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267-507-9790 is a Mobile Phone in PHILADELPHIA, PA

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Comments for 2675079790
  • Schmidty

    I'm not 100% positive but I believe this is either The Dish Network or someone collecting on their behalf. I started receiving calls from them the day my cell phone was activated, I'm guessing the person who had the number before me owed them $ from a cancelled service. I've answered and talked to people that have claimed to be managers, I've contacted them at their toll free number listed on their website, I've emailed their customer service & sent them a cease and desist letter NONE of this has stopped the calls. They are using some type of software to make their number appear to be a local number, I've blocked No Lie 35 different numbers that I've confirmed to be The Dish. This number has called me 25 times in the past 72 hours, and is now going onto my blacklisted numbers. I get the collections business but I went as far as to give this idiots my SSN# just to confirm that I do not own them money, I even included my T Mobile contract showing my activation date in my letter to them, nothing seems to get them to stop calling. Said part is the one person who I was able to talk to said they were collecting on a $248 bill, really all of this for less then $250 come 'on already.

    11/26/2013 3:30PM
  • aleta

    This company called us 14 times in one day. When my husband answered they asked to talk to someone that doesn't live here. When he told them that they hung up ,but they still continue to call every day. They also use other no's but we know it's them because the caller ID comes up Philadelphia. We are sick and tired of these annoying calls.

    10/24/2013 12:32PM
  • George

    Calls 4-5 times a day - even though we're on the do not call list.

    10/22/2013 3:06PM
  • carol

    Call but don't leave message. Have received a few and would like to know who it is so we can return the call or block them.

    08/19/2013 11:14AM
  • chef

    They keep caling ,the answering machine picks up but no message. very annoying how do we make them STOP!!!

    08/14/2013 3:07PM

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