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310-703-5788 is a Mobile Phone in GARDENA, CA

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  • 100%
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  • 29
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Comments for 3107035788
  • Android User

    refused to tell me who they are except rpm.

    01/13/2014 12:20PM
  • Many calls no messages

    11/03/2013 2:34PM
  • Dan

    Peoplehave traced this back to a debt collector called RPM.

    09/12/2013 2:24PM
  • iPhone User

    Call 3-4 times a day ..., frustrated... No MSG left either

    06/04/2013 10:34AM
  • Jo

    I called these folks back and they asked if I was "Beverly" somebody. I told them to please take my number off their list. He typed something and said thank you. Now maybe they won't call back. They are a management and collection agency. My guess is people on the lamb are giving fake phone numbers and addresses. Call them - there are real people on the line. Annoying as it is, the collection agency is just trying to get money for their client.

    04/22/2013 12:01PM
  • iPhone User

    Whoops, hope I switched the yes/no slider asking if it's spam to yes in my post below like I meant to..

    04/20/2013 1:23PM
  • iPhone User

    They've called me and I didn't answer and I'm glad I have the same 'rule' as the person below, if it's unrecognizable, it doesn't get answered. If it's legitimate and/or important they'll leave a message.

    04/20/2013 1:21PM
  • Frankie

    Do not call I am on do not call list for Arkansas.

    04/13/2013 10:25PM
  • Elpidio Valdes

    I have a new cell phone that has free long distance with a call log and a one button redial feature. If I put the phone in front of a tv or radio and dial 310-703-5788, I can walk away and go about my business. Next time I go by, I could just push the green phone icon next to that number that was just called. I could just leave the phone by the tv or radio all the time and every time I walk by I could push that button. Or I could put the phone by my workplace and just push that button every time I get the urge to scratch or sneeze or breath. If everyone on this list did this, RPM would not have any free lines to bother people.

    04/10/2013 7:01PM
  • iPhone User

    Never leaves message

    04/02/2013 6:57PM
  • Android User


    03/24/2013 3:24AM
  • Android User

    non English speaking aholes

    03/21/2013 5:12PM
  • Android User


    03/16/2013 5:52PM
  • iPhone User


    03/12/2013 10:56PM
  • Android User


    03/07/2013 4:58PM
  • iPhone User


    03/01/2013 2:38PM
  • missesc1

    I ;have had 10 calls to my cell in several days. Don't know who they are...but I will never answer it so whatever they think I want/owe they'll never get a response.

    02/19/2013 4:06PM
  • iPhone User

    Call all day long don't leave message

    01/29/2013 4:56PM
  • iPhone User


    01/25/2013 3:40PM
  • iPhone User

    Spam trash

    01/23/2013 9:17PM
  • iPhone User

    Spammer keeps calling all day long

    01/22/2013 7:24PM
  • iPhone User


    01/17/2013 6:26PM
  • iPhone User

    Called twice didn't leave message

    01/13/2013 3:18PM
  • iPhone User

    Say they are a debt collector but take your money and no debts are paid. Scam scam scam.

    01/10/2013 11:02AM
  • Constantly hang up or tell you to hold for a call then hang up.Tell you,when someone does answer,you owe a debt and it needs to be paid.Rude,nasty people.

    11/27/2012 4:30PM
  • believe this is a debt collector?? Han anyone else gotten calls from this number? They never leave a message. rule in my house if you dont recognize it you donot answer it and that goes for all 800 and unknown numbers for sure. scammers out there these days.

    10/22/2012 3:18PM
  • iPhone User

    RPM collections

    09/27/2012 11:03AM
  • Android User


    09/25/2012 2:23PM
  • Android User

    spam cakl

    09/21/2012 11:37AM

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