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386-259-6095 is a Landline Phone in ORANGE CITY, FL

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Comments for 3862596095
  • H. McClelland

    They ( foreign speaking men), call almost everyother day, inquiring about my prescriptions, I've been polite saying "no thank you", they call again, I was polite again, then they call again & again & again, so I was rude & told them to never call here again, that this was the Sheriffs Dept. & they hung-up quickly, but 4 days later, they call again. How do you stop these "SCAMMING" calls?...............

    10/17/2014 12:04AM
  • Chris

    Over more than the last six months, I have received over 205 phone calls from this company. They claim to be US Pharmacy, although they've also called from the same number and identified themselves as WORLD Pharmacy. Telemarketers trying to sell me something. Each time they say they're calling me about "my medication" and atempt to sell me viagra, cialis and such. Never needed it, don't want it. More than 205 phone calls since I first told them they're calling a business, my number is on the national do not call registry and ased them to remove my number from their calling list. If I ask for a manager, supervisor, or person in charge, I'm always told that is the same person calling me and there is no one above them that they report to. That's if they respond and don't just hang up on me

    10/06/2014 9:09PM
  • Gary...

    this Guru site said the information would be free, go there and you find out they LIED to get you there and now want money..

    09/26/2014 5:54PM
  • I received a telephone call from (386) 259-6095 and my caller ID said they were located in the State of Florida, USA. So right from the start I was thinking; Florida? Well, I've no family or friends living there any longer, so this is either an emergency or some pain in the a** trying to sell me something I don't want or need. Sure enough, it was someone speaking English (poorly) with a heavy accent common in areas such as India or Pakistan. They asked me, 'did I wish to refill my medication'? Bingo, it's Spam. Because if they try to put some pills in my body from there - they'd better try my dead body or else my shotgun and I will make sure they'll be missing everything from the shoulders on up! I hung up while they were still jibber-jabbing.

    09/24/2014 12:48PM
  • Jerry

    I keep getting calls from these people saying they are with "US Pharmacy". The caller speaks with an Indian accent. They wanted to know how my prescription was going and how it has affected me. Knowing this was a spam call, I stated I had broke out in rashes all over my body and needed their address for my attorney.

    09/10/2014 3:37PM
  • rachel

    cannot believe that these people harass me even th9ugh we have do not disturb !!!! what else can we do?

    09/05/2014 7:06PM
  • Hate Spam

    Tell them you are a Christian Scientist who doesn't believe in taking any medicine.

    02/25/2014 12:17PM
  • Heather

    I got a missed call from number 386-259-6095, When i called back a man answered not saying what company he was from. I let him know i had a missed call from this number and asked who it was. U.S. Pharmacy was his answer and was calling to do a survey, without asking me any personal information (like name) he asked about a prescription i am taking and how it is affecting me. Sounded like a scam of some kind to me and but i wanted to see what he had to say so i let he keep going. I told him i feel fine and have been taking it for awhile, he went on to ask if i used insurance to pay for it and i told him it was cheaper without insurance. He said thank you and hung up. Im really not sure what to think of this call it seems like a spam/scam but he didnt ask for anything personal at all. How did they get my number and know im taking this medicine?

    02/18/2014 4:57PM

    Blocked with "Current Caller ID" from white pages android app thanks to good free apps

    02/18/2014 11:34AM
  • Android User


    02/14/2014 10:58PM
  • Victoria Nudelmann

    Drugs without prescription.

    02/13/2014 5:10PM
  • I answered they claimed I had ordered from them in the past. I hung up right after that claim.

    02/13/2014 1:03PM
  • Joyce

    I didn't answer as I didn't recognize the number. Rang 3 times and stopped

    02/13/2014 11:16AM
  • Joe

    Call. Didnt answer. called back. Spam

    02/13/2014 9:22AM
  • iPhone User

    World drug store Called three times

    02/12/2014 1:48PM

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