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706-250-5038 is a Landline Phone in DALTON, GA

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  • 27
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Comments for 7062505038
  • iPhone User

    They're calling from Augusta, GA!

    11/16/2015 9:26PM
  • Michelle blake

    Left no message

    09/23/2015 6:41PM
  • Cheryl termin

    I got a call from this number stating they trying to get a hold of me and that they were a debt collector trying to collect a 70 dollar debt for Columbia house collection agency they were associated with is contract callers but I have no reckcollection of owing nor have I recieved any statements from this company and debt doesn't show on my credit report is this legal or not

    07/23/2015 11:34AM
  • jonboy

    these people are phishing/scammers.

    05/09/2015 12:49PM
  • Stardove

    First time I picked up I was told to hold after the second hold I hung up. Next call I didn't pick up and no message was left. I have no late bills or outstanding debts.

    04/17/2015 1:24PM
  • Not sure as they never leave a msg. Suspect spammer etc as Im not behind on my bills either.

    03/09/2015 7:43PM
  • Amber

    They call me everyday and don't say anything when I answer.

    02/10/2015 7:47PM
  • Pamela Santiago

    Got a call from this number. They never called me before. Would not say who they were & that they had important business to discuss w/me.

    02/05/2015 7:18PM
  • Got a call from this number yesterday on an incoming-only home business line. We let it go to ans. machine; no msg left. In seeing others' posts we can see it has something to do with 'debt collection' although likely NOT LEGIT collection. We have NO CREDIT nor bills attached to this number so could NOT POSSIBLY OWE anything to anyone connected to it. We even PAY for this line on our regular home bill/#. Have had this second # for over 10 years, so any debts from a previous owner of it would be moot now. SCAM. Caller: NOT LEGIT enough to admit Call Type: Telemarketer

    01/27/2015 9:45PM
  • Total scam. They've called me several times without leaving a voicemail. Finally a picked up and asked who it was calling and from what company. She would not answer any of my questions. She kept demanding I confirm my address with her and said she would not argue with me. SCAM!

    01/16/2015 10:32AM
  • J

    They keep calling and hanging up. I don't care since my answering message tell everyone to leave a number and message. I add this to my message "keep calling and hangup because I have stock in Verizon and AT&T :-D"

    12/10/2014 5:04PM
  • Wokemyassup

    Got a call from this same number today. No one answered the phone.

    11/18/2014 4:30PM
  • yes

    11/11/2014 10:37AM
  • Bugs Bunny

    I use my cell as pager, and usually call back from different phone. Got this number today on caller ID, never called back,.

    09/10/2014 2:36PM
  • David

    Received call as well from this number, on my cell in North Carolina, and no message.

    07/31/2014 4:55PM
  • I received a call from this number but they did not leave any messages

    06/09/2014 2:41PM
  • Chuck Bronson

    Man asked for Linda Smith.

    05/15/2014 9:39AM
  • Fed up with these scammers!!!

    Received a call from this phone number 706-250-5038. They left NO message. Scammers! Do not answer your phone if you recognize the telephone number!

    04/28/2014 11:38AM
  • JEJ

    This number called my grandfathers a couple of days ago looking for me. He asked who they were and she said she could not say and he said OH YES YOU CAN, You are calling my house.. So she mumbled something, he said there was a language barrier. He said are you calling from a debt collection. She said Yes and that is all I can tell you, now do you know xxxxx. He said yes that is my granddaughter. She does not live here and I do not know where she is. Then she hung up after saying we will take your name off the list. The number showed up on his caller ID as Augusta GA... I tried to call and was told to leave a message... Which I did not I hung up. I said I don't understand I have Credit Cards, Phone, Cell etc in my name. I moved from PA to SC 3 yrs ago. I said its not like I'm hiding anything. If they wanted me that bad and were a creditor they could just pull my credit report and find me. It's not rocket science people....

    04/27/2014 12:46AM
  • Fari

    I got the call but when i answered nobody responded and they hung up

    04/24/2014 6:35PM
  • jam

    They have called me two times, no message was left

    04/09/2014 3:04PM
  • Deb

    This number calls me at least 2 - 3 times a week. I do not answer and they do not leave a message. Very annoying!

    04/09/2014 11:59AM
  • anon

    Received a call today from this number. When I answered they said that this was a call being recorded and refused to identify what the call was in regards to except "Personal Business" I took done this phone number they gave to have the person they were looking for call back and they gave me 855-849-0491.

    04/08/2014 1:43PM
  • Maya

    They called. I did not answer. No message. If you have an Android phone, just place them on your reject list or block them. No more calls unless they use a new number. Then block that number

    04/07/2014 4:06PM
  • I got called 2x now at my place of business and they say they are collectors. Wanted me to pay off an outstanding bill from electric co??? They wanted me to post date a check for the balance...hahahaa..NOT

    04/02/2014 1:30PM
  • c.j.

    when they called me, I asked who are they. they refused to tell me , so I told them to do not call back again.

    03/14/2014 3:26PM
  • iPhone User

    This is a collection agency. Wouldn't say why they were calling until they could confirm some information and told me I could pay off a debit by either check or credit card. The person was very aggressive and rude.

    03/05/2014 6:43PM
  • iPhone User

    I have no bills. Left no message

    12/27/2013 5:23PM
  • iPhone User

    Left no message

    12/27/2013 5:23PM
  • Anie

    they called again 10.18.13

    12/24/2013 10:18PM
  • iPhone User

    Left no message

    11/28/2013 5:47AM
  • iPhone User


    11/27/2013 12:07PM
  • Independent Me

    I didn't answer, the caller didn't leave a message. Must not be that important...

    11/26/2013 5:56PM
  • Cherokee

    Calls constantly and does not leave a message, when I do answer a man or woman say "this is a monitored line" and then starts asking for all kinds of info before they will tell you who they are. I hang up and they continuously call. I have reported to FTC.

    11/19/2013 3:03PM
  • iPhone User

    Answered heard a woman and hung up

    11/13/2013 4:22PM
  • Anie


    11/04/2013 8:45PM
  • Johnathan Hicks

    I'm guessing its a collector... Called from my cell "Please hold while we access your records. This call me be recorded or monitored... Yada, yada, yada" Hung up. Suspecting collections medical related.

    10/10/2013 11:28AM

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