurance scam

    09/10/2013 4:22PM
  • Richard

    I answered the call on my cell phone. I didn't recognize the number but didn't think a spammer would be calling my cell phone. I only listened to the 1st few words and hung up. Caller ID displayed 'NO Name". I shouldn't have answered and won't the next time.

    09/10/2013 4:16PM
  • press 3 to not recieve calls again bull it will not do it

    09/05/2013 12:30PM
  • dear air, like a robo dialer. I didn't wait for them to come on the line, I just hung up.

    09/04/2013 5:31PM
  • Nick

    Car insurance scammer. Automated dialer, mashing the 0 button just caused a hangup

    09/04/2013 4:40PM
  • Car insurance solicitation.

    09/04/2013 4:31PM
  • Just called. No message. No message typically = SPAM.

    09/04/2013 2:51PM
  • Hate phone spammers

    Called stating that we are paying too much for car insurance. The AG needs to do something about them.

    09/03/2013 1:38PM
  • Called stating that we are paying too much for car insurance. The AG needs to do something about them.

    09/03/2013 1:37PM
  • Just got call. No message left.

    08/29/2013 2:35PM
  • AcctsPd

    Fake Auto insurance

    08/28/2013 3:30PM
  • Yang

    offering insurance. Spam call

    08/28/2013 3:25PM
  • ToBusyForSpam

    Spammer offering insurance...Grrr!

    08/28/2013 2:11PM
  • Ventureshadow

    offering insurance. Spam call.

    08/26/2013 4:45PM
  • Eastwood

    Just got call. No message left

    08/23/2013 2:07PM
  • Christopher

    Fake auto insurance.

    08/23/2013 1:07PM
  • Jane David

    No message left.

    08/22/2013 2:14PM
  • Spam robo-call concerning saving money on your auto insurance

    03/13/2013 3:56PM

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