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Comments for 4407355100
  • iPhone User


    02/21/2016 9:38PM
  • iPhone User

    Cockroach people. I just put the number on my do not call list and it worked fine. If you have an iPhone easy to put them one block this number

    09/19/2014 3:25PM

    They called my office number and that I owe against Pitney Bowes postal unit debt charges. I do not have any such account. When asked to identify they could not properly identify and hang up. If I receive one more, I will call NY Attorney General Office

    10/21/2013 11:05AM
  • iPhone User

    Debt scammer.

    01/07/2013 11:28AM
  • tow

    spam caller

    08/15/2012 4:52PM
  • tow

    call every day and they say they are with at

    08/15/2012 4:51PM
  • Spam

    11/21/2011 1:42PM
  • Dave

    I use to get harassed by this same number and I contactedthis law firm in New York City Fredrick Schulman & Associates they are aconsumer protection firm and they did the following for me ABSOLUTELY FREE ofcharge · They stopped these guys from calling me at allhours and at work · They got the collection agency to release mydebt · They sent me a check for $1000.00 And all this was free I think anyone that are having theseabusive debt collectors calling you need to call these guys they are truly thebest check them out at fschulmanlaw.com or call 800-444-8731

    11/08/2011 1:25PM
  • Spam

    10/20/2011 1:22PM
  • Jim


    09/23/2011 1:04PM
  • iPhone User


    09/23/2011 12:31PM
  • Anonymous

    Calls 1-4 times a day bullying our secretaries for information. When we ask him to give us informations, he becomes ruder. I ususally tell him that I can't give him information as I am not the person he is looking for and that unless he has information for me our conversation is over. Then I hang up.

    01/12/2011 8:50AM
  • c

    As someone who has owed money to collection agencies- I just wanted to let you all know that MBW actually does a lot more business collections that anything else with a few major banks as their larger clients.  Because they are able to collect on businesses, banks are able to extend more lines of credit and keep businesses open- allowing for more job in this area. It stinks when they have wrong or outdated information, this is true for all collection agencies.  HOWEVER, they do a job that no one else really wants to do for a lower wage than most of us would want.  So cut them some slack and pay your bills.

    11/22/2010 12:00AM
  • Hans

    A recording asking me to call them with a reference number (???). Yea, sure. I always ignore these types of calls on my cell phone.

    06/21/2010 11:11AM
  • george

    I have recieved at least 30 calls in one month. If we can find terrorists by phone records, they can find these scumbags that can't hold an honest job. This means people are getting paid off to not prosecute on the government level.

    05/27/2010 12:00AM
  • hate them bad

    m,b&w are just like cockroach they have fbi   on them the ww.ftc.com to file complaint  go to www.mycollectcrcomblogsot.com

    05/04/2010 12:00AM

    I got a letter, signed by a Pam Pesek.  I call for her, and get different people everytime.  They all say she's not available.  Then they look up this account number, and ask me how they can help.  As soon as I start stating that I don't owe this debt, they turn nasty.  I requested an invoice to prove to me that this is my bill.  I also asked to verify that the company that they supposedly work for has not been paid, and he said that was my problem.  Very Angry people.

    03/10/2010 12:00AM
  • tess

    it been two months calling our house leave a messages to call them, they said is very important.  i dont own any body.  everyday of our life have a messages not one  three time aday this is too much..

    02/18/2010 12:00AM
  • Not Born Yesterday

    These guys just tried to get me to pay some debt for a company I've never heard of or done business with. Good luck a--holes. DONT BELIEVE THESE GUYS!!!!!!

    02/18/2010 12:00AM
  • D

    McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, They keep calling, I have no outstanding debt. They say I'm lying and they are nasty. They are not lawyers, just debt collectors. Can't get them to stop calling me.

    02/11/2010 7:39PM
  • cracker

    they call and call you tell them you will not pay and they continue everyday to call you so i tell yhem i love you and your daughter says hi just to make them happy

    01/28/2010 1:39PM
  • Dorothy K.

    Called on my cell phone, costing me money, time & minutes for some so-called urgent business. They leave a reference number which I can't copy because I'm on my cell and do not have a paper & pencil ready. Called twice yesterday, Nov. 24, 2009. Wish they would stop!!

    11/25/2009 8:15AM
  • Tom Durkin

    My Business has been closed for 3 years We closed with no debt. I am now getting calls and letters from MB&W trying to scam me out of $5000 for some company I have never heard of.

    11/17/2009 12:00AM
  • Samantha

    Keep calling my home number and now is calling my cell phone. Told them I am reporting them to the Attorney General for Missouri.

    10/02/2009 6:44AM
  • Tom

    Who made them Federal prosecutors? I got a call from some one claiming to be from MBWA. Told me any thing I said could be used in a court of law.

    09/02/2009 12:00AM
  • Tony Buono

    Here's their BBB Rating & other info:Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of FReasons for this F rating include:    * 74 complaints filed against business    * Failure to respond to 2 complaints filed against business    * 6 complaints filed against business that were not resolved    * 3 serious complaints filed against businessBusiness Name:      McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, Inc.MB&WBusiness Address:     26000 Cannon Rd.Cleveland, OH 44146 Original Business Start Date:       5/10/1980Type of Entity:     CorporationIncorporated:     1980 in OHPrincipal:     Stephen Wolff, SecretaryPhone Number:     (440) 735-5100Fax Number:     (440) 439-5941Email Address:     steve.wolff@mbandw.comBBB Accreditation:     This business is not a BBB Accredited BusinessType of Business:     COLLECTION AGENCIESWebsite Address:     http://www.mbandw.com Business ManagementBack to TopMr. Stephen Wolff , SecretaryMs. Freida Burgess , PresidentMs. Monica Zeman , Controller Additional Locations & Phone NumbersBack to Top2323 Lake Club Dr., Ste. 107 Columbus , OH 43232(440) 735-5100 x33917261 Engle Rd. Middleburg Heights , OH 44130(440) 735-5100 x4377 Hopefully all this info will be helpful. They are NOT lawyers, just another scumbag, bogus collection company trying to steal a persons hard earned cash. I don't owe anything to anyone & they claim that I have an outstanding debt of $3,000 with Two Guys Dept Stores. Two Guys went out of business in 1982. And I never shopped there. I was 7 years old when they went out of business!

    09/01/2009 12:00AM
  • Tess

    This is a collection agency in disguise as a law firm.  From their website:"OUR CONCEPT OF SELLING ANDHOW IT DRIVES THE COLLECTION PROCESS We are a collections-driven company. Our concept of selling as it relates to collections not only creates greater recoveries, but also enhances, rather than inhibits, your sales efforts. The objective is to maximize your collections in a way that would not compromise customer relations...." Go to their website to check them out:  http://www.mbandw.com/index.htm

    08/20/2009 12:00AM
  • n/a

    A message was left with our business to call referencing a number left.  The caller had a very difficult voice to understand and I could not get the name she was trying to say.  I searched the number and found this information and am glad I did.

    08/11/2009 12:00AM
  • J Wood

    I get a call on my private cell phone. It is an automated message that says it is McCarthy, Burgess, & Wolf, and that I need to call them at 440-735-5115 regarding an important matter. When I call, it goes straight to a message that says all of their agents are busy and I should leave a message. At first, I did leave a message, left my phone number, and told them I was not interested in speaking with them but the calls continue. They've probably called around six times, several week apart. I was given no reference number or any other information that explains the purpose of the call.

    08/03/2009 12:00AM
  • KL

    WOW what a company. I received a VM on my mothers phone the lady identifies the company as a law office. she ask for a call back before 5 but only gave a few minutes to call back to cut the bill in half. I called the original debt to see if they had an answer for my ?'s but got no response but a supervisor would call me back. I then got a phone call at my mothers and my minor daughter p.u. the phone the lady on the other end was screaming and cussing at her. I got on the phone the lady yelled and cussed and I asked how much do I owe you.she yelled the amount to me I said ok send it to me in writting with details of the bill and I'll pay it.She said no we are suing you and I'm going to Kill you because you are worthless and deserve to die. I ended the call and will take this up with First Data in the morning. This company is not customer friendly no need to yell and threaten.

    07/10/2009 12:00AM
  • lkm

    Basically, I wouldn't call them back. I never did after reading a lot of horrible experiences from MBW. I just didn't want to go through the stress with these ppl. I realize that they stopped calling after 6 long months. I just set my house phone to stop ringing after 4 rings with no chance of leaving Vmail. hehe. I checked my credit report to see if my name was in collections from MBW; cleared. I don't know if they have the power to put you in collections. You should check why would MBW call you.

    06/12/2009 12:00AM
  • dn1963

    calling constantly, saying they have a business matter they need to talk to me about. it was on my answering machine..i have told them not to call, i wasnt the person they were asking for,,but they keep calling

    06/11/2009 12:00AM
  • julia

    Well actually I got a call today on my personal cell from MaCarthey,Burgess and Wolf and left a message just the same as everyone has reported... So what do I do??? Do I just ignore this or do I call them.. Please help!!!!

    06/11/2009 12:00AM
  • momof5

    Got a call from Richard Friedman; didn't answer it but the number was 440-735-5100.  So apparently they have gotten a new name!!!!!  BEWARE!!!!!

    06/10/2009 12:00AM
  • M&M

    We got a call from McCarthy, Burgess, & Wolff, they didn't ask by name whom they wanted to talk to.  I live with another adult and a crabby Corgi.  Maybe they just wanted to talk to my Corgi?  Anyway, they left a message about a "business matter" and a case file number.  I was curious and wanted to know who they were.  The number they called from is 440-735-5100, BUT, the number they wanted us to call is 440-735-5115.  (Time to put the Corgi on the phone.)  I knew I needed to check out this site again because another scam artist was calling us AKA Brackfeld Associates - which by the way is now changed to Meridian Management Solutions.  Anyway, I'm going to report the new low lives right along with the old ones.  What a sick world we live in!  (Clearly, my crabby Corgi is normal by comparison.)

    05/20/2009 12:00AM
  • Wrong Number

    Don't bother telling them it's a wrong number - they will keep calling. They have been calling me for someone else for months. Unfortunately as a result I can't take advantange of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but you can. Read it here: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre27.pdf. Most of their tactics are in violation of the Act. A single violation is subject to a $1,000 fine. It would appear that neither of the "managers" of this company are licensed attorneys (according to the Ohio Bar), nor does the website purport to be a lawfirm, so if they claim to be a lawfirm in their phone calls, they are violating Section 807(3) of the Act when they say that. If they yell and cuss, they are violating Section 806(2). There are lots of other sections you can quote them. Sometimes that will shut them down if you can actually quote them the sections.

    05/15/2009 12:00AM
  • the repo man in fl

    hi steve and freida (440)74

    04/10/2009 12:00AM
  • the repo man

    hi steve and freida  i know #43

    04/10/2009 12:00AM
  • H

    He is very nasty and insulting i find it hard to believe he works in customer service trying to collect money I was going to pay but now I'm not!!!!!!

    04/08/2009 2:09PM
  • Stan

    They are not, in any way, shape or form, attorneys. Go to their site: http://www.mbandw.com/index.htm and read their own information about who they are and what they do. Misrepresenting themselves as lawyers is illegal in most states. Report them if they do this.Also, on their site you can read about their methods. They boast about finding your "hot buttons" to "motivate" you into paying them. They also boast about their slick-looking letterhead that's obviously designed to make the recipient believe they're being contacted by a law firm. These scumbags are scammers. Don't even respond to them.

    03/25/2009 12:00AM
  • FBI on the way

    Why don,t we all drop a dime on these pieces of scum who start birth under a dog pile. I'm sure the FTC not only has a file  but an entire filing cabinet on these lower than life forms.

    03/09/2009 12:00AM
  • me again

    I have a great idea. Say there is nobody by that name that lives here. They will stop calling

    02/28/2009 12:00AM
  • Business Owner

    I received many phone calls from this number (440-735-5115) who claim to be a law firm to collect debt.  They can't even get their facts straignt.  I have talked to them many times about false charges from Idearc Media.  They keep insisting that I send a payment for something I don't even owe!  They won't quit calling!!!

    02/24/2009 12:00AM
  • Evil Mama

    McCarthy Burgess and Wolfe called this morning and left a reference number, saying it was very important that we return their call.  They did not use a name in reference.  When I called the number back, they asked my name and reference number.  I told them if they did not know who they called, I wasn't about to tell them unless they tell me who they were.  Instead of answering, he hung up on me!

    02/18/2009 12:00AM
  • harassed employee

    Today at work we recvd a phone call from a John Weston.  He said he was calling in reference to a Verizon bill and asked to speak to our boss.  The employee that answered the phone asked to take a message as the boss was in a meeting.  Mr Weston went on to explain all of the private business matters with the employee, she explained that she could take message but this was not satisfactory with him, so she hung up to wait on the customers.  Mr Weston called back and I answered the phone.  Mr Weston called me a liar - said we all lie for our boss and that he wanted to talk to the boss.  HE WAS RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL.  I explained to him that we were just employees and he would need to speak to our boss - he would not stop. Ranted and raved.  In the future don't bother calling because we won't even take a message from this ###.

    02/18/2009 12:00AM
  • shelby

    Why do they continue to call my cell? I dont owe anyone anything and the people I do I am paying. WHo can we report this to?

    02/13/2009 8:30AM
  • Susan

    I received a voice mail message from someone saying they needed to speak with me regarding a serious matter. The message said to call McCarthy, Burgess & Wolf at ;(440)735-5115 & gave my a reference number to use when I returned their call. The odd thing is that they called me on a private cell on a number I only give out to family & friends. I did a little research on the web and now know they are some crazy people who make numerous harrassing calls to victims demanding money for bogus debt collection. I wish the government would step in to put a stop to these people. If they are lawyers (which I doubt)I will contact the bar association & make a complaint against them. I suggest anyone else who was harrassed by them to contact their local bar association and the ohio bar assn. (since the company is located in Ohio) & make a complaint. I worked for lawyers much of my life and most lawyers would never resort to these tactics.

    02/09/2009 12:00AM
  • lkm

    I am writing again. I got suspicious with MBW. If they are a collection agency, wouldn't your FiCO score report report if you are in collections or public records? I check my FICO score (ALL THREE) and like I said, my Credit is still excellent, I don't owe any debts and I am not on collections or public records. I would want to talk to them personally to see what this serious business matter is...but I don't even have a business. After hearing the horror stories of how these ppl are yelling and threating with bank accounts and credit cards, I will avoid them.Maybe I should just pick up the phone and say wrong phone number.  :)

    02/09/2009 12:00AM
  • lkm

    Called like 10x, left 3 messages. 1 machine and 2 personal messages. They say they are not telemarketers and I have a serious business matter with them. I never spoke with them, don't want to because I think there is something fishy. According to my research, the company is a collection agency that is rude. First of all, I don't owe anybody money. I just checked my fico score and It is EXCELLENt, NO COLLECTIONS OR PUBLIC NOTICES!!! The person that is calling is named, Linda Chaffey. I don't know why they are calling me!

    02/08/2009 8:10PM
  • lkm

    Message said that this is a serious business issue and I need to call. I did some research online. "McCarthy, Burgess & Wolf" and that phone number. Prior to the "McCarthy, Burgess & Wolf" calls, DHL Express left a message said I owe them money. They asked my sister for all my information like email, cell and work nuber. 2 Months later McCarthy, Burgess & Wolf called me many time and left a vmail. I personally never contacted DHL express or McCarthy, Burgess & Wolf. I figured it was as scam or something. I do not do business for DHL and I do not owe anyone debt. I am really good with my money and with excellent credit....so I know these ppl are just threating others to get money. Collecting agency my A**! I did more research, they are located in Bedford Hts, OH.

    01/30/2009 12:00AM
  • John

    Its a lawyers office that has a collection department it would appear. They always leave a message that has an extension and a case file that you need to refer to.

    01/20/2009 12:00AM
  • Michael R.

    this lady keeps calling about a phone bill that isn't mine. I ask her to stop and she won't. Very annoying.

    01/09/2009 2:11PM
  • JP

    Yeah its definitly a collection agency. Dont bother talking to them, If you get a Gus Something, he claims he's a lawyer and calling from a law office which is Marth, Burgese, and Wolf. And if you pay off the debt with him he wont add "HIS" lawyer fees. He starts getting very angry for no reason, I understand thats his job but Im not the person who he was calling for.

    09/10/2008 12:00AM
  • no one

    This place is called Mccarth, Burgese, and Wolf this is the website'http://www.mbandw.com/index.htm

    07/12/2008 12:00AM
  • Lyn

    Receiving numerous calls from this company.  At times, leaving messages - and at others, just breathing into the phone.  Call after call after call.Have requested detailed paperwork to see just what this debt is and what liability there might be, if there is one, and have been told the debt has to be paid first -- the client will not provide paperwork until the possible debt is settled.  I have been advised by my telephone company to call and report the harassment to the police as well as to contact the local BBB.

    04/18/2008 12:00AM
  • busy

    this company keeps calling saying that they "represent" IdeaArc media. very rude person named Ms. Gray insisting we provide bank information for electronic payment that we never authorized. what the heck is up with these people? Isn't this a form of extorsion? This woman is very rude and calls us EVERY DAY. We have told her that we do not owe this debt!!

    10/18/2007 12:00AM

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