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Comments for 6305053008
  • sara

    Millward Brown is a global company focused on brands, media and communications. It is part of Kantar Group, the insights arm of WPP plc, and the world’s second largest market research organization after Nielsen Company

    07/02/2014 9:02PM
  • Android User

    must be obamacare people

    10/01/2013 12:04PM
  • OMG...they call...and call...and call...I no take anymore....help me..I crying alltime.

    05/31/2013 10:40AM
  • iPhone User

    Leaves no message. Caller ID says Naperville, IL.

    04/29/2013 9:59AM
  • the name Millward Brown showed up with this number (630) 505-3008.

    04/24/2013 8:05PM
  • Call from place Kantar OPS Nasty people. Do Not Answer call

    04/17/2013 7:25PM
  • iPhone User

    Jesus is Lord of all

    01/25/2013 10:14PM
  • iPhone User

    Spammer for sure

    12/05/2012 8:48PM
  • iPhone User

    Yep, Millward Brown. Don't know him & ain't answering it.

    11/21/2012 9:03PM
  • Android User

    Calls on my house phone every day how do I get this s h I t to stop

    10/07/2012 12:33PM
  • iPhone User

    Leaves no message and hangs up on you! Junk

    07/11/2012 6:27PM
  • iPhone User

    Shows up as Millward Brown on our ID caller. Leaves no message

    07/07/2012 5:52PM
  • iPhone User

    Political spammer!!! Hi this is Sarah with political surveys

    06/23/2012 3:29PM
  • iPhone User

    Defiantly a spammer. I got this call on my android cell phone. I'm thinking of changing my number now!! 😡

    05/26/2012 12:03PM
  • iPhone User


    05/06/2012 5:09PM
  • Annoyed

    Called today, Sunday, May 6, 2012. Post by Sykuvet has the vice president's home and cell telephone numbers and email address. Give it back to them.

    05/06/2012 3:57PM
  • Rosemary Bates

    My caller ID shows this number assigned to Kantar OPS

    04/19/2012 11:56AM
  • Android User

    now transfering to the white house Eric do nothing holder

    04/13/2012 10:09AM
  • My caller ID shows this number is assigned to Millward Brown.

    04/09/2012 10:41PM
  • iPhone User

    I don't have time for the survey so ignore this call

    04/01/2012 6:41PM
  • iPhone User

    I believe he goes by AnotherBrotherMark3 on YouTube (Marcus Brown). He's a spammer there as well.

    03/13/2012 8:44PM
  • iPhone User


    02/26/2012 2:44PM
  • iPhone User


    02/24/2012 8:32PM
  • iPhone User

    They just called me for a survey !!! SPAMMER

    02/24/2012 6:38PM
  • iPhone User

    This number keeps calling and leaves no message for over a year!

    02/18/2012 11:54AM
  • iPhone User

    Still @ it don't answer Spammer.

    02/16/2012 8:52PM
  • iPhone User


    02/06/2012 9:13PM
  • iPhone User

    Millward Brown called 1-31-12, cjr

    01/31/2012 10:40PM
  • Robert

    Called office phone and no message left. Clearly a spammer.

    01/10/2012 4:08PM
  • iPhone User

    Called them back an got a message from kantar media research group.

    10/27/2011 4:37PM
  • iPhone User

    It just called my home number, I'm eating dinner & I see Millward Brown. WTF, is that?! And why do I keep getting calls from these numbers & these other 800 service numbers when I registered on the do not call list? Do they just ignore that?

    10/10/2011 8:32PM
  • iPhone User

    Called office phone and no message left. Clearly a spammer.

    10/05/2011 11:08AM
  • JJC57


    08/07/2011 10:05AM
  • Says Millward Brown on caller ID,will not leave message.I,will not answer unknown numbers.

    06/29/2011 9:53AM
  • Sykuvet

    Received an unwanted call from Kantar Ops, 630-505-3008?call Elaine Biggs, Vice President of Kantar Opsher home phone is: 630-830-2784her cell phone: 847 650 2401 She has a third number: 847-991-6224If she is unavailable, give the message to her husband, FrankHer email is: ebiggs925@gmaillinksnotallowed

    02/19/2011 12:00AM
  • Marie

    These calls keep coming in 2-3 times a day in the morning and night up to 9:50PM. Who are they? I am on the national do not call list, yet it seems that these people don't understand laws.

    11/29/2010 12:00AM
  • mommyb

    Unsolicited Calls

    10/13/2010 3:18PM
  • Rad

    Just called 2 more times! Calls at all times of the day and night. Never says anything. What good is a DO NOT CALL List if they don't do anything to this IDIOT! Needs to STOP NOW ! ! ! ! !

    10/06/2010 6:24PM
  • Rad

    Calls at all times of the day and night. What good is a DO NOT CALL List if they don't do anything to this IDIOT! Needs to STOP NOW ! ! ! ! !

    10/06/2010 6:21PM
  • Kd

    I gave been receiving threatning calls from this phone number not only at my home but at my place of business and I want to file a complaint, who are these people?

    10/06/2010 4:50PM
  • Terry

    I have been receiving these calls from a Millward Brown. Doesn't this person have anything better to do with his life????

    08/29/2010 10:31AM
  • angel

    calls and hangs up. we have do not call service on phone line and they are to hang up but they ring through then hang up

    08/26/2010 8:21PM
  • Geri

    I am on the do not call list and they call every day. the name that comes up is Kantar Ops

    08/19/2010 10:56PM
  • Bella

    Got a call from these "people" today and they would not answer. Not sure what to do the number was 630-505-3008. Will call the number above and see what comes of it. No answer no msg nothing.

    08/01/2010 12:00AM
  • stop calling!


    07/26/2010 10:25PM
  • Carol

    Keeps calling... always hangs up... never leaves a message... returned calls go unanswered...

    07/24/2010 12:00AM
  • Guest

    I am on the do not call list. They call night and day, will not leave a message. Caller ID shows up as Kantar OPS. I don't know or care to know of them. Don't call again.

    07/10/2010 6:42AM
  • My phone is listed on the "Do Not Call" list...do these people even read the list? I will file a complaint EVERY time this number comes up!

    07/03/2010 1:34PM
  • Marty Mask

    had a suspicious name and number on my caller id, Kandar ops and 630-505-3008 unknown to me and wish they would stop calling.

    06/21/2010 11:47AM


    04/27/2010 8:21AM
  • Bo

    Keeps calling even after I have asked to be removed from their calling list.

    04/24/2010 9:12PM
  • Bp

    Calls cell phone no message. I don't answer phone if I don't know the number

    04/06/2010 6:11PM
  • Pat

    Kanter OPS

    03/29/2010 1:25PM
  • FedUp

    Calls day and night (early morning and late night). If I answer, always hangs up, if my machine answers, always hangs up. I am on both my states DNC list, and the federal DNC list. I have filed a complaint with my state Attorney General's office and with the FCC.

    01/31/2010 6:36PM
  • Diamond Jim

    Kantar Corp calls and leaves no message. Iam on the no call list for WI. They call at all times am, pm and weekends. STOP them .

    01/16/2010 8:13AM
  • tired

    caller id shows up as kantar OPS. i don't know or care to know of them. don't call again.

    01/14/2010 2:16PM
  • misspurr

    Calling under the name of Kantar OPS. Got to find a way to stop this.

    12/19/2009 9:30AM
  • jak

    rings every day, sometimes twice or three times.

    12/19/2009 8:43AM
  • Millward Brown Hater

    Several calls from them, never a message left. I am on the National do-not-call list.

    12/01/2009 12:00AM
  • just ask

    Millward Brown is Kantar Ops, it is a company conducting surveys. I sent just one email to their website using the website contact info and I got an email back. They sent a really nice message apologizing for the calls and a promise to remove me from their call list. My phone isn't ringing anymore. I see people are getting upset about their phones ringing, but all you have to do is ask to be removed from their call list.

    11/24/2009 2:21PM
  • me

    caller calls and does not leave message. kanter ops calls every single night. This is a crank call and the company should be fined by the FCC

    11/12/2009 5:50PM
  • Ryan

    Call and hang up

    10/07/2009 12:00AM
  • Paul

    They Keep Calling All The Time; Along With The NRA, And Another Auto-Dialer That I Can Never Get A Or Voice Or Recording From!!!!!!! These Annoying Calls Have Lead To My Overuse Of Exclamation Points!!!!!!!! Please Somewone Won't You Help Me?????????? Oh No Now It's Question Marks Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10/06/2009 9:39PM
  • Bothered in BC

    Keep calling over and over. Never leave a message! I'm supposed to be on a "do not call list" but apparently US telespam companies are "not obligated" to respect Canadian law. It would be nice to abolish telespam altogether. Seems to me the simple way to do that would be to start a coalition and get people to boycott any company that uses telespam. Someone should set up a website for that.... I'd join in a second!

    09/29/2009 12:00AM
  • entropy000

    UPDATE:Beth Teehan, C.E.O. of Kantar Operations/North America: extension 8642 at 800-937-0033 !!!Get your fingers dialing, my minions!

    09/22/2009 12:00AM
  • entropy000

    Call their toll-free number: 1-800-937-0099. Their Cysco digital phone system prompts you to enter "4" for a company directory. However, after entering "4", you'll get a response that the number is not valid. Try entering "4" again, & you'll get their alphabetical directory. Spell out a common last name, & you'll be sure to get one of these jack***es. For example, at extension 4075, you'll get one Peter Brown. Feel free to leave him a message. Try other names, & have fun!

    09/21/2009 12:00AM
  • Cindy

    I have had to turn off my ringer, and answering machine due to these people calling me.

    09/02/2009 12:00AM
  • John M. Leahy

    this idiot calls daily at all hours.

    08/24/2009 12:00AM
  • Inoka

    Our number is on the do not call list. But since they are a "Survey Company" they are exempt because they are not selling anything. They added that their computer "randomly dials" the numbers. I told them to take me off the list, and they did. But, this is risky business, calling us who are on the national do not call registry!!!

    08/04/2009 7:48PM
  • guest


    07/17/2009 10:53AM
  • Harrassed in my home

    I have received 3 calls in a short period of time.  I asked them to remove me from their database. This is a form of harassment and needs be stopped. It seems as though they are ignoring the do not call list and they need to be punished with a fine substantial enough to make them rethink their business model.  If this is a legal call then a law needs to be made to stop this activity

    07/17/2009 12:00AM
  • Don't Call Me

    Has called the last two nights. We don't answer the phone and they don't leave a message. Shows up as Kantar Ops on caller id. Leave us alone and we're not interested.

    07/14/2009 5:22PM
  • by

    Our # is on the do not call list and they keep calling.  What can I do.  My id shows it's Kantar OPS.

    06/30/2009 12:00AM
  • R. Geitner

    we are on the government DO NOT CALL list. This company is in violation of this. How do get them to stop calling?

    06/30/2009 12:00AM
  • my8

    keep calling, leave no messages. Everyday, won't stop. Morining and night.

    06/28/2009 11:29AM
  • ???

    This African American man claiming to be from Credit CArd Services wanting numbers and expiration dates on high interest credit cards to help lower the interest rate. As soon as I told him I did not have my number or card he humg up. A scam from Millward Brown.

    06/25/2009 6:47AM
  • Janet

    Multiple calls, Last call 17:50 No message when machine answers. This number is on the do not call list. Cease and delete # from database

    06/23/2009 1:12PM
  • cc

    called me at 9.22 PM at night.

    06/18/2009 8:01AM
  • Judy

    Caller ID said Kantar...I hung up!

    06/16/2009 11:44AM
  • claire

    I have caller ID;as soon as my recorded message started,an immediate hang-up;NO PESTS CALLING ME PLEASE!

    06/03/2009 6:07PM
  • grb

    They call and hang up.  Unknown.  No reason for them to be calling me as telemarketers or surveyors.

    05/26/2009 12:00AM
  • Wanda Gibson

    I do not want to be called by this number anymore.I get several calls a week and they call & I don't answer so they wait a minute and call again,

    05/09/2009 12:00AM
  • Hank


    04/29/2009 1:46PM
  • Doc

    This # has shown up on my caller I.D. 5 times in 2 weeks. I have answered 2 times but was no one was on the other end.

    04/27/2009 3:29PM
  • Rowan

    Calls every day of the week without leaving a message. I never pick up. I am on the do-not-call list which seems useless.

    04/26/2009 4:57PM
  • Annoyed

    I get calls all day long from this number.  What do they want?

    04/25/2009 12:00AM
  • Just Plain Crazy

    ditto to all the other complaints.I'm over it.They need to find this a**hole and skin him.

    04/01/2009 7:27AM
  • jral

    calls late at nite i am on do not call list

    03/26/2009 6:10PM
  • BJ McCann

    I am on the do not call list. How do I complain to FTC?

    03/25/2009 5:52PM
  • Jules

    Caller Id reads Kantar Ops. They call all hours of the day & night. Never leave a message. Just STOP already!!!

    03/23/2009 9:06AM
  • Angry

    This number 1-603-505-3008 is constantly calling. When I did the reverse yellow pages number lookup on yahoo the listing showed up as Kantar Ops. They never leave a message but are always calling. As their number shows up on my caller ID. I am on the DO NOT CALL list. I wish they would stop calling....it is annoying.......this company should respect people's privacy and respect their choice to be on the DO NOT CALL LIST. I am thinking this is probably so sort of scam............

    03/19/2009 12:00AM
  • Gena

    This number 630-505-3008 calls my home day and night,weekends,any time they please.On my caller ID it shows up as KANTAR OPS.They called today March 15,2009 and some guy identified himself as JOE and told me he was going to interview me! I said "oh no you're not" and I hung up the phone.It does no good to have your number on the Do Not Call List and it does no good to have your phone number changed.I know,I have been there,done that and I still get calls from the scumbags.

    03/16/2009 12:00AM
  • Gena

    This number has called me a lot of times.Sometimes they won't say a word if I happen to answer the phone.They call days,nights,weekends and whenever they please.I have told them many times to stop calling me.They called today,Sunday March 15,2009.I am on the Do Not Call list but that does no good.I may as well publish my phone number right here and other places on the Internet.It does no good to have your phone number changed either.! The name that shows up on my caller ID is "KANTAR OPS" Some guy who said his name was JOE proceeded to tell me that he was going to conduct an interview with me! I said "oh no you're not" and I hung up the phone.

    03/15/2009 3:14PM
  • TW


    03/13/2009 10:31AM
  • MEE

    Non stop calling and no messages. My # is on the do not call list.

    03/09/2009 12:56PM
  • Gena

    Calls up,says nothing.

    03/04/2009 6:00PM
  • s

    called wanting to talk to female

    02/25/2009 8:18PM
  • Isis

    Called and left a message for me to return the call. I did not and will not return it. The caller ID indicated Millward Brown.

    02/24/2009 10:46AM
  • Ellen

    I am on the "Do not call" list and this "Kantar Ops" number has been calling me for weeks!!

    02/23/2009 4:29PM
  • KT

    Apparently this call wasn't the usual Capital One scam as I thought it was last week when they called.THis time they were actually on the phone when I answered: The guy calling said he was with a Marketing Research company.When I politely declined to take the survey and asked to be removed from the mailing list he said there is no list #s are just generated.I asked how they complied with "DO NOT CALL" and he claimed they were exempt from that because they were doing Market Research & not selling anything.

    02/18/2009 12:00AM
  • Emily

    Lady named Judy Pena told me that I could not opt-out! I told her to take me off any list that I was on-she still told me no!

    02/16/2009 3:36PM
  • ruth B

    never ending

    02/11/2009 8:07PM
  • KT

    Same as all the calls from (303) area code this week - no one picks up when I say hello and then they hang up on ME!After calling & harrassing me.  The other numbers traced back to a collection agency (I don't owe ANYONE any money!)As usual, made a report at DONOTCALL.GOV.  T-MOBILE claims they "can't" block calls from a certain #.Have tried contacting the Att'y General for the states these people call from.

    02/11/2009 12:00AM
  • Coach

    Kantar Ops - no message left

    02/05/2009 5:54PM
  • calls and there is no one there

    02/04/2009 4:51PM
  • Sheryl

    Calls several times a day.

    02/01/2009 3:49PM
  • tsbuford

    Unknown caller "Kantar Ops" 630-505-3008.

    01/30/2009 6:14AM
  • T-Rex

    Keep getting phone calls from here 3 over the weekend and leave no message when machine picks up. Do not call me!!!!!!!!!

    01/28/2009 5:58AM
  • Betty

    My telephone number is on the NO CALL LIST. I get phone calls early in the morning and late at night. I have caller ID and DO NOT answer any calls who do not identify themselves or I have never heard of. I hate being rude to these people, but I do not want to be bothered with calls from telemarketers or sales people. I do not want calls from people wanting my opinion. My opinion is - please don't call me.

    01/25/2009 10:56AM
  • No mess Left!

    Calls and doesn't leave a message!Don't like to be bothered,must just be another spam type of call.Don't have the time to be bothered with!Hope they quit!And go out of business so I won't be bothered by them again!

    01/22/2009 10:08PM
  • Bobbie

    I don't have a clue who Kantar Ops is, but they called my number at 5:30 p.m. on January 20, 2009.

    01/21/2009 6:28PM
  • SUZ


    01/14/2009 7:00PM
  • Allen

    Keeps calling at random times. Irritating.What is the purpose?

    01/12/2009 6:32PM
  • Just call the number back and you can be removed from the list. Kantar Operations is a market research and survey company. You probably opted-in when you bought something online from a company that rents or sells customer data lists. This gives them permission to call you until you opt-out. They do offer a way to remove your number from the list if you contact the number that called you. That is within the FTC/FCC guidelines and it looks like this company is following the required rules. Most people don't read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of every website they purchase from and some sell or rent data. This creates a lot of "I'm on the National DNC list" confusion.

    01/12/2009 12:04PM
  • leavemealone

    Calls every day all day. on the do not call list

    01/10/2009 8:10PM
  • Chicana

    Why the heck are they calling my residence? When I answer the call, they do not say anything. They remain quiet! -received 2 phone calls on Sunday-

    01/04/2009 8:03PM
  • Chicana

    Why the heck are they calling my residence? When I answer the call, they do not say anything. They remain quiet! -received 2 phone calls on Sunday-

    01/04/2009 8:03PM
  • charlie


    01/04/2009 5:25PM
  • enough

    enough already

    01/04/2009 2:38PM

    HEY Millward cut the S_ _t Stop calling, we have repoted you to The Feds. no call list or you will be receiving calls from "PISSED OFF" all times of the night waking you up.

    01/02/2009 7:35PM
  • Chris

    Continuous calls for a month. Needs to stop!

    01/02/2009 2:56PM
  • The caller I.D. showed unknown one time. They called again and the company name was Kantar OPS. I am on the do not call list.

    12/25/2008 11:24PM
  • sickofit

    Please stop calling me. I don't know and don't want to know you. I am on the do not call list.

    12/20/2008 12:31PM
  • Wayne

    They just keep calling and I am on the do not call list.

    12/20/2008 7:26AM
  • mose

    Has called twice in the last two weeks. Leaves no message. I'm on the donot call list also but still receive the calls.

    12/18/2008 7:34AM
  • jerry

    did not say anything

    12/10/2008 5:36PM
  • john doe from LA

    This came into my cell phone. I don't know anyone in IL. Could this be a telemarketer? Robocall?

    12/10/2008 8:16AM
  • annoyed

    calls several times, never leaves a message

    12/09/2008 5:17PM
  • dislike This

    Millward Brown calls me from 630-505-3008

    12/08/2008 3:14PM
  • Kantar Ops 630-505-3008 I have been receiving numerious calls from this number at all times of the day and night. I am on the Federal DO NOT CALL LIST and also pay additional money to the phone service to be unlisted & unpublished as well as having caller ID with number to insure that I am left alone. I do not like or appreciate the unwanted phone calls. I only have a phine in my home for work and have been think strongly recently in having the phine disconnected.

    12/03/2008 12:46PM
  • Val

    Keep getting these calls all day long. Kantar Ops shows on caller ID. This has been going on for for over a month.

    11/26/2008 1:33PM
  • LA

    Continous calls to business phone, no message left. Needs to stop!

    11/25/2008 6:39AM
  • Sarah

    Trying to find out who called from this number 630-505-3008

    11/22/2008 5:06PM
  • jewels

    Kantar Ops calls at least once or twice daily. From my research it is a research firm and they never leave a message. My phone number is unlisted and I am on the do not call reg list yet I still these annoying calls

    11/22/2008 9:48AM
  • cookie

    This number has called several times and it shows Kantar OPS as caller. I have no idea what it is. But I will not answer it. 3177

    11/21/2008 4:53PM
  • Lora

    Calls on weekdays, Sundays, leaves no message, static only. Apparently, this caller is only interested in those who pick up without screening their calls. I only answer calls with an ans. machine and pick up when it's someone I know.

    11/17/2008 10:17AM
  • Polly

    When I answered the phone she said the name of the company but I didn't understand what she was saying except that is there a male in the house? I said why and she said they are doing a survey but for males only. KANTAR OPS That is what showed on my caller ID and the phone number.I said he wasn't home and have a nice day,she asked when will he be there? I hung up the phone

    11/16/2008 12:00AM
  • Fred

    tired of this !

    11/15/2008 9:41AM
  • David L Palmer


    11/15/2008 8:46AM
  • cheri

    caller calls for some kind of survey we are on do not call list keeps calling

    11/13/2008 8:04PM

    11/12/2008 8:04PM
  • Boisegolfer

    Debt is for Robin Howell, I have told them they have the wrong number.....3 years!

    11/12/2008 8:38AM
  • Homer

    Everyday I get a call- no message, no one there when I answer. I am on the do not call list also

    11/10/2008 8:54PM
  • unknown telemarketer

    11/02/2008 10:41AM
  • BOB


    10/30/2008 5:05PM
  • peeved

    Caller ID shows "KANTAR OPS". Call received at 8:53pm on a Sunday night on a line listed on as many "do not call" lists as I can register for.

    10/28/2008 11:19AM
  • Trixie

    Calls. Won't leave message

    10/27/2008 3:25PM
  • Reported them

    We've received quite a few calls from this number and a few times, the caller just hung up right after we answered the phone. Tonight, the caller remained on the line, a woman, who said she was calling from Kantar - a research company. We are on the FCC Do Not Call list and we have reported this company thru the FCC's online complaint form. Anyone else receiving calls from this pestering entity should do the same.

    10/21/2008 4:00PM
  • Grubs

    My phone ID showed Kantar Ops. Persistent calls for many days. VERY ANNOYING.

    10/20/2008 7:17PM
  • Fed Up

    Tell these people to quit calling, rude person on the other end trys to shove a survey down your throat. I have requested 10 times in the last 6 months to quit calling to the rude people on the other end. I have called the number back 100 times in the last 6 months with their option to be taken off their lists. When you push 1, it states their caller ID will remove your number, it hangs up on you when you push 1 for removal. Obviously it does not work. IDIOTS.

    10/18/2008 9:35AM
  • Robert Terrell

    On the do not call list. I'm led to believe they are telemarketers. Called at 8:45pm

    10/17/2008 8:47PM
  • MSC

    No message

    10/15/2008 4:03PM


    10/13/2008 3:07PM
  • CalGal007

    I keep getting calls from 630-505-3008, but no one leaves a message. When I pick up, I get hung up on. I called and asked to be put on their list of numbers not to contact, and they are still calling and hanging up on me and not leaving messages. It's been constant for about a month now. I have 15 missed calls from them in a row on my cell phone. The others I've deleted. I have no idea who this is or what they want, but now I think they're just calling because I've asked them not to anymore. I know their company name is KANTOR.

    10/06/2008 1:36PM
  • donicus

    I have been getting these for almost a week. I answered once, it was some kind of survey. They do not leave any messages when you don't answer.

    10/02/2008 8:59PM
  • sahm

    I found the name Kantar Ops and looked them up online. They do market research. I found an email address and requested to be removed from their calling list and I got a very pollite email back that said they were very sorry and that they would remove me from their calls as well as others who work in conjunction with their company. Hey, it was worth a shot and lets just see if it works. :-)

    09/25/2008 9:08AM
  • sahm

    I found the name Kantar Ops and looked them up online.  They do market research.  I found an email address and requested to be removed from their calling list and I got a very pollite email back that said they were very sorry and that they would remove me from their calls as well as others who work in conjunction with their company.  Hey, it was worth a shot and lets just see if it works. :-)

    09/25/2008 12:00AM
  • Sue

    Calls daily and doesn't leave a message.

    09/24/2008 8:01AM
  • unlisted

    Picked up the phone, but no one was on the line. Waited for a minute and the line was hung up.

    09/20/2008 10:22AM
  • jwn

    Repeats every evening

    09/16/2008 5:03PM
  • Laura

    They did not leave a message.

    09/15/2008 6:47PM
  • I'm on the National Do Not Call list for a reason!

    09/08/2008 2:18AM
  • Name not necessary

    Phone rings, I answer, they sit there for a few moments then the call signals out.

    09/06/2008 8:28AM
  • jim

    I told her I was on the do not call list she said that they did not have to abide by that because they were a survey group, I hung up!

    09/02/2008 5:26PM
  • Tina

    Call all the time im on do not call list

    08/24/2008 10:47AM
  • The Bren

    did not leave message, hung up on me when I picked recvr up.

    08/16/2008 12:05PM
  • Rob

    Kantar Ops is a researching company that works with Added Value, Millward Brown, and Research International to gain insight how you use certain products. You can reach me at 630-505-3008 or you can visit them on their website... http://www.kantaroperations.com/ I called their phone number and basically get a recorded message on who Kantar Ops is, what their purpose is, and they have a feature to remove your number from their calling database so you won't receive anymore calls. Hope this helps!

    08/15/2008 1:02AM
  • po'dinca

    said hello and hung up. calls numerous times

    08/03/2008 10:56AM
  • 07:52pm

    08/03/2008 6:56AM
  • Ripal

    Trying to get a hold of traders that dont exist in our databases. Call after call with no sense. They dont stop no matter what you do, donotcall.gov doesnt cover them.

    07/29/2008 8:40AM
  • They call at all hours repeatedly several times daily, no messages left

    07/27/2008 6:19PM
  • jacy

    These people Millward Brown need to cease and desist.They Millward Brown are trespassing a disabled,***Congress has unequivocally expressed its intent forthe ADA to  abrogate sovereign immunity. 42 U.S.C.§12202.***In Kimel v. State Bd. of Regents, 139 F.3d 1426,1433 (11th  Cir.1998), a panel of this Court held thatthe ADA is a valid  exercise of the Enforcement Clauseof the Fourteenth Amendment and  concluded that theStates do not have Eleventh Amendment immunity  fromclaims brought under the ADA. Id.They Millward Brown constantly call,leaving no message.After researching the number it belongs to,Caller ID: Kantar OPS Main company Millward Brown 630-505-3008 and  579-645-3320 and said that it was their main company number,,they are  research companies, With offices in more than 43 countries, we work with 70 of the top 100 global brands 800# (800-937-0099)

    07/26/2008 12:00AM
  • wayne

    Anyone know just what the heck "kantar ops" means ? I let it ring the usual four times then my caller reject kicked in.

    07/24/2008 12:35AM
  • Linder

    Several calls a day and no one there when I answer. I am listed on "Do Not Call" list.

    07/20/2008 4:59PM
  • Curtis

    Called several times, left no message.

    07/06/2008 2:39AM
  • BBriggs

    I recieve calls from this number four or five times daily. When you answer it no one is there or they have you hold for a very important call. My number is on the do not call list but it doesnt stop these folks. I work from home and these calls are very disruptive.

    07/05/2008 10:10AM
  • Lu

    These people are obviously in the business of harassment and ignore govrnmental rstrictions with their constant calls. They need their phone down their throats before sinking them in a drum of concrete.

    06/28/2008 10:24AM
  • Repeated calls all day every day.

    06/28/2008 8:17AM
  • DrR

    Repeated Nuisance calls.

    06/28/2008 7:35AM
  • LuR

    Nuisance call

    06/25/2008 7:33PM
  • Pete

    Rings twice. Nobody there. Why can't we stop this harrassment?

    06/23/2008 4:32PM
  • nick

    calls all the time . no message

    06/22/2008 1:25PM
  • John

    Repeated calls (6) each Saturday. Advised not to call again.

    06/21/2008 9:52AM
  • td

    unknown caller repeated calls no message

    06/20/2008 11:01AM
  • Diane

    I am on the do not call list and want this company to quit calling me. No one will talk when I do answer the phone call and this number calls me all day and evening long.

    06/19/2008 4:00PM
  • da chief

    has called my number at least twice - does not leave any message on answering service. I am on the do not call list. who do I complain about this too?

    06/17/2008 2:53PM
  • Mayflower

    Whoever it is, keep calling at least twice a day my unlisted number, which it is also on the do not call list. I have no idea how they got my number. They do not leave a message either.I just don't answer when I do not recognize the number on the caller ID.

    06/11/2008 8:38AM
  • bill

    stop calling

    06/11/2008 6:36AM
  • ghost

    hang up calls all the time Kantar OPS 630-505-3008

    06/09/2008 9:22PM
  • HWGA

    Call couple times a week. never leave message.

    06/03/2008 4:24AM
  • GonzoBastard

    I got all the information below from the whocalled.us listing for this number. Included below are telephone and fax numbers (when available), as well as email addresses. Put them to good use. Suzanne McCarty Millward Brown, Inc. 535 East Diehl Road Naperville, Illinois 60563-7723 USA Tel: 800-937-0099 Fax: 630-505-0077 info@us.millwardbrown.com Pauline Draper – Senior Vice President, North America 630-955-8845 pauline.draper@us.mbprecis.com Beth Desautels – Group Account Director, North America 630-955-8863 beth.desautels@us.mbprecis.com Bob Rivera 630-955-8984 bob.rivera@kantaroperations.com Beth Teehan Joint CEO, Kantar Operations NA 630-857-2350 beth.teehan@kantaroperations.com Naperville, IL USA Jane Moore Vice President, Communications/Legislation 630-857-2350 Naperville, IL USA

    06/01/2008 4:23PM
  • Beth

    It's a Sunday and this company has been calling us for the past five hours every 15 minutes. The few times we picked up there isn't anyone on the other line. I called the number and left them a message to remove our number.

    06/01/2008 2:54PM
  • john

    this person or company calls me every day, I have filed complaints with the national do not call registry, yet the calls continue

    05/31/2008 11:57AM
  • Fraudulant calls from kantar ops phishing for info, called the FCC on them.

    05/29/2008 4:23PM
  • Barbara

    Constantly calls, leaves no message. Calls evenings and mornings.

    05/25/2008 11:50AM
  • Porky

    I did some searching on the net and found this info. "For general enquiries, please contact us by emailing info@kantaroperations.com or calling +44 (0)1926 826298 and we will deal with your query promptly. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us!" There CEO is Sharon Potter and the web site is http://www.kantaroperations.com/

    05/24/2008 2:53PM
  • Ray

    researchers, cant take no for an answer...really annoying

    05/21/2008 7:02PM
  • auto warranty, all hours calling

    05/21/2008 6:57PM
  • Ron

    We are on the do not call list for all of our #'s.

    05/21/2008 5:44PM
  • bill

    Every day Kantar Ops calls once or twice. They leave no message. We are on don't call list.

    05/20/2008 8:22PM
  • Sue

    Called twice and they don't leave a message. I am on the Do Not Call Registry and have a unlisted,unpublished number.

    05/20/2008 6:47AM
  • Rings-no message

    05/18/2008 3:06PM
  • phucking calls

    frequently afternoon & night-times calls & annoyed

    05/16/2008 5:18PM
  • usually calls at night-time

    05/09/2008 4:46PM
  • Annoyed Too

    Call multiple times a day, every day, 7 days a week. No answer when we pick up.

    04/27/2008 8:41PM
  • Tony

    They call mutiple times a day and I usually dont answer. Today I answered and asked them to stop calling, and was told there is no way to remove the number and calls will continue.

    04/19/2008 7:37AM
  • jim

    They're a pain.

    04/16/2008 10:54PM
  • Lyd

    repeated calls

    04/12/2008 7:52PM
  • Jiff

    Harassing continual calls!

    04/12/2008 1:21PM
  • Carol B

    As they do too many others, they keep calling me (I don't answer). One of the exceptions to the Do Not Call Registry is market surveys since they aren't "selling" anything but obviously they are telemarketers and should be forced to obey the do not call registry. They also do not show who they are on the caller id, which is illegal for telemarketers.

    04/12/2008 9:03AM
  • boo

    i have received a call 2 nights in a row from this phone number and no one leave a message it is hang up's

    04/10/2008 7:10PM
  • pablo

    marketin call

    04/09/2008 10:32PM
  • Ace

    no answer

    04/08/2008 3:26PM
  • Greg Damery

    It was a call to my home phone number, which is unlisted and registered on the National Do Not Call list, claiming some type of market research. I told her to not call again and I hung up.

    04/07/2008 6:08PM
  • dvander

    left a message but couldn't understand any words or numbers.

    04/04/2008 6:04AM
  • R Otero

    the lady called me by name and asked if I would answer a few questions and wanted me to know she was not selling anything. THIS WAS JUST A SURVEY.. 1st question,  do I make all the important decisions in my home or do I discuss matters with a spouse or relative? so I answered then  #2 question was how old are you ? answered then #3  was will you make more than 50,000 this year or less?  I said I will not answer this and she said the survey cannot go on.... I said GREAT!!!!

    04/02/2008 12:00AM
  • Calls every 2-3 days, I never answer and they never leave a message.

    03/29/2008 9:38AM
  • dont answer man

    They call two times a day.Let it ring six times and then stops. Ive gad some ring for five minutes.Now that psses me off.

    03/12/2008 12:00AM
  • They have called my phone numerous times. I never answer. Want them to stop calling.

    03/08/2008 5:44AM
  • Oliver Blackstar, Sr.

    Keeps coming up on called ID, no messages tho....like everyone else....

    11/04/2007 12:00AM
  • Metoo

    Calls every day, sometimes several times a day, leaves no message.  Find number on caller ID.Also receive a number of calls every day from unidentified caller.I am on the NO-Call list.

    11/02/2007 12:00AM
  • Wendy

    First time I have gotten a call from this number, it came through at almost nine pm. Just as everyone I am on the national "do not call" list.

    11/02/2007 12:00AM
  • Barb

    ditto ditto ditto ... got a call ... no  message was left.  I am also registered on a no call list.  If they call again, I will call the police as I've done in previous like cases from different numbers and the police take care of it.

    10/31/2007 12:00AM
  • Greg

    I get a call from them every few days and I am never at home when they call. I am tried of them How I stop Them?

    10/28/2007 12:00AM
  • grammax3

    630-505-3008 Kantar Ops was on caller ID.  No message was left.I am on the National 'do not call' list.  How do you report #'s like this to them - and is anything done??

    10/27/2007 12:00AM
  • peggy

    i got a call from this number the last few days,someone just called me again from this number at 10:40pm...i asked them did they know what time it is, he said he didnt realize it was that late here...talking about doing a survey...n i have a private number,cant figure out how they got it

    10/27/2007 12:00AM
  • peggy

    no kantar ops isi not in te uk, they are somewhere here in the united states, the phone number is showing up listed in napper,illinois

    10/27/2007 12:00AM
  • met

    I called my phone company and asked them to block the number. If you're on the do not call registry you can also file a complaint.

    10/26/2007 12:00AM
  • Smith

    Every couple of days I receive a call from this number.  They do not say anything but their number shows up on my caller ID.

    10/26/2007 12:00AM
  • Jacquie - 25 Oct 2007

    Calls come from this number almost daily for the past 3-4 days.  I do not recognize the number on caller ID nor the name.  Hope they will stop calling due to a very sick person in my home who is disturbed by the telephone.

    10/26/2007 12:00AM
  • Jackie

    I have attempted to send an email to KantarOps because of all of their calls to my phone.  It is a company in the UK and my emails will not deliver to request removal of my number from their call list.  If you answer their calls, no one responds.  This is very annoying.

    10/26/2007 12:00AM
  • Dick

    630-505-3008 Kantar Ops was on caller ID, no message left. I do not answer numbers I'm not familiar with.

    10/24/2007 12:00AM
  • T

    I've gotten a few missed calls from them within the last few days on my cell phone. It doesn't say who it is, but I called back and it is just a recording and it said that they may try to get a hold of me again. Also, no messages. I think it might possibly have something to do with a job I just applied for?

    10/12/2007 12:00AM
  • meloni

    I received a call today from the same number; I was not at home; it came up on the caller ID.  I have ran searches; which is what brought me to this page.  I was trying to figure out what it was. It is not the first time I have gotten a call from this company.  Thanks for the information you posted here!meloni1968@yahoo.com

    10/02/2007 12:00AM
  • HRH

    We are on the "no call list" and are getting calls from this company.  We always let the answering machine get those calls we don't recognize and this one just hangs up.

    09/30/2007 12:00AM
  • Cindy

    This number, 630-505-3008 and name Kantar OPS  came up on my caller id around 5:11pm Central Daylight Time.  The person that I spoke to said they were conducting research on normal daily use and said they were with Millward Brown Research.  I asked for a number to call back and she gave this  number 579-645-3320 and said that it was their main company number. I asked her how she got my number and she said that it was computer generated randomly and not out of a telephone book. She asked if she could calle back and I told her NO!  Concern because my number is an  unlisted number.  I am turning this over to the Phone company that I am with and keeping track of the number if it shows up again. Thanks.

    09/13/2007 12:00AM
  • Crazy

    received call from this number. Left no message

    08/27/2007 12:00AM
  • bothered

    Calls every couple of days. Rejecting the call now - we will see if they continue.

    08/21/2007 12:00AM
  • Memad

    This number has called several time and leaves no message.

    07/23/2007 12:00AM

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