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415-363-9552 is a Mobile Phone in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

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Stats for 4153639552
  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 33
    Spam Reports
  • 37
  • 1297
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Comments for 4153639552
  • dustrm

    just spam. i don't answer these calls from area codes i know are not in my normal call area. i place long distance calls, do not recieve them. my phone also is on do not call list but, they still call. if you answer your phone, it just tells them you are a good contact. your friends and business assoc. will leave a message.

    03/13/2014 4:03PM
  • Android User

    Complaint filed against telemarketer for calling my number and leaving the answering machine message. My number registered with federal no call list.

    03/12/2014 6:09PM
  • James Jones

    I used this line," This is James Jones from the Federal Trade Commission and I need to know the name of your company" . and they hung up..............................HAH!

    03/12/2014 2:13PM
  • Brandy

    Calls my phone at least 5-10 times a day. No message and just hangs up after i answer.

    01/24/2014 1:04PM
  • iPhone User


    05/08/2013 5:15PM
  • iPhone User

    No message

    04/19/2013 11:09PM
  • sweep

    That spiel will definitely get me to buy their product, join their class action, jump through their hoops, SO classy. Where's my little eye roll icon?

    04/11/2013 1:44PM
  • iPhone User


    04/11/2013 11:03AM
  • iPhone User

    Really?....lose my number

    04/10/2013 5:29PM
  • iPhone User

    stupid and annoying

    04/05/2013 7:30PM
  • iPhone User


    04/04/2013 1:33PM
  • Somebody find an address for this number

    04/04/2013 11:50AM
  • iPhone User


    04/01/2013 12:35PM
  • iPhone User

    I gotta troll this guy so bad!!!

    03/28/2013 8:05PM
  • iPhone User

    Some scam for yaz birth control I'm a guy and I'm 12 ,really !

    03/28/2013 8:04PM
  • hoff

    recording says 'womens adovacy group' looking for those who took 'yaz, yasmin etc etc' birth control and if you select 9 you will be removed which IS NOT THE CASE because I've already done this twice and this is 3rd call in a month. This time I selected 1, got someone who I nicely asked for help being removed and without a word and within one second was transferred to another recording saying I would be removed from list. Yeah, lets see if that happens. Total robo-call

    03/28/2013 4:42PM
  • ghgjhg

    called unlisted work number, no msg left

    03/28/2013 4:21PM
  • iPhone User


    03/28/2013 1:34PM
  • iPhone User

    called no message

    03/27/2013 7:20PM
  • windows user

    called no message

    03/26/2013 5:38PM
  • Android User

    caller was for CSC telemarketing

    03/26/2013 8:02AM
  • iPhone User

    Scam 1

    03/25/2013 12:17PM
  • iPhone User

    Did not leave a message

    03/25/2013 11:24AM
  • iPhone User

    Con people

    03/25/2013 11:03AM
  • iPhone User

    Telemarketer for numerous groups. This time, asked me if I buy Diabetic supplies and from whom.

    03/21/2013 7:07PM
  • mj

    Trolling for Yasmin users in class action lawsuit. "Have you or a loved one been seriously harmed..."

    03/20/2013 5:48PM
  • iPhone User


    03/20/2013 1:27PM
  • Android User

    lawsuit group

    03/19/2013 4:10PM
  • iPhone User

    Selling lawsuits spam

    03/19/2013 12:42PM
  • KT

    Yasmine legal issue

    03/19/2013 12:26PM
  • iPhone User


    03/18/2013 5:41PM
  • iPhone User

    Answer, no response!

    03/18/2013 3:45PM
  • Android User


    03/15/2013 7:29PM
  • iPhone User


    03/15/2013 12:16PM
  • iPhone User

    Same as below

    03/15/2013 12:15PM
  • iPhone User

    No One answer and no voicemail left

    03/15/2013 11:58AM
  • iPhone User

    No voice upon answer and no voicemail left

    03/15/2013 11:52AM

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