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616-613-2229 is a Landline Phone in ZEELAND, MI

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Stats for 6166132229
  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 21
    Spam Reports
  • 23
  • 464
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Comments for 6166132229
  • iPhone User


    08/13/2013 6:12PM
  • iPhone User


    08/09/2013 2:30PM
  • iPhone User

    Scammer spammer

    08/08/2013 7:53AM
  • iPhone User

    616-613-2229 keeps calling . Do Not Answer there phone calls these are Scammer / Spammer Credit Card Scammers .

    08/05/2013 6:35PM
  • Android User

    Credit card scam.

    08/05/2013 9:42AM
  • Joe

    No message = SPAM

    08/03/2013 5:45PM
  • iPhone User

    They call weekly, sometimes more often. I don't answer. Obvious spammer.

    08/02/2013 2:22AM
  • iPhone User

    CC scam

    08/01/2013 4:03PM
  • Android User

    worse than SPAM, this is a scam to get information on your credit cards promising reduced rates. they ask for personal ID information that could be used for ID theft

    08/01/2013 1:40PM
  • Al

    Hung up when I answered

    08/01/2013 10:55AM
  • Patricia

    I just received my 7th (2nd today) pre-recorded call stating this was my 2nd and final chance to lower my credit card interest rate related to the stimulus package. I listened through to the end and was never given the option to press a number to have my name removed from their call-list. As my number is listed on the national Do Not Call list, this is extremely frustrating. What good does that list do? I'm reporting it once again to the FCC, and will contact the company listed for that number to have them remove me from their list.

    07/31/2013 6:28PM
  • Roxie

    Yes and it is really pissing me off I ask to speak to a supervisor and they hang up on me every time.

    07/24/2013 4:55PM
  • tootiredtocare, anymore

    Continue to get spam calls to give me a special credit card rate related to the "latest stimulus package". I called the number below( 616-980-4140), which is the telephone company that carries this number and the very nice lady told me this wasn't their business but probably "one of our customers" and that I should not be getting any more phone calls, effective w/n the next 48 hrs.

    07/24/2013 3:43PM
  • iPhone User

    Spammer--didn't answer--area code unknown

    07/24/2013 11:24AM
  • iPhone User

    A%#hole SPAMMERS!!!

    07/23/2013 8:20PM
  • Irritated

    Calls daily. Asked to be taken off call list and they hung up.

    07/19/2013 3:13PM
  • Joe


    07/18/2013 3:31PM
  • S Oneil

    Received spam call from 616-613-2229 and after filing an FDC complaint I called the Lucre corporate hq and spoke with a very nice lady who also took down my complaint and indicated that the calls should stop within 48 hrs. Contact info from Lucre website: Lucre, Inc. 4011 Plainfield Ave. N.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49525 Local: 616-980-4140 Fax: 616-980-4141 Email: sales@lucre.net Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm

    07/16/2013 12:47PM
  • iPhone User

    Caller ID says Bank Card SCVS. No message ~C~

    07/13/2013 4:39PM
  • Allan

    Credit card repair scammer. Service provider is: sales@lucre.net

    07/12/2013 6:08PM
  • iPhone User


    07/12/2013 5:11PM
  • iPhone User

    Hung up on machine caller id says Zeeland MI

    07/12/2013 5:07PM
  • Scott C

    I got a automated spam call from this number about lowering credit card rates. I stayed on the line to ask to be added to the do not call list. The person that answered the phone couldn't speak proper English, but did get out "they down't have a do not call list" and hung up.

    07/12/2013 4:50PM

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