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412-802-3100 is a Landline Phone in PITTSBURGH, PA

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Comments for 4128023100
  • This number has called SIX times today and they don't leave any message. This is getting to be harassment!

    10/02/2015 5:41PM
  • Android User

    its UPMC, but theyre not just calling t o verify an upcoming appoin tment, theyre calling to collect on unpaid bills as well. it includes all hospitals, doctors and outpatient facilities that may have done services, such as....sending specimens to a lab, or having bloodwork done- its anyone you may owe money to thats affiliated w/UPMC.

    04/04/2014 6:13AM
  • iPhone user

    When I answered phone, somebody mumbled a person's name, I said I didn't understand what she said, still mumbled (sounded stoned or drunk) I said I don't know who you are looking for but it's not me

    05/24/2013 5:35PM
  • Android User


    01/07/2013 3:14PM
  • Android User

    It's not just upcoming appointments. Any phone that is within the UPMC network in Pittsburgh (Oakland/Shadyside, I'm not sure about anywhere else) will display this number on Caller ID. But it's legitimate business. Typically, they don't leave messages because it's against the law to give out medical information to anyone besides the patient unless they have permission. If they are unsure if the line that they are calling is only used by the patient, they can't leave a message. Even if they have been told the line is only used by the patient, a lot of times they still won't leave a message because they can't keep track of every number that they call (whether or not it's alright to leave a message). It's to protect your information. If they left a message and someone other than the patient heard the message, they'd be in violation of HIPAA.

    09/19/2012 6:55PM
  • Android User

    UPMC appointment confirmation

    03/29/2012 1:15PM
  • iPhone User

    Same experience as others.

    02/27/2012 11:22AM
  • melody

    Well its UPMC, Its a universal number....i think its someone i know calling from the psych ward, in fact im almost positive!!! ive had this person call me like this before from another UPMC in Bradock (different number). U cant tell who calls u cause its not a direct line. In my case I know whats up!!

    03/13/2009 12:00AM
  • Very Frustrated

    I'm receiving fax calls with this number in the call id.  Unfortunately, I don't speak fax.  When I try to fax to this number, I get a recording saying that they can't identify the specific number I'm calling.  So I can't tell them they're calling my voice phone and it keeps calling me and calling me and calling me.  I tried yelling into the phone and banging it on my desk. Finally, I got a call from a guy at the same number apologizing for it.  I certainly agree with the guy above that UPMC should have something better in the caller id, preferably the actual number!

    02/13/2009 12:00AM
  • another "patient"

    UPMC - Eye and Ear Institute - unbelievably stupid of them NOT to display "UPMC" - if only they took care of identifying themselves on caller ID, there would be no virtual trees shredded in this (admittedly useful) "who calls me?" :)

    02/06/2009 12:00AM
  • me

    UPMC Eye and Ear Institute confirming appt

    01/06/2009 12:00AM
  • tm

    Ignored the call, and no voice mail. Very annoying

    11/24/2008 12:00AM
  • dree

    phone rings...when I pick up, it sounds like someone is faxing to this phone line. Over 14 calls today starting at 9am EST. 4 calls yesterday

    10/07/2008 12:00AM
  • WM

    just live in the surrounding areacalled twice, no voice mailAnd i dont even have an appointment with UPMCwhat gives?

    09/09/2008 12:00AM
  • Sara

    Called my cell phone on a Sunday morning and did not leave a message.  I have no upcoming appointments at UPMC if that is who it is???

    08/17/2008 12:00AM
  • Jen

    It's UPMC calling to confirm an upcoming Dr. Appointment!

    06/09/2008 12:00AM
  • Lou

    They called me representing Delta Airlines to confirm arrangements for oxygen use during an upcoming flight.

    06/07/2008 12:00AM
  • Sami

    I got a message today that a man repeated my company's name to someone in the background.  I suspect it is an appointment line for UPMC.  One of my employees called to cancel an appointment late last night, and they didn't ask her name or #.  They must just take it off the caller ID and put it in to be called in the morning as a reschedule.

    03/25/2008 12:00AM
  • Jennifer

    It is an appointment setter line, I also got a message confirming my appointment from UPMC.

    03/13/2008 12:00AM
  • shannon

    This is the number that UPMC uses to call you about an upcoming appointment. It's automated and just tells you when your appointment is and to press a number to confirm. I've had quite a few appts. lately and this is the number that calls every time...just answer and follow the directions.

    01/30/2008 12:00AM
  • Jim

    412-802-3100 is a number used by University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. If an employee has a unique office number, outgoing calls from that phone may use 412-802-3100 regardless of the actual phone in use at the time of the outgoing call.

    01/24/2008 12:00AM
  • dustin

    no message left.  i would like to think they would leave a message if it was for an interview.

    01/18/2008 12:00AM
  • VM

    Got a call on my cell.Answered "hello (my name)speaking" as usual. Pause. Voice "Who's this?"It would not kill UPMC to have a policy on telephone manners for their employees

    01/18/2008 12:00AM
  • Nicole

    I missed the call and they didn't leave a message

    01/16/2008 12:00AM
  • LL

    No message either!  Who are these ppl?

    01/09/2008 12:00AM
  • ME

    No message...annoying...

    12/13/2007 12:00AM
  • Cristin

    Didnt leave a message.

    12/04/2007 12:00AM
  • Shar

    I just received a call from this number today, about 15 minutes ago. It was a very nice lady setting up a phone interview.

    10/18/2007 12:00AM

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