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661-748-0245 is a Mobile Phone in BAKERSFIELD, CA

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Stats for 6617480245
  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 29
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  • 33
  • 1119
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Comments for 6617480245
  • jayme

    skype number

    02/23/2013 12:10AM
  • Android User

    Skype. No threat

    12/26/2012 2:58PM
  • PRS

    just add to the number reject list

    12/22/2012 6:44PM
  • I'm on the damned NO-CALL list and still get these Bozo calls.

    12/20/2012 4:49PM
  • Android User

    Who's number is this 661-748-0245

    12/02/2012 10:58PM
  • fredb58

    This is a SKYPE user calling - I made the call myself from SKYPE to my cell phone to demonstrate SKYPE to a friend. We answered my cell immeadiately and it appeared to come from this number instead of my computer at home.. IT IS A SKYPE CALL AND NO THREAT..

    11/29/2012 7:39PM
  • Tarzan

    mine says bakersfiels,ca...no message,,just "air"

    11/12/2012 1:03PM
  • Haas

    I returned the call and it says "No routes found".

    10/27/2012 3:02AM
  • iPhone User


    10/24/2012 9:40PM
  • Android User

    this is skype

    10/14/2012 1:15PM
  • iPhone User

    This man is a stalker "bill garner" from chicago

    10/13/2012 11:49PM
  • iPhone User


    10/13/2012 4:22PM
  • Android User

    This number shows up when my sister calls me from Skype. So I assume from other comments here that spammers are using Skype.

    10/03/2012 4:10PM
  • Shyla

    this number calls me everyday asking for their goat and saying im bill lmao

    09/27/2012 4:28PM
  • Android User

    Ah called me at 2am today totally weirdo

    09/18/2012 12:44PM
  • Android User

    If you are using an Android smart phone you have the option to reject unwanted calls. Look in the phone settings.

    08/13/2012 3:21PM
  • iPhone User

    got call at 1:15AM(!)

    07/30/2012 3:44AM
  • Lottery scam, they knew my info somehow?

    07/26/2012 10:54AM
  • Don't answer.

    07/26/2012 10:43AM
  • android user


    07/24/2012 2:13PM
  • iPhone User

    Yep super spam

    07/24/2012 11:57AM
  • iPhone User

    Some how it has my name and it calls me almost every day and I decided to answer don't answer it

    07/21/2012 1:22AM
  • Jennifer W.

    I returned the call and it says "No routes found".

    07/17/2012 11:55AM
  • iPhone User

    I left my number on CL for a lost and found ad

    06/13/2012 5:34AM
  • yep

    06/06/2012 10:31AM
  • yep, 661-748-0245

    06/06/2012 10:30AM
  • iPhone User

    Turned out to be a Skype relay number for incoming calls when off line. So ok in my case.

    05/29/2012 11:28PM
  • Android User

    When scammers call I use an app called call block & block they asses that way they cnt get through

    05/26/2012 3:13PM
  • iPhone User


    05/17/2012 12:24PM
  • iPhone User

    Spammer calls usually in the evenings

    05/15/2012 11:03PM
  • iPhone User

    Scab sucking scammer spammer. Don't answer

    05/11/2012 9:06AM
  • Maria B

    I thought that my husband had an affair, with 661-748-0245 . hahahahahahah. I'm never answer. Good for you Number Guru

    05/08/2012 3:08PM
  • iPhone User

    Spam call ignore. Also read online that it's a scam.

    05/08/2012 12:13PM

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