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323-326-4118 is a Landline Phone in LOS ANGELES, CA

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  • 30
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Comments for 3233264118
  • iPhone User

    Asked for mr and mrs cranford. I have had the same number for 12 years-not sure why they're calling for someone else.

    10/15/2015 11:10AM
  • block this number

    An older gentleman called saying he represented a company making senior bath/shower like seen on tv, and offering me a free estimate appointment for tomorrow. I said my number was on the no-call list and he said "I am only offering you a free estimate". I asked what the name of his company was again and he said "Oh Sh_T" and hung up

    09/04/2015 1:41PM
  • FED UP

    More unsolicited cold calls from 3233264118; refused to identify themselves, kept asking for me by my first name (though I did not acknowledge that she had or had not reached the first name she was "trying to reach". The female continued to refuse to identify the nature of the call. Usually I don't even pick up unidentified phone calls but was expecting an important call back from a friend of 45 years based in Calif. That's the only name on Caller ID was "California". The female caller still refused answer MY questions to i.d. them/her & the caller just said she would keep calling back until she reached me. I said 'DO NOT CALL BACK. I'm sure I'll continue to get unsolicited calls because ALL the Do Not Call Registries are A JOKE and are NOT ENFORCED, which means a LOT of people are somehow profiting from it!!!

    09/02/2015 6:44PM
  • Don

    "Janet" called representing bath-shower provider for seniors. When I asked what company she was from and to put me on their do not call list she hung up with impunity..

    07/15/2015 5:47PM
  • iPhone User

    Spamster by the look of it.

    07/13/2015 11:33PM
  • iPhone User

    Live tub selling spamster.

    06/18/2015 5:43PM
  • Joe

    9th call still crooks

    04/28/2015 7:05PM
  • Joe

    8th call, still a crook from L> A>

    04/24/2015 5:03PM
  • Android User

    Robocalling spammer. No message. Blocked!

    03/31/2015 11:34AM
  • iPhone User

    Caller took a polite no and didn't push it. Still SPAM. But polite SPAM

    03/28/2015 3:03PM
  • On Do Not Call List, selling bath tubs and showers. doesnt understand what definition of no. caller was RUDE and hung up.

    01/16/2015 1:21PM
  • sue

    My mistake to answer. Would not take a polite no. Finally had to hang up on them. Will report the number on do not call report.

    01/08/2015 11:20AM
  • The person or people from this number called, and when my mother answered, they hung up. She tried calling back, she got a ring tone and then she heard a click. My mother told me about the incident once I got home, I went to pick up some medicine for her. So twice I tried calling on my cell phone twice, but I could not make the call. I also called from the house phone and got a busy signal. They could have had the common decency to say they have dialed the wrong number instead of hanging up!

    12/19/2014 12:14PM
  • joe

    7th call no message = Crooks

    12/10/2014 6:19PM
  • iPhone User

    Wanted to install a shower/tub for older people. Hung up on me.

    08/26/2014 1:19PM
  • BF Lawrence

    Intentional hang-up by caller when answered.

    06/24/2014 7:25PM
  • iPhone User

    Must not have been that vital of a message since the didn't leave one...spam!!

    06/16/2014 5:38PM
  • Joe

    6th call, never a message = spam

    03/19/2014 11:03AM
  • Joe

    5th call SPAM.

    12/10/2013 8:06PM
  • Joe

    5th call SPAM.

    12/10/2013 8:06PM
  • iPhone User

    California Spammin'

    11/14/2013 10:44AM
  • Joe

    4th call Spam from LA

    11/05/2013 2:45PM
  • iPhone User

    Spam from LA

    10/29/2013 11:28AM
  • Joe

    3rd call no message=Spam. Wireless from LA.

    07/15/2013 11:29AM
  • iPhone User

    Silent Spammers!

    07/10/2013 4:39PM
  • Joe

    Same as last time. no message SPAM. 2nd call.

    06/06/2013 6:00PM
  • iPhone User


    05/10/2013 4:18PM
  • iPhone User

    No message

    05/08/2013 10:23PM
  • Joe

    Wireless caller. NO Message. SPAM. from LA

    04/24/2013 6:14PM
  • iPhone User


    04/22/2013 1:07PM
  • iPhone User


    04/12/2013 5:03PM
  • iPhone User

    Received a call and no one there

    04/11/2013 7:42PM

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