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713-568-6986 is a Mobile Phone in HOUSTON, TX

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Comments for 7135686986
  • I answered the phone and someone said I had a collect call from...Could not understand from whom and they hung up. I did not try to call them back.

    07/18/2015 10:45PM
  • the call won't charge because you have to press 5 to accept it first.

    11/02/2014 3:38PM
  • it was a collect call from the prison and said that Maggie was calling. I dont know any Maggie! So I just hung up.

    11/02/2014 3:38PM
  • Android User

    must be my ex calling from prison..

    10/08/2014 1:34PM
  • Android User

    Collect call from a prison.

    08/07/2014 3:20PM
  • Android User

    its from nevada city ca, it is a California state prison/ fire camp for prisoners.

    06/15/2014 6:40PM
  • Don't call me no more thanks

    05/27/2014 2:27PM
  • ingrid

    inmate at salt creek fire camp, but it's not the usual Global Tel Link number he calls me on??? I think something fishy ia going on here????

    05/26/2014 2:25AM
  • cold call hater

    called me twice in a row ON MY CELL phone, at 11:15 at night, those human maggots, I truly hate them

    05/21/2014 2:15AM
  • This is a number coming from a California prison.

    03/25/2014 1:59PM
  • iPhone User

    This call won't charge you because you have to add money to a prepaid account.

    02/16/2014 10:26AM
  • Android User

    Is this number fire camp

    10/05/2013 4:52PM
  • iPhone User

    It's not a spam call it a new system that the prisons use for inmates to call people . You pay global tel link (who are located in a different state) and the inmates are allowed to call without being collect. Even though you still pay for the calls , it's actually cheaper than it being collect. Hope this helps

    07/10/2013 4:10PM
  • Ashley

    It is from CA State Prisons. Probably an inmate. The reason it comes from Houston, TX number is because that's where the company is that the CA prisons contract for their collect calls.

    05/13/2013 2:35PM
  • me

    got two calls from this nu.mber the message on my voicemail said the call would be recorded and if I wanted to accept to press 5.....It came up as being from Houston Texas....Don't lknow anyone there...

    03/27/2013 2:03AM
  • Android User

    What prison is 1this and why a Texas number ?

    03/26/2013 2:40PM
  • Drew

    Have no clue who called me from this Houston TX phone number!

    03/20/2013 9:50PM
  • Rita

    Well 713 is a Texas area code but when I answered it, it was a collect call from a loved one in CMC State Prison in San Luis Obispo, CA. Idk how the call came from Texas. Hope it doesn't run up my bill. :/

    03/16/2013 11:06PM
  • got a call do not know from who

    03/14/2013 10:57PM

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