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305-507-4387 is a Landline Phone in MIAMI, FL

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Comments for 3055074387
  • Android User


    12/05/2013 9:53PM
  • Android User

    annoying scammers. called numerous times. DO NOT CALL BACK. You will be in there system forever

    10/15/2013 8:03PM
  • iPhone User

    Leave us alone

    10/09/2013 1:16PM
  • iPhone User


    10/07/2013 11:34AM
  • iPhone User

    I know the government is shut down, but if we all chip in $0.50, maybe we can fund that part that is supposed to keep spammers away from those of us on the Do Not Call list???

    10/02/2013 7:42PM
  • NB

    They keep hanging up when I answer. Seeing this is from MIAMI FL I am sure this is about a back to school grant scam. I have talked to them once and told them not to call. I am on a no call list so why do these people keep calling. Our government should be able to do something about them.

    09/28/2013 9:51AM
  • nb

    Don't know this number but suppect it is someone trying to scam me. Started with interest in a trailer I was selling they sent a cashier's check which I suspect is invalid...wanting me to send money on to a shipper but the rest is mine to keep...Told them not to send the check but she did anyway.

    09/27/2013 11:13AM
  • angry

    Just received a call from this number. He left a message on my home machine. Voice sounded Indian. He said my name then paused. Then he said something else I couldn't decipher.

    09/25/2013 7:30PM
  • Android User

    Extremely annoying. Spammer.

    09/25/2013 11:41AM
  • mary

    this man called me. he knew my name. said he was in love with me. said he was at my home. I told him I did not know who and what he was about. he asked me to marry him. he knew the city and state I live in. very scary for me because I am an older woman. I asked him his age and he said 20. I told him I wasn't interested and hung up. I believe this person has called me before a while ago. thank you for this site to warn other people about this.

    09/18/2013 11:44PM
  • Elizabeth

    medical claim information re: potential lawsuit hospitalization from medication side effects such as Yaz birth control pills

    09/18/2013 4:49PM
  • Android User

    Total scam. These people who sound like they're from India need to keep their scams in India and leave us hard working Americans alone.

    09/13/2013 4:09PM
  • Lisa Russell

    I got the name Eric Williams supposed to be the Senior Supervisor... Sounded like the same person to me? Had an accent that I believe was Indian.. The person kept insisting that I had to tell them information to proceed with moneys I was dew.. I could not and would not and stated so to him.. He told me it would be ok to tell him and reassured me that it would be ok for me to do so... The information is on my husband who is now passed... Try telling them that.... I told them to let me speak to their lawyer and kept getting the run around... Either they don't have one and are trying to get information or the Lawyer needs to employee English speaking people to speak to us... They Kept throwing the title Food And Drug Administration around like it was supposed to impress someone.. I've gotten three calls this evening from them... The first two I didn't answer but finally did.. and this is what i got.

    09/12/2013 7:31PM
  • jill

    this number called today with a man I think from India claiming he had information re potential hospitalization medication of birth control and that it could be a potential money judgement....well i know it is a scam because they ask for me by the name i go by not by my official name.....so i told them it was none of their business and i know that is is a scam because they did not even know my real name....he insisted it was not and continued to argue with me and i told him not to ever call my phone again....then he apparently hung up.....the phone had a dropped call.......please be very aware

    09/11/2013 1:55PM
  • Lynn

    Multiple calls per day have been received daily for the past month. I lost it and cursed them out. An hour and 45 min later, they were calling again. Why doesn't the phone company shut them down with all of the complaints I have seen on other sites about them>

    09/10/2013 1:51PM
  • KG

    Ugh this number has called twice today and leave no message. So annoying

    09/09/2013 5:37PM
  • Tmobile customer

    medical claim information re: potential lawsuit hospitalization from medication side effects such as Yaz birth control pills

    09/05/2013 1:05PM
  • Tmobile customer

    8:57am Pacific Time 1:41pm Pacific Time no answer

    09/05/2013 2:14AM
  • These people keep calling me and stating they have money for me relating to previous medical and ask questions about my medical history? I keep telling them not to call me, they refuse to put a supervisor on phone.

    08/29/2013 1:47PM
  • L

    Called x 2 today, no message

    08/27/2013 7:30PM
  • iPhone User

    Do not amswer

    08/27/2013 2:37PM
  • Ally

    They are so annoying they keep calling

    08/21/2013 3:06PM
  • John

    This company claims to provide healthcare coverage but is not selling anything and therefor does not need to abide by the "Do Not Call" list. Every time I call the number someone answers, I ask to be removed from the list, and they hang up on me...every time. Shut this company down.

    08/19/2013 3:42PM

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