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515-635-3022 is a Mobile Phone in DES MOINES, IA

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  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 40
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  • 39
  • 923
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Comments for 5156353022
  • Gabe

    Number showed on my phone. I answered it and it made a beeping sound and they hung up..

    01/17/2014 4:13PM
  • iPhone User


    01/03/2014 3:55PM
  • iPhone User

    OMG how annoying!!

    12/28/2013 1:46PM
  • Android User

    spam. selling magazines

    09/20/2013 11:08AM
  • Android User

    add your number to www.donotcall.gov. it a law passed in 2007. they can' call anymore, takes 31 to be active

    09/09/2013 4:18PM
  • Android User

    calls like 5 times a day, never.leaves a msg.

    09/09/2013 4:16PM
  • TB

    I received a call from 515-635-3022 at around 9:00am this morning and immediately hung up. I called the number back to find out that they said they were a gift card winner scam. I hung up and proceeded to continuosly harrass the number back relentlessly from my land line(which still needs to be disconnected to help save me money)as well as repeated calls to the number throughout the day from my cell phone. Bunch of losers!

    12/11/2012 12:40AM
  • Web user

    Received two calls from 515-635-3022 and searched - it says it is Viking Magazine Services from Des Moines Iowa. A person says that they were taking money out of oher account after she had cancelled subscriptions. She had to cancel credit card. Don't give out your credit card information over the telephone only to credited stores - and then be careful and check your bills.

    07/06/2012 11:40AM
  • Android User

    Keeps calling all hours of the day and night

    06/28/2012 2:40PM
  • iPhone User

    Won't stop calling :(

    05/31/2012 12:38PM
  • redhood

    too many call, no response. counts up on your cell call over my limit. do not answer, neither voice mail or your call limits wiill go over

    04/06/2012 2:52AM
  • cellphone user

    I called the # back; it is a magazine service supposedly calling about entries into a million dollar contest and it is VMS - a magazine service. I never entered, never gave them my #, so I told them that & not to call my # again & I hung up.

    04/05/2012 6:56PM
  • cellphone user

    Called, left no message; I'm getting all kinds of these calls. Going to change my number.

    04/05/2012 6:53PM
  • Android User


    03/22/2012 5:41PM
  • Android User

    ?..... spam

    02/28/2012 5:50PM
  • Cathy

    This is spam - suggest you do not answer

    02/28/2012 7:35AM
  • iPhone User


    02/15/2012 2:26PM
  • iPhone User


    02/15/2012 2:25PM
  • Spam

    02/08/2012 2:11PM
  • ME

    They call me everyday never leave a m,essege.. When i do answer the call its very loud in thie background..

    01/26/2012 10:43AM
  • iPhone User


    01/20/2012 2:50PM
  • They call me and say that I won 1.000.000 dollars. But they know my information - name, address, email...

    01/16/2012 3:29PM
  • Cellphone User

    Calls almost daily... rarely leaves message... when message is left, it is short and too noisy to understand...

    01/12/2012 10:58AM
  • they call telling me i won a contest that i never entered! they call, leave a message on my voicemail then call again. then when i tell them that i never entered a contest they get all pissy and hang up!

    12/27/2011 1:46PM
  • He call me

    12/26/2011 4:04PM
  • iPhone User


    12/14/2011 5:43PM
  • iPhone User

    Random call to cell

    12/13/2011 3:47PM
  • Android User

    called no message

    12/08/2011 6:40PM
  • Nina

    called n said they were collections

    12/01/2011 4:08PM
  • I dont answer- so it go's to my messages- then they dont say anything, I always hear a lot of background noise, (office full of people) sounds like.

    11/30/2011 6:09PM
  • Android User

    call all the time

    11/28/2011 1:36PM
  • Android User

    Said free call

    11/14/2011 7:00PM
  • iphone user

    scam dont trust it.

    11/02/2011 6:56PM
  • Android User

    Scam call. Asked for CC# to award 1m $

    10/28/2011 12:30PM
  • iPhone User

    He called me >:(

    10/11/2011 8:48PM
  • iPhone User

    Calls and does not leave a message.

    09/16/2011 8:42PM
  • iPhone User


    08/12/2011 1:56PM
  • iPhone User


    08/12/2011 1:55PM
  • iPhone User

    Quit calling!

    08/12/2011 1:55PM

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