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313-938-5288 is a Mobile Phone in REDFORD, MI

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  • 100%
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  • 32
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Comments for 3139385288
  • Mitch

    I'm based in Toronto, with Rogers. They didn't leave a message.

    05/30/2013 5:44PM
  • iPhone User

    i have the same problem and i flush it down to my vocal box

    05/22/2013 1:07PM


    05/21/2013 3:58PM
  • Calling my cell phone!@!!!@#$^%

    05/21/2013 12:06PM
  • Android User

    Called me on May 14th at 4:46 pm in Manitoba.

    05/18/2013 4:37PM
  • iPhone User


    05/18/2013 12:25PM
  • W.L Mackenzie King

    Got a call from these sons of who-res...They are from a hard-lined transexual advocacy group looking to scam money from people to build GBLT clubhouses in cities across this country. The people who call are all hhomosexuals or transexuals and many have h i v or aids. The founder/creator of the 313 number that harrasses so many people is a transgender/transexual who doesn't have enough to pay for his hormone therapy to grow female parts, so this is a secondary motive (apart from wanting to build GBLT clubhouses in cities across this country) to scam people for money by telling them they havewon a bunch of non-existent garbage.

    05/16/2013 7:24PM
  • jay

    I thot cell # were off-limits for these creeps! I neve answer calls I don't recogise but they are still annoying

    05/15/2013 11:39AM
  • Edi

    yes received a call on my cell phone this morning didn't answer the loosers.....

    05/14/2013 11:04AM
  • P. Issedoff

    Yup. Keep getting these stupid robo-calls. Just ignore them. If you answer/call back, then you confirm to them/their database that you are an actual person, and they will keep contacting you AND re-sell your number to others (since they've confirmed your number is a valid number).

    05/13/2013 1:54PM
  • pay-go user

    Have a pay-go* cell phone, mostly for text messages with family and emergency voice calls with family. I don't use the voice message service. My outgoing message is (short version), "This message service is not used. If you really want to contact me, try a text or my land line. Have a nice day!" *Cheapest possible. 2nd hand phone was free from a friend. Telus, $100 for 365 days (you have to search their site to find it). The cost actually *is* sightly less than $10 per month, including tax.

    05/13/2013 1:31PM
  • derek

    called police about it

    05/13/2013 3:29AM
  • iPhone User

    I don't want your f-ing cruise!

    05/12/2013 8:32PM
  • d

    on my reject list....just more spam

    05/12/2013 5:31PM
  • Android User

    Ignored, then came here. Now on my rejected list.

    05/11/2013 7:49PM
  • Key Mai

    SPAMMMMMMMMMMMMM So tired of them!!!

    05/11/2013 3:58PM
  • Mtl West Island

    I just missed a call from 313-938-5288 ..... just happy that I did not answer this call. I dont know anyone from area code 313.

    05/11/2013 1:01PM
  • iPhone User


    05/11/2013 12:31PM
  • cobalt

    called my cell phone -- didn't pick up then read this.

    05/11/2013 11:33AM
  • iPhone User


    05/10/2013 7:17PM
  • iPhone User

    Just received call n after reading all these comments I think thank god I missed that call

    05/10/2013 3:46PM
  • emily

    they called me, and i dint know of any 313 area codes. yes he is a spamer

    05/10/2013 1:36PM
  • Annoyed in TO

    I didn't answer the call made to my cell phone and they didn't leave a message.

    05/10/2013 12:21PM
  • Montrealer

    I've received a call from this 313-# I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. Sure is a spam call or fraud telemarketer. Block it!.

    05/10/2013 12:07PM
  • Concerned Canadian

    These are criminals from the USA calling and trying to fraud honest Canadians from their money. The US government should be spending their time catching these thieves instead of confiscating "Kinder Eggs" at the border as illegal contraband.

    05/09/2013 8:24PM
  • iPhone User

    Do not answer just Let it ring or if u can block it

    05/09/2013 6:26PM
  • Paul Vandeplas

    SCAM - This USA company calls Canadian residents selling garbage vacations. They don't call USA residents because in the USA there are "DO NOT CALL laws" WE Canadians can thank our Conservative government run by the A-hole Harper for exposing us to these scammers with no recourse to stop them. I believe that these scammers have made financial contributions to Harper's government so they can continue to scam us with impunity!

    05/09/2013 3:12PM
  • 1-519-943-6573

    SPAM. Ignore

    05/09/2013 2:15PM
  • iPhone User

    Spammmmm. Dont answer

    05/09/2013 1:19PM
  • Didn't answer

    05/09/2013 1:12PM
  • JEM

    spmmed . . and blocked it! but who are they??

    05/09/2013 12:58PM
  • Jay Y.

    Spam. My number is a mobile, and in Canada. I have no idea why I would be getting calls from a MI number.

    05/09/2013 12:49PM
  • Amanda R.

    Spam. My number is a mobile, and in Canada. I have no idea why I would be getting calls from a MI number.

    05/09/2013 12:29PM
  • this is an annoying SPAM number ... getting repeated calls

    05/09/2013 11:04AM
  • it's spammer

    05/08/2013 2:22PM

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