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303-255-5045 is a Landline Phone in DENVER, CO

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  • 26
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Comments for 3032555045
  • iPhone User

    Called no message

    01/04/2014 9:24AM
  • dougb

    Constant calls throughout the day - as many as 8/day.

    09/01/2013 4:11PM
  • iPhone User

    Starting at 8:30 they need to stop this time they are in CO

    08/30/2013 9:28AM
  • iPhone User

    Victoria's Secret or Chadwick's

    08/29/2013 4:41PM
  • iPhone User

    Called again

    08/29/2013 10:42AM
  • iPhone User

    Wow they are right on time with there calling tlk about harassment they get the top award.

    08/29/2013 9:53AM
  • iPhone User

    6th time today this is the # they started with

    08/28/2013 9:03PM
  • iPhone User

    Starting at 8:00 am they need to stop

    08/28/2013 9:09AM
  • iPhone User

    4th time today & again a diff # no message

    08/27/2013 5:44PM
  • iPhone User

    Here we go again

    08/26/2013 10:08AM
  • iPhone User

    Me too. Twice already today. Ugh.

    08/23/2013 1:17PM
  • iPhone User

    Here we hi again 8:00 they call

    08/23/2013 9:10AM
  • iPhone User

    Here we go again 5th time today they really really need to stop

    08/22/2013 8:32PM
  • iPhone User

    Called my cell in the evening, again at 8 am THEN called my workplace!!! What the heck??

    08/22/2013 9:21AM
  • iPhone User

    Called again at 8:00 am they are a pain

    08/20/2013 9:14AM
  • iPhone User

    If you are on a do not call list they should not beable to call your # but I guess that does not matter

    08/19/2013 11:34AM
  • iPhone User

    They call again no message they are a pain they really need to stop

    08/19/2013 11:33AM
  • iPhone User

    On a do not call list they need to stop

    08/19/2013 9:52AM
  • iPhone User

    They called again stating 8:45 in the morning

    08/19/2013 9:52AM
  • iPhone User

    They called again on a Sunday no message they say nothing

    08/18/2013 10:40AM
  • iPhone User

    They called again 45 mins after the first time that need to stop have nothing with them they leave no message. They need to stop.

    08/17/2013 10:37AM
  • iPhone User

    8:45 on a sat they call

    08/17/2013 9:50AM
  • iPhone User

    On the do not call list they call leave no message

    08/17/2013 9:49AM
  • iPhone User

    On the do not call list they call leave no message

    08/16/2013 10:06AM
  • iPhone User

    Alway calling early in the morning at 8am & couple hours later during the day

    07/14/2013 12:58PM
  • iPhone User

    Calling 8:15 am Saturday and 8:45 am Sunday unbelievable

    07/14/2013 9:42AM
  • Android User

    Victoria secret, calls from 8am past 830 pm, you'll get your money, when I get mine. credit cards are bad, people!

    07/11/2013 10:18PM
  • Android User

    I am on the do not call list yet they still call. I do not know how to report them.

    06/27/2013 12:16PM
  • iPhone User

    8:13am Saturday morning? Really?

    06/01/2013 8:52AM
  • iPhone User

    110% pork shoulder

    04/19/2013 4:28PM
  • iPhone User

    What a nuisance! Thanks,again!

    03/25/2013 10:07AM
  • Pam Wagner

    I don't know who is assigned this number but how rude is it to NOT leave a message.  They call on my home phone and I my cell.  Would love to know where tey got my cell number since it is non-pub.  I want to report them to the Federal Trade Commission.  This is harrassment.

    03/28/2011 12:00AM
  • Lavon

    Take my number out of your rotation.

    01/21/2011 12:00AM
  • L Jones

    Who is this annoying #. no name. call my cell #

    01/01/2011 12:00AM
  • Nellie Naylor

    This number is showing up on my caller ID-------Who is it???

    09/10/2010 12:00AM
  • lucydew

    never leaves a message. They are a pain in the  a**

    06/05/2010 12:00AM
  • Sara

    I don't know why a collection agency would be calling me, unless they have the wrong number for an actual account they're working.  I've never had a past-due credit card, though I do have some rarely-used store cards which are probably run through World Financial.  I just never answer from numbers like this, which show as unpublished when I check Reverse# on white pages web site. (this # called twice today within 20 minutes) Hopefully after they dial enough with no response, my number will fall out of their system.

    11/23/2009 12:00AM
  • Natasha

    Identifys as World Financial Network National Bank.  Seems to be a collection agency for a whole bunch of different companies.

    10/22/2009 12:00AM
  • p coo

    They keep calling, the cc is up to date.  also world bank has called twice. They are callilng on Sunday. YOU DO NOT CALL ON SUNDAY.  I did not answer the phone

    10/11/2009 12:00AM
  • pjm

    First, WFNNB calls; then, about an hour later, this number appears.  Then, the cycle repeats at least two more times EVERY DAY!  And yet, when I spoke with them, it was about a credit card that is up-to-date;  when I called the company itself (Woman Within), they say they've never heard of either organization!  The caller from WFNNB (who also called with the ADS id) was rude and threatening, saying that, if I didn't send an electronic payment within the hour, "the police are going to show up at your door and throw your !@#$ in jail for some @#$%^ to enjoy!"

    09/15/2009 12:00AM
  • HIlda Torres

    Hoy 5-30-2009  he recibido 4 llamadas de este numero de telefono, no tengo cuenta con ellos,  ni me interesa su mercancia.

    05/30/2009 12:00AM
  • Irritated

    Yes it's Victoria's Secret trying to get ahold of you. Funny thing is...I paid my card off over 1 year ago. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me. They kept wanting my phone number, like they didn't just call me. Block them if you can.

    03/22/2009 12:00AM
  • ML

    I call them and they don't say who they are..they just keeping asking for your phone number.  amazing what are they hiding..I get calls from this number and 913-563-5501, 303-255-5104, 614-212-7500, 303-255-5145, 614-729-6811, 614-212-7561, 913-563-5523, 913-563-6509, 303-255-5025,

    02/11/2009 12:00AM
  • MJC

    Kinda funny! When you call the number back, it says it's disconnected.STRANGE

    01/21/2009 12:00AM
  • mj

    It can also be Victoria's Secret and they will call using different numbers and caller id's  i.e. WFNNB 913.563.5523, ADS 303-255-5045 and 614.212.7506.

    12/20/2008 12:00AM
  • JW


    12/09/2007 12:00AM
  • Sylvia

    I like to know who is calling.

    12/02/2007 12:00AM
  • murphy

    It's New York & Co. I paid my bill....I wish they would stop calling. They call everyday.

    11/28/2007 12:00AM
  • d

    i would like to know what company this is

    11/24/2007 12:00AM

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