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401-648-7436 is a Landline Phone in PROVIDENCE, RI

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  • Carrier:
    RNK, INC.
  • Phone Type:
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  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 42
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  • 39
  • 2071
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Comments for 4016487436
  • iPhone User

    This number keeps calling my place of work. Harassing me. Offering me a loan!!

    03/04/2014 1:33PM
  • Android User

    Happy Valentines Day my friend! I WANNA EAT YOUR COOCHIE!!!!

    02/14/2014 4:45PM
  • Spam

    01/31/2014 11:37AM
  • iphone user

    This guy call me theating me tell me he was gonna get me and cuzz me out i am going to the cops now

    01/11/2014 1:07PM
  • Have been receiving strange calls for the past few days. So when my iPhone rang I decline the call. Then copy number into google that lead me to this page. I have now blocked another caller. Dang spammers!

    01/11/2014 10:29AM
  • Android User

    I told these dotheads ten times today STOP CALLING MY PHONE I DO NOT WANT AN AUTO LOAN! They will not stop calling Pakistani idiots.

    01/02/2014 4:38PM
  • iPhone User

    He threatened told me my ss # date of birth and said he was calling from my company I work for. I put out a fraud alert on my self I worked too hard for my credit. Then when I asked how he got the information he laughs...

    12/21/2013 5:49PM
  • Android User

    call them back and tell them not to call you you may have to call 20 or 30 times to make sure they get the message.

    10/18/2013 1:36PM
  • Android User

    They have called my phone constantly and I even asked to speak to their supervisor and he blew me off then I waited he called again and got cussed out and he was like why are you yelling I hung up

    10/09/2013 6:29PM
  • Android User

    These people are stupid. The guy had a crazy thick accent asking if I wanted some kind of auto loan. By the time I figured out what he wanted and politely declined, he had the nerve to laugh and hang up.

    10/04/2013 11:39AM
  • iPhone User

    They call didn't answer left no message

    10/01/2013 9:34AM
  • iPhone User

    No answer

    09/30/2013 3:19PM
  • Android User

    Called me 5 times in 1 morning, I started answering with f off

    09/28/2013 9:39AM
  • Android User

    company is called drive time. they provide secondary financing auto loans. your better off walking.

    09/21/2013 4:31PM
  • iPhone User

    Yes calls all the time. Big Scam

    09/06/2013 4:04PM
  • iPhone User

    Big time scam

    07/29/2013 6:38PM
  • Android User

    They called me saying I was approved for a auto loan with no money down bullshit my credit score is under 500. Nvr applied for a auto loan don't even have my license anymore its bullshit. He hardly spoke a word of English well.really hard to understand. When u try calling back it says all circuit's are busy...SCAM ARTIST WITHOUT A DOUBT..!!!!!!!!

    07/24/2013 12:57AM
  • fedup

    called and said i was approved for an auto loan that i never applied for. caller sounded african or pakinstanian.

    07/09/2013 5:35PM
  • iPhone User

    Call early morning this is illegal !!!!

    06/22/2013 11:55AM
  • Android User

    You have to get strong with them block your number and call them back and let them know that you won't be harrassed and that their on the list to be reported and theirs a log of almost 1000 ppl who are reporting them as a threat and your pushing it to the full extent of the law make sure they get jail time

    05/13/2013 10:46PM
  • Android User

    This company or person is a spam company to stop them from calling tell them that u have their phone number 401-648-7436 and their location and that your going to call the police in Providence, RI and report them

    05/13/2013 10:39PM
  • iPhone User

    Spam. Will not stop calling

    05/03/2013 4:32PM
  • iPhone User

    Yea they keep telling me I'm approved for my loan that I never applied for I have a 500 credit score my mom wouldn't approve me but they telling me I approve with zero down big time scam

    05/01/2013 2:28PM
  • Android User

    omg this is a call about ive been granted a car loan. I keep telling them I Don't want a car loan my cars are all bought and paid for!

    04/30/2013 9:28AM
  • android user

    won't stop calling

    04/23/2013 12:54PM
  • Android User

    keeps calling wanting me to get a car loan with no money down.

    04/22/2013 5:07PM
  • iPhone User

    Same here, CALLS ALL DAY LONG!!!!!

    03/07/2013 8:09PM
  • I just don't answer anymore they call over and over again and never leave a message. I am assuming since they don't leave messages that they are either trying to sell me something or give me something for a price. I am on the Do Not Call Registry but obviously it doesn't matter. They call from about 8 different numbers and when I did answer I told them not to call again.

    03/05/2013 3:47PM
  • iPhone User


    02/16/2013 12:18PM
  • iPhone User


    02/16/2013 10:07AM
  • Android User

    calls 5 times a day saying my loan was approved. total bullshitM

    01/05/2013 3:21PM
  • Duke

    Spam Spam Spam. If they call, don't answer.

    10/16/2012 2:33PM
  • Windows Phone User

    called 5 times already!!!!! Scammers!!!

    08/04/2012 7:27PM
  • iPhone User

    Asked me if I wanted to purchase auto insurance.

    07/10/2012 5:39PM
  • Android User


    07/03/2012 2:55AM
  • Sean

    Called 3 times telling me a car loan was approved and which car did I want! Really?!

    06/30/2012 3:33PM
  • Sean


    06/30/2012 2:15PM
  • iPhone User

    Same here! They are full of SH*T

    06/29/2012 1:30PM
  • George

    They have called my phone 5 times today saying that my auto-loan application has been approved.

    05/21/2012 4:18PM

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