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239-349-4983 is a Landline Phone in NORTH FORT MYERS, FL

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  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 13
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  • 31
  • 774
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Comments for 2393494983
  • iPhone User

    Same as previous commentd

    07/09/2015 7:31PM
  • Brando

    I got 4 phone calls from this number but the line was broken up so badly I couldn't understand what they were saying

    03/13/2015 10:39AM
  • Joyce

    Caller has a very heavy accent. Said he was calling on behalf of the affordable care act (ACA) and microsoft shows my computer is being hacked. Hung up on the jerk.

    01/21/2015 2:26PM
  • I got two phone calls

    01/15/2015 8:11PM
  • Just today within 45 minutes they called my phone

    09/09/2014 2:08PM
  • shady

    i received a call from this number and supposedly it was from my gf at the time who was visiting her relatives in the phillipines. Possible its a magic jack number

    08/20/2014 6:43AM
  • iPhone User

    The real number is 1 (808) 937-4581 and 1 (808) 987-1946

    07/02/2014 9:42PM
  • Carol

    has called b4 but i did not pick up , this am i did, some well concealed voice, muffled, asked me if i knew who it was kept saying he was a long lost love , really didn;t get much more out of it. finally hung up. rather than scammer, i think it was a prank.

    05/22/2014 12:17PM
  • iPhone User

    Called didn't leave a voicemail

    05/07/2014 1:54PM
  • iPhone User

    They called me saying they were someone I know saying they were pregnant by my sisters exs boyfriend

    05/02/2014 10:15AM
  • Android User


    01/16/2014 3:44PM
  • Android User

    calls and leaves no vm

    01/13/2014 3:18PM
  • Called for the first time today left a vm with nothing on it.

    12/02/2013 3:13PM
  • Called for the first time today left a vm with nothing on it.

    12/02/2013 3:13PM
  • cmejaded

    this person calls and calls until i pick up the phone and rudely asks, "Who is this?" Then hangs up.

    10/21/2013 9:16AM
  • iPhone User

    Agrees with donttripchocolatetrip

    07/08/2013 9:57AM
  • iPhone User

    Magic jack center for the app. If you get called from this number, someone is trying to call you from a magic jack app on an iPhone using the internet instead of regular phone service...

    07/02/2013 2:43AM
  • Jean

    After receiving 4 calls at 3 to 5 minute intervals from this number I disconnected the phone.

    06/08/2013 2:57PM
  • Sterling

    Unknown number calls and doesn't leave message.

    05/06/2013 11:38AM
  • iPhone User

    Is this number a cell phone or house phone?

    04/21/2013 6:05PM
  • Android User


    03/19/2013 2:08PM
  • iPhone User

    This is a magic jack number assigned to me and for how long I don't know

    03/15/2013 11:41AM
  • Android User

    magic jack number.

    03/11/2013 11:12AM
  • Nany

    They keep calling my Cell phone, at night during the day. I do not answer as I do not recognize that number or know anybody who lives in that area

    03/07/2013 5:51PM
  • iPhone User

    This is a random number from magic jack any one may get it

    02/02/2013 9:41AM
  • iPhone User

    Called and didn't speak. Must be spam!

    01/20/2013 9:57PM
  • Donttrippotatochip

    They called me this morning. I hope they don't bother me again. I despise receiving phone calls like this. Why would someone do such a thing?

    01/06/2013 2:49PM
  • iPhone User

    Called and knew where I lived!

    12/19/2012 1:25AM
  • Carl

    Heavy spanish accent called looking for my wife. Hung up on me when i asked who she was..

    12/04/2012 3:23PM
  • iPhone User


    11/14/2012 4:31AM
  • Mary

    They supposedly have a check for $500,000 dollars that UPS is going to deliver to me today. It's a man with a foreign accent and spoke decent English, but it was obvious he's not a native speaker. He threw out UPS, USPS & IRS - I guess he was trying to convince me that he's legit. I finally told him I was hanging up & not to call me back.

    10/02/2012 3:28PM

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