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405-217-0087 is a Landline Phone in NORMAN, OK

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Comments for 4052170087
  • Android User

    they called me today. dont know who they are

    02/20/2013 3:25PM
  • NW OKC

    Talk about the fleecing of America. The "do not call Registry" is a joke. I was called on my cell phone and an automated voice said to push one to speak to an agent. When i was connected I ask the agent if they checked the do not call list and she hung up on me. How much tax dollars can we save by getting rid of the do not call registry? It doesn't work!

    02/15/2013 2:04PM
  • Android User

    I received a call today @ 2pm...They didn't leave a message and I will not be calling back!

    02/13/2013 4:19PM
  • Fink

    No missed call from this number, just a short voicemail with no message. Call came from Norman, OK through Southwestern Bell under LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC AT 1:50pm for one second on 12Feb2013.

    02/12/2013 3:52PM
  • Loretta Woolley

    I am on a do not call list and they still called. It was an automated dialer. This is detestable. I am going to file a complaint on the National DO NOT CALL LIST also.

    02/06/2013 5:02PM
  • Jeff

    The incoming call was an automated dialer. I called them back and after asking who the person respresented, was promptly hung up on. I called back and was immediately hung up on. I called a third time and found out that they are calling for the National Auto Insurance Center and was then hung up on. My phone was registered with the National No Call List in 2009 and I have also filed a complaint on that site.

    01/30/2013 5:26PM
  • SAM

    I got a phone call from them but pushed them to voicemail since I didn't know the number. They didn't leave a message. I used a phone from work to call them back and they are a company who wants you to buy auto insurance. I did not talk to them.

    01/17/2013 2:02PM
  • K in Stillwater

    Called me today at 12:30pm. I sent it to VM as I do not answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. No VM. Searched Google and found this site.

    01/15/2013 1:58PM
  • GMC

    Two calls today (as of this entry). The fist I answered and I just hung up,the second I did not answer and "it" left a voicemail. Hurry up Jeff, we're all waiting on you to fix this.

    01/10/2013 2:08PM
  • Jeff Campbell

    I am with The Insurance Center in Norman, Ok. The calls from 405-217-0087 are NOT from our office in Norman. Our office is an independant agency and this is NOT one of our phone numbers. This "call center" is actually out of California. When I questioned them about using our name and address, they hung up. I am currently looking into this issue and misuse of our name and address. thank you

    01/09/2013 6:05PM
  • AH in OKC

    Called me too. Also on the Do Not call list

    01/09/2013 3:54PM
  • MLH

    More info: Main Office in in OKC.

    01/09/2013 1:53PM
  • MLH

    Same as Rb. After a few calls found out it is the "insurance Center" a call center in Norman OK. Thinking of filing a lawsuit...

    01/09/2013 1:47PM
  • Rb

    Another insurance company robcall to my personal cell #, and I am on the state and national do not call register. Imagine that!

    01/09/2013 1:32PM

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