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469-286-9841 is a Mobile Phone in GRAND PRAIRIE, TX

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Comments for 4692869841
  • PM

    Typical telescum recorded offer to lower high electrical bills. Probably ported from overseas based on accent. If I'm in the mood, not near my computer and have the time I'll play the hang up game. Rule 1: First to swear at the other guy loses. Rule 2: First to hang up loses. I'll politely ask various rude questions. Lots of fun if you do it right. 2 points if they swear before hanging up. 3 points if you can get a good shot in before they hang up. My best so far is when the guy said in his thick pakistani accent. "I am also with the water board and I will have your water shut off!" I responded. No, no, you don't understand the system here, we don't have a water board. Waterboard is what they do with you guys when they catch you. No idea of what it was he said while hanging up but I wouldn't be surprised if he broke the phone. If I'm on my computer and in the mood I'll look up Urdu or Pashto swear phrases and ask for the correct pronunciation "Because I really want to make sure that you understand me."

    01/18/2016 3:56PM
  • got a missed call from this number

    08/04/2014 5:44PM
  • Scammmm

    This person has a thick Indian accent, uses the phone in a high traffic area, and claims to work for microsoft. He will ask for you to access your computer because it has been hacked and he can fix it over the phone. If you turn off your computer for him he will own you so I suggest just dont answer or hang up immediately

    06/28/2014 5:50PM
  • May ya

    Scamers....did not answer, retarded people have nothing better than a. Ly others

    06/27/2014 8:40PM
  • M

    this number called me for the first time today; I live in San Antonio so thought it could be a job contact and answered. The person on the other end who could barely get an English word out (probably actually calling from Micronesia somewhere) tried to tell me he was from Microsoft and they had been alerted someone was trying to get into my computer and hack personal and financial information. Said I needed to let him remote into my computer to fix it. I'm not stupid - first I have 3 computers; one government issued and he had no idea there were multiple computers on my network or which one was being "attacked" - I hung up on him

    06/25/2014 1:04PM
  • Anonymous

    Called at 12:40 PM PST. I didn't answer it, and no voicemail was received. I received a spoofed called from 000-000-0000 a couple of hours later.

    06/24/2014 5:49PM
  • Debbie

    This number calls often ... when I call back it tells me they are not accepting calls ... must be a crack pot!!

    06/12/2014 12:02PM
  • Kumar

    They Called me in morning 11:54AM PST and said hello good afternoon and hung up .. I tried several Times but No Reply

    06/05/2014 3:28PM
  • Joe

    Just another Crook, with a trash call.

    06/04/2014 6:30PM
  • Android User

    wow they said all them different things

    06/04/2014 5:17PM
  • Android User


    06/04/2014 5:15PM
  • Kathy

    They call me early in the morning mid day and mid afternoon, and I can't take calls from my cell phone at my job, or I'll be in trouble. When I call back, it says the phone number is not recieving calls at this time. I believe that this is someone who has purchased a phone number list and somehow my number was on it. I've had this number for 2 yrs and NEVER had any problem until aprox 4 months ago. I'm very distraught. I have a prepaid phone and they use up my minutes. I don't know what to do.

    05/27/2014 7:32PM

    05/20/2014 3:24PM
  • Duke

    They have called me both in the morning and after 7:00 at night. Both times my phone displays ATT. I hear what seems to be the floor of a call center. Many people yaking in the background for a few seconds. I can't get anyone to talk directly to me so that I can ask them to remove my number from their list. Then they hang up. . . Definitely Spam.

    04/20/2013 12:10AM
  • iPhone User

    They said they work with windows. They had received a error message from my windows computer. I told them that there was nothing wrong with my computer and they tried to convince me otherwise. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they hung up on me. These people are rude

    01/16/2013 3:50PM
  • Android User

    called my phone posing as microsoft IT then as u.s government. let them know that i work for a government agency and i will & report them. im pretty sure my number was removed

    11/26/2012 11:05AM
  • Pissed Off

    Woman kept saying allo, allo, allo, allo. And then she hung up.

    11/09/2012 3:07PM
  • My phone rang in the evening and I was unable to answer, but when I tried to call the number back, the recording said it was not a working number, and to check the number. The name Bradley Raymond came up onmy caller ID, and it is definitely a SCAM!

    11/08/2012 7:35PM
  • Android User

    cussed me out said they r gonna f me and curse me out everytime they call and then they blow up my number

    10/19/2012 4:59PM
  • iPhone User

    Wow is this legal to pose as Microsoft IT??

    10/17/2012 6:36PM
  • kathy

    they called stating they were from Microsoft IT department about a problem with my computer, the name came across as bradley raymond, I told them it was a scam and I am on the do not call list, they hung up.

    09/11/2012 8:18AM
  • Teri Adkins

    This caller "pretends" to be from the US Federal Govt, but she can't speak English. I don't think our govt would put someone on their "call center" that can't even speak the language good enough to be understood. In the last 35 minutes they have called my phone 16 times. What is it????

    08/28/2012 3:51PM
  • Nathaniel F Malm

    This number is associated with the website www.creditloan.com! My brother signed up for a free credit report and loan estimate. Afterwards, this and several other numbers started harassing him. Stay away from www.creditloan.com. It is a scam.

    08/14/2012 4:21AM
  • John

    Got a call and wanted to give me a loan approved by the Federal Govt. Told him not to call my number and will report him to the authorities. He hung up. Beware!!! Don't be fooled by these scam artists.

    08/08/2012 3:32PM
  • Called at 7:00 am claiming to be a tech from Microsoft and they received a message from my computer with a problem that he was wanting to help with. He asked if I could get to my computer right now so he could solve the problem for me. I asked that he send me an e-mail regarding the issue but he was insistent that I connect to my computer instead.

    07/09/2012 10:52AM

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