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303-835-6940 is a Landline Phone in BRIGHTON, CO

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Comments for 3038356940
  • McKenna

    “Century Claims Services” Chris Caldwell, Caldwell or Katelyn Wahlberg 3276 Buford Drive Suite 104-178 Buford, Georgia 30519 This is a fraudulent debt collection company. They are “fishing” for your bank account numbers or full SS#. Do not give them any information or money. They will pose as a debt collection company for a payday loan or credit card, you may or may not have, and to which you may or may not owe money. They will seem very understanding and nice at first. Some of their information may be correct and some incorrect. They may have your correct address, names of relatives, and part of your SS#. Your initial response will most likely be panic and shame; which is how they get you to react impulsively and attempt to make payment arrangements. In the United States of America, you cannot go to jail for failing to pay a debt. They cannot put out a warrant for your arrest, file charges with your county district attorney’s office, or put you jail. Blocking an ACH charge with your bank is NOT the same as a returned check and does NOT constitute bank fraud. They use many different phone numbers and they change numbers constantly: 215-710-0733 (Location: Pennsylvania) 224-267-0820 (Location: Illinois) 303- 835-6940 (Location: Colorado) Block these numbers. There will be different ones that appear at a later date. If you search online, there will not be a legitimate business, collection agency, or website connected to the phone numbers. It’s going to take some work and quite a few hours to protect yourself. Ground yourself, get strong, and get to work! 1. Go to your bank and put a Fraud Alert on your accounts. Block any ACH charges if you decided to pay off the phony debt. 2. When they call back, try to get as much information from them as you can, this will help when you report them. In many states, debt collections agencies must be licensed. Ask for their license number and check it out online. The California Attorney General’s Office states that a debt collection agency must give the name of the original creditor, the original account number, address for creditor, and creditor’s telephone number. They will vacillate, attack you, and/or change the subject. Keep extensive notes and any demand letters, as evidence for the law enforcement agencies. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY ADDITIONAL PERSONAL INFORMATION! 3. When you question them, they are going to get nasty and verbally abusive. Repeat your requests for information and take notes. 4. Go online to the credit bureaus and put file a fraud alert- you only need to put an alert with one credit reporting agency. In turn, they must notify the other credit bureaus. www.Experian.com. 5. Check your credit report, most likely there will not be any collection activity from the original creditor (credit card, payday loan etc). If there is, contact the lender directly. 6. File complaints with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) www.ic3.gov, the FTC www.ftc.gov and. www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint . Keep notes and all correspondence for evidence for IC3, FTC, and Consumer Finance. 7. These con artists will call back as a different company. Be ready. Block their number. Block the new numbers when they call back. I have been dealing with them for two years but I am smarter now. I hope this helps! Best of luck!

    06/04/2014 1:00PM
  • David

    Century Claims Service is a phony payday loan debt collector. They purchase information from payday loan companies and do not verify that the information is correct. They threaten lawsuits and allege fraud even though they are a non-involved third party to the loan transaction and have no legal right or authority to sue or make fraud allegations. They are not licensed as a debt collector and make threats which are not allowed under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They stole the name of their company from a firm in Houston, TX that appraises heavy equipment. First, I got a call about an item returned from the bank, when I've had no items returned by the bank. I said I would not talk about anything having to do with payday loans, yelled at the person answering the phone, then hung up. Then I got a call from another Colorado number 917-831-4434 from a joker who called himself Chief Baker, thus he was impersonating a police officer. He started accusing me of fraud, which is a complete scam as I have never defrauded anyone in my entire life.

    01/22/2014 2:52PM

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