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530-961-9004 is a Landline Phone in CHICO, CA

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  • 35
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Comments for 5309619004
  • Received a call from 530-961-9004 today. I didn't answer and they left a voice mail. the voice mail is completely silent! What a bunch of losers

    08/28/2014 2:40PM

    07/08/2014 11:54AM

    ALL FROM "TY" of DIET CENTER 530-961-9004 – two Unknown – four 357-106-8189 – three 634-668-1601 – four 428-466-5869 – two 653-346-6816 – one

    06/19/2014 3:18PM
  • have no idea why they call looking for allayna

    06/10/2014 1:10PM
  • Rec'd call really "early" this AM. Live HI...3 hrs. BEHIND US mainland!!! Should be a law against this!!! Ticked offto be awakened by "SCAM IDIOTS"-this MUST STOP!! Does anyone know if there's a way to have yhe people behind this "prosecuted"...."TOTALLY RIDICULOUS & EXTREMELY "RUDE"!!!!!

    05/15/2014 4:05PM
  • Catherine Reddington

    I received a phone call from 530-961-9004 on 05/06/2014 and they did not leave a message on my answering machine, the call had static on it. I have caller ID on my phone and the name of the caller was Two Men and a Truck from California. I do not know anyone from this company and I would like to know how these people obtained my phone number. These calls are very annoying and I wish they would stop.

    05/06/2014 11:32AM
  • Jackie

    I answered the line was quite. After calls from them I just blocked them.

    05/06/2014 10:54AM
  • Shaniqwa

    Okay, so around 9:30 for the past 2 mornings, I keep getting calls from spam numbers, they call me shaniqwa and I don't even know, I just hang up.

    03/11/2014 3:26PM
  • Paula F

    Two men and a truck. They moved my neice, and I dont remember giving them my phone number!

    03/11/2014 2:32PM
  • flyersfan28

    I do basically saw the same thing as VLAD says only I just say"county morgue"....

    03/06/2014 5:30PM
  • Vlad

    Whenever I get these phone calls I answer the phone with "Travis County Morgue". When they start talking I let them know I'm in the middle of an autopsy. For some reason they hang up.

    03/06/2014 3:51PM
  • Linda

    Some person named Teresa called and said I was in running for a grand prize in a contest I entered through a credit card. I have not entered a contest through a credit card.

    03/04/2014 11:37AM
  • PB

    They call every hour and leave a static message. No words only static, I'm on the no call list, this is ridiculous!

    02/13/2014 4:01PM
  • Sherri

    Coming up on the caller id as "TWOMENANDATRUCK". I live in MN, area code they're calling from is CA, and I never asked for a quote or anything. They hang up when voicemail picks up - and they've called twice in 1/2 hour.

    02/06/2014 1:42PM
  • hung up before I answered

    01/28/2014 11:12AM
  • Just got a call from them saying the same thing about a million dollar drawing I was put in? I have no idea how they got information??

    01/23/2014 5:09PM
  • iPhone User


    01/02/2014 1:32PM
  • pissed off

    Called me 5x in a row...I never picked up and finally just blocked it

    12/26/2013 12:11PM
  • Sharon

    I got 3 this week... enough... spam spam spam

    12/19/2013 5:05PM
  • kruseag

    Called and left no message.

    12/17/2013 1:11PM
  • iPhone User

    Says from Florida but the number is California!! SPAM!!

    12/17/2013 10:19AM
  • Brittany

    I received two calls in a row from this number. I answered and they said that I signed up with reward zone? Not sure what that is but I did not sign up for it.

    12/10/2013 10:35AM
  • linda

    I also received a phone call and the man stated he was from Florida for some Rewards program and that I was in the winning for some large dollar contest. I have not answered on any further calls.

    11/26/2013 6:05PM
  • Please DO NOT call 781-864-4597. My boss does not appreciate the frequent calls.

    11/26/2013 11:32AM
  • R

    Called, no message

    11/21/2013 3:06PM
  • said it was a courtesy call from Melbourne, FL

    11/14/2013 5:25PM
  • said it was a courtesy call from Melbourne, FL

    11/14/2013 5:24PM
  • received a call from this number and caller id said two men a truck. The girl on the phone said she wall calling from Melbourne FL and i know that is not true since she called someone that lives in florida. She wanted to speak to my husband because he registered online with usarewards.com I have no clue what she was talking about and she hung up.

    11/11/2013 4:15PM
  • 2nd call .... nothing but static!

    11/05/2013 10:12AM
  • Alicia Goree

    They called me, never left a message, and the phone number is not reachable!!! Don't Answer

    10/29/2013 10:47AM
  • Sachin Jain


    10/24/2013 3:52PM
  • iPhone User

    Spam, don't answer!

    10/24/2013 1:39PM
  • tired of this

    They keep calling me. I do not want these calls. I do not answer them because I know they have hacked my number. I am sick of this

    10/22/2013 8:12PM
  • Louise

    They called my cell number. I missed the call , Since I am in business for myself I attempted to return the call. Everytime I called it would answer and hangup immediately

    10/03/2013 4:34PM
  • Amy

    I have just gotten a call from this number stating that it was from Florida. The woman stated that I was in the finals for winning 1million and that I was in the drawing for other items as well. She kept talking on and on about magazines as well for 2.something a week for all of them. Then she switched me over to some guy that kept trying to get more information out of me. He wanted to get the number of my visa for the magazines. Then when I told him that I didn't have the card and my husband had it, he kept going on and on and then said when my husband got home to get the card and he would call again tomorrow to finish.

    09/26/2013 1:06PM
  • called me but no one there

    09/24/2013 9:06PM
  • Michelle

    They call and won't leave a message. Happens about twice a week.

    09/24/2013 11:59AM
  • iphone user deb

    When I try to call back, it rings once and hangs up. They are probably selling something but I am on the do not cal list.

    09/17/2013 10:53AM
  • Publishing company trying to sell magazines!!!

    09/12/2013 3:50PM
  • Jamarri Rollocks

    They r just trying to sell magazines. They offer to enter you into a drawing to win a million dollars.

    09/05/2013 1:55PM
  • Android User

    When I tried calling back, I was told this number didnt work

    08/29/2013 3:39PM
  • DW

    When I tried to call this number back I received the "out of service " message.

    08/29/2013 2:09PM

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