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305-357-0810 is a Landline Phone in MIAMI, FL

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  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 17
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  • 26
  • 174
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Comments for 3053570810
  • gary

    i received phone call and then they hung up..so i looked it up and found all these left comments...here's another for you...

    09/11/2015 2:08PM
  • Phone rang at 11:42 this evening Extrmely annoyed!

    08/28/2015 4:23AM
  • red

    Blocked, Thanks all.

    04/29/2015 4:39AM
  • Bernadette

    This is andrewtrucker real name Balasz Botocska scam artist and computer pedophile entertaining itself by harassing people. Runs a bogus illegal telemarketing and credit card scam in NYC using a Florida number. Real number 9174955141 or 2128459567 go to its residence and ask it to stop, address is 3315 28th St apt 3H Astoria, NY. 11106 Spam his email Andrewtrucker@hotmail.com  see how he likes it or Call it and tell it to stop harassing the public. This animal is a known felon and has been arrested for harassing people and credit card scammer. Well known computer hacker and pedophile.  Go to his residence and ask him why he must harass everyone and let him feel what aggravation feels like.

    09/14/2014 5:29PM
  • Dee

    I keep getting phone calls on my landline. No one is there. I knew it had to be a scammer. I am on the no all list also. So if I get a call and someone answers I will tell them that. Then after another call; I will report them to the no call place.

    06/04/2014 4:58PM
  • Gene

    Received at least 3 calls from this number...I didn't answer. After doing a search, it seems the is a well know scam number.

    05/31/2014 3:49PM
  • Toni

    I received 3 consecutive phones calls from this number on my cell. A SCAMMER OR A SPAMMER? I am on a dating site and have had my share of SCAMMERS... Get them out of my life, please!

    05/29/2014 12:53PM
  • Kenzie

    Whoever it is called my mobile. I didnt answer and blocked it from further calls. Guess they bought a list from somewhere. Dumb that they are wasting their money on a landline calling international.

    05/01/2014 11:55AM
  • W.Simpson

    I keep getting the same number and here it is 1 1/2 -2 years later than some of the calls. They keep calling back no matter what you say to them. Sometimes there are even little kids in the background and they call as late as midnight and early as 530-600 am. Don't they have a clue businesses don't call at those times to tell you that you have won a prize or anything else as far as that goes. These people are crazy.We've hung up on them,cussed them out,told them not to call back and they continue to call.Good luck getting rid of them.

    04/05/2014 7:38AM
  • orlando

    received a call from this number saying i won mega million and a car and they were with Fedex dropping off a car but i had to pay a deliver fee $395. guy name was Tony Washington and when i told them that he was calling me from Miami but he says he was driving from Pensacola he got off the phone and then recall me with a block phone number.

    03/14/2014 1:19PM
  • iPhone User


    02/05/2014 7:16PM
  • Phoenix

    We repeatedly get calls from this number. No one answers on the other line then the phone gets disconnected. In frustration I called the number back and a man answered who spoke really fast saying hello, hello, can I help you! Very odd. We also are getting calls from another number with the same listing as this one....IP Communications 619-761-5007

    10/16/2013 12:40PM
  • constantly calling me and hanging up

    09/11/2013 10:01PM
  • spam

    07/30/2013 3:24PM
  • JM

    I received several calls on last week, it appears as +3053570810 on my cell phone, before seen this spam info, I tried to catch the call, but it only rings for a minute and then call is ended. I answered quickly few times but nobody answered. Now I know this is a spammer I added it to blocking list on my cellphone. Probably this is a machine dialing and dialing but, I think the call does not work because my cellphone is a cheap model (it does not have a camera for instance)... so probably this is a machine or computer trying to get some data via calls, or trying something from modern phones..... Long Live to Cheap models !!!! ;)

    07/19/2013 5:10PM
  • F**king East Indian POS

    I live in Toronto and this POS called 5 times in 5 minutes until I left the phone off the hook. He claimed to be from Microsoft Support and noticed a security error through the Internet. Our computer was hacked. He kept asking for the homeowner. I told him to F**K Off and hungup. He calls back demanding to speak to the homeowner and told him we have Apple computers and hungup. He called back again demanding to speak with the homeowner...WTF is wrong with these people??? I told him to F**K Off again and jump back in a leaky boat to Pakistan. He called back again and put him on hold and he hung up only to call back...He wore me down and decided to leave the phone off the hook for a few hours. There has to be laws against this harrassment? I only found this number after his repeated calls eventually registered this number...he was normally 000-000-0000

    09/30/2012 1:17AM
  • iPhone User


    06/26/2012 11:36PM
  • iPhone User

    They call and no one says anything on the other side. I hanged up quickly

    06/26/2012 11:35PM
  • iPhone User

    I called my own cell phone from Skype and this is the number that showed

    03/28/2012 5:12PM
  • Indian man calling for M. Santana ???

    03/10/2012 8:54PM
  • Dar

    i dont think so i got a call from that number to, it said it was from mami FL i'm starting to get nervous and would like to know who this number belongs too.

    03/30/2011 12:00AM
  • Dar

    Jo, i got that same number, it said from "Mami FL" and the number is 1+ (305) 357-0810 and its starting to worry me, i want to know who this number is

    03/30/2011 12:00AM
  • Jorge

    This is very annoying. who does this? stop!

    01/25/2011 12:00AM
  • Me

    every hour I get a call from this number. Nobody on the other side when I reply and when I call back, it's an invalid number ... wtf

    01/25/2011 12:00AM
  • D

    Received a call on Jun 9, 2009.  Called it back today and the phone has been disconnected.  Maybe we've heard the last of them.

    06/11/2009 12:00AM
  • Jo

    I just got a call from this number.  When I answered, no one was there.  They then called right back and I let our machine get it, but they didn't leave a message.  Strange.

    06/02/2009 12:00AM

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