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713-489-7846 is a Mobile Phone in HOUSTON, TX

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  • 90%
    Spammer Score
  • 7
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  • 1040
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Comments for 7134897846
  • Android User

    this is from a county jail calling system. many different jail systems use this number to call out to loved ones, or friends. If you think you might know someone who got picked up, it costs nothing to say "hello" and whoever is on the other end will say their name. you have the option of taking the call if you want to. I thought this was a weird marketing call too until I stopped long enough to listen. my daughter got in trouble and thank god i took the call!

    04/08/2014 7:07PM
  • iPhone User

    Someone in jail is trying to call you

    02/01/2014 8:20PM
  • Android User

    no its spam! I talk to my husband on it! I believe maybe global tell ink originated in Texas that's the reason for the id reading Texas!

    01/15/2014 4:20AM
  • iPhone User

    This number just called me at 1:13am mountain time. Who calls at that time in the morning?

    11/19/2013 3:14AM
  • iPhone User

    Inmate calling system

    10/25/2013 2:46PM
  • iphone user

    I have recvd 6 calls from this number from wayne county (Michigan) sheriff dept jail from inmate joe... I have declined each call...I called wayne co sheriff and he told me to call my phone carrier to put block on the number

    10/24/2013 4:21PM
  • Android User

    Its not a scam or spam its is 100% legit my brother has called me hundreds of times from it when he was out at the prison

    09/17/2013 11:36AM
  • Android User


    08/02/2013 12:22PM
  • iPhone User

    I rc'd call which said "Idaho Correctional Center". I don't know anyone there and it was on a Saturday night to my work number.

    07/22/2013 2:46PM
  • LadyGoddess

    This company is Global*Tel Link not a scam and you can find out more here: http://www.gtl.net/familyandfriends/index.shtml

    07/15/2013 11:22PM
  • Not a scam its a prepaid service for immates to communicate with their families. It is an expensive call. I paid 25.00 and spoke to my husband for 6

    07/07/2013 5:28PM
  • Android User

    This is a number for inmates to make collect calls. It's totally legit !

    05/18/2013 1:38PM
  • Android User

    This is a legit inmate phone number, my brother calls me from Idaho state correctional facility on this number,I was confused the first time he tried to call because it I'd a different area code than Idaho but this number is a set number for inmates to make collect calls.

    05/07/2013 3:31PM
  • Teri

    Got call saying from inmate in local city jail. Was to my grandmothers cell phone recording claimed to be from her grandson. Tried to choose option to stop receiving the calls and the recording just kept repeating. Scam.

    04/17/2013 2:10PM
  • Android User

    said they were lake county jail, local jail but up in Michigan. glad I hung up

    04/12/2013 7:04PM
  • Android User

    what correctional facility in Texas is this

    04/10/2013 7:33AM
  • dotty madueno

    Yes I recieved a phone call from this number stating to setup funds to talk with someone from jail don't know anyone in tx or oh correctional

    04/08/2013 3:53PM
  • Jack Smith

    Automated message that says you need to pay to receive a call from someone you know in jail. This is a scam, fake, rip-off.. stop calling me.

    04/07/2013 3:02PM

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