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503-457-1460 is a Mobile Phone in TILLAMOOK, OR

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Stats for 5034571460
  • 90%
    Spammer Score
  • 8
    Spam Reports
  • 5
  • 169
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Comments for 5034571460
  • ribs

    I started getting calls from this number about 2 weeks ago. No one ever answers when I call back. I noticed someone said something about Google voice, I did sign up with them about a month ago, but quickly got rid of it, when it took over all my voice mails on my cell phone. I only wanted a Google number to give to guys I didn't know too well, it was a PIA! I thought maybe it might be someone trying to hire me, as I have been looking for another job for a while. So its based on one of 2 reasons, Google or someone who posed as an employer. Everyone else is family or friends that have my number. If this is from Google, it will be the last time I use their services. I do not appreciate these random and pointless calls!

    10/17/2013 7:13PM
  • Home User

    They called me 2 times, 1, it was a recording, 2nd one they called and I got somone! They asked for me BY MY NAME, In an Indian stupid voice, and they said "Iam calling about the application you sent to further your eduction...on a recorded line". I said, first of all I never sent in any appliction to anyone to further my education, so how ever you got this number, or you are cold calling I dont appreciate it. He said "ok fine then..." then slams down the phone. Got my name illegally offline, somehow, and caled me, this is a form of it stealing my info, and then using it for nefarious spam calls.

    01/17/2013 6:39PM
  • i wonder who this person could be...

    01/04/2013 5:06PM
  • Android User

    This number calls from 8am till around 9pm. No says anything and they don't leave a voicemail.

    01/04/2013 9:23AM
  • iPhone User

    I keep getting calls from this number to my Google Voice phone number. When I answer there is no one there. I just waited them out this last time, and an automated voice finally came on saying "Goodbye" before disconnecting.

    12/04/2012 5:53PM

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