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314-807-3806 is a Mobile Phone in SAINT LOUIS, MO

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Comments for 3148073806
  • wanting monet

    12/11/2015 1:20PM
  • iPhone User

    Found this number on cell phone. Voicemail is heavy breathing. No idea who "Henry Helm " at 1324 McCausland Avenue is.

    06/02/2015 10:07PM
  • Android User

    It's at&t voicemail

    06/06/2013 8:45PM
  • Android User

    It's Maryville University. They left a voicemail on my phone.

    05/22/2013 5:44PM
  • sheila hart

    i got a call from this number yesterday and another strange number right after it, but from Kirksvile, MO . No msg was left. this was a call to my cell phone.

    02/11/2013 12:56PM
  • http://www.numberguru.com/s/3148073806

    12/04/2012 1:02AM
  • Angel

    This number is on my phone.I have tracked it back to this place but I don't have a clue on who they are or why their calling at 11:20 pm at night. Name: YMCA EMERSON FAMILY ROBERT DRUMMOND ELEMENTARY Address: 3721 ST. BRIDGET AVE, SAINT ANN MO 63074 Contact Phone: (314) 807-3806

    12/04/2012 1:01AM
  • Dear Sir: I hope to heck there will not be a charge for this non-information as it the exact info. available on Free Reverse Phone Info that I already had. If you do charge me, the charge will be challenged and reversed by my credit card company. Sincerely, Kim Boehmer

    08/19/2012 5:13AM
  • rox

    It is just your own voicemail...if you have at&t. This is their voicemail.

    07/07/2010 12:00AM
  • DAn

    Got missed call from this number, with a voice mail..  sounded like a female friend from a few years back..   but called the number and it is just a voicemail to myself I guess... anyways, I googled it, and alot of people been getting this number..  who knows,  i tracked it to St. Louis , Mo... not donme yet..

    07/30/2009 12:00AM
  • deroaf

    missed a call from it on my cell

    11/23/2008 12:00AM
  • Dee

    Found this number on my cell.

    10/21/2008 12:00AM

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