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408-796-3146 is a Landline Phone in CAMPBELL, CA

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Comments for 4087963146
  • Android User

    same as the above. so little integrity in life today. .

    08/03/2013 1:16PM
  • joey

    its an automated dialer i had an operator and customer service on it for an hour . if it is direct tv thats just one more reason to hate them i just switched to it and hate it. their programing sucks their guide sucks and i just want my dish back!

    07/27/2012 5:02PM
  • iPhone User

    Kept calling and when I would answer, they would hang up.

    05/14/2012 2:16PM
  • iPhone User

    Direct tv. Kept calling and calling till I finally answered. They wanted to ask me questions about their service.

    08/02/2011 5:50PM
  • Debra

    Got to be from Direct TV.  We almost had it installed but changed our minds about it and kept Dish Network. I guess they want us to reconsider. They left no message. Just the number showed up three times on my phone.

    04/01/2011 12:00AM
  • Pete

    The number is from Advanced Communications an affiliate of DirecTV. I guess I was lucky. The young lady on the other end was very polite and cordial. She was following up on my installation.

    03/16/2011 12:00AM
  • Do not know who it is. I just want the calls to stop. I live in GA and get calls from CA and no name or anything it is very uncomfortable. All that comes up on Caller ID is California. I refuse to answer calls especially when no message is left.

    12/05/2010 6:54PM
  • Lori

    Numerous calls from 408-793-3146.  Caller will not leave voice mail but calls morning, afternoon and evening hours before 8PM.  Calls 7 days a week.  From previous messages left here I am assuming its Direct Tv. We just switched from Dish Network to Direct Tv, so that's probably it.  Will record call. . just incase he wants to be rude, per messages here, so I can report it.

    12/04/2010 12:00AM
  • Phartinabottle

    This has to be Direct TV cause I just switched from Dish Network.

    11/01/2010 12:00AM
  • Jim

    Multiple calls in one day, nobody there when I answer, won't leave voicemail. Called the number back, but got the recording that this number is disconnected or no longer in service. I just programmed it in my phone under the name "Ignore", and set the ringtone to "No Ring". Cheaper than blocking it! LOL

    10/23/2010 3:18PM
  • JG

    408 A/C is Southern California.  Caller did not leave v/m, and I'm sure as heck not gonna call back.

    07/26/2010 12:00AM
  • who

    calls, can hear background, but no one speaks

    06/18/2010 1:05PM
  • dodger

    These people won't quit calling- I don't answer and they don't leave messages.

    06/15/2010 10:22AM
  • Steven Eide

    Phone rang 4 times then caller hung up. Tried to return call but was told that number is not in service

    05/31/2010 1:52PM
  • AB

    the guy says he works with direct TV and is a rude SOB.

    05/04/2010 12:00AM
  • Don

    Phone rings, no one one line.

    03/25/2010 10:56AM
  • Chris

    Doesn't say anything when I answer and doesn't answer when I call back.

    03/15/2010 12:00AM
  • Yo

    This number called left no VM. I called back same day, but the number was disconnected.

    03/12/2010 12:49PM

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