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720-398-2700 is a Mobile Phone in DENVER, CO

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  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 21
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  • 23
  • 353
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Comments for 7203982700
  • Freida

    Constant calls from this number, from what l can tell they are telemarketing

    04/09/2016 10:11AM
  • why did you call me 813 284 8679 james Edmondson

    05/09/2015 9:25AM
  • got a call from this number which I ignored due to unknown. Didn't leave a voice mail so its not that important! They should stop calling & harassing people!

    01/30/2015 7:45PM
  • sam

    got a call from this number 720-398-2700 which I ignored. Then a text from same number . the text said I needed to add money to my account or my cell phone account would b discontinued. I called my provider and was told they did not call me and that there were no problems with my account. Probably this was a competitor trying to steal business.

    11/19/2014 2:38PM
  • Rachel

    called me on a Sunday morning, mispronounced my name, and I told them to stop calling. Got 3 more calls that day.

    11/02/2014 2:38PM
  • marilynn

    have no idea who this is.

    10/29/2014 10:23AM
  • Apparently if you do the survey for coupons or free stuff...You will get a call from these people about a free insurance quote.

    10/10/2014 4:16PM
  • maria

    don't know who they are

    08/04/2014 4:01PM
  • Karen Proctor

    they call and I don't recognize the number so I do not answer and they never leave a message.

    07/29/2014 10:10AM
  • iPhone User

    2x's they called in 1 day & no message

    07/27/2014 4:40PM
  • Rhonda

    Something about insurance I just hung up

    06/16/2014 3:44PM
  • Judy

    I get a call from 720-398-2700, about health care, I told them I have it and hang up.

    06/09/2014 1:56PM
  • I, also, received a call from this number, although I only realized it when checking my messages -- never heard the phone ring, never came up on my caller i.d.-- and it left a "message" of musical tones for about a minute and a half. Waited, thinking a real message would eventually emerge, but just the weird music. I've stopped calling back these weird numbers, as I don't want them to "connect" with me and have any sort of success at my expense.

    01/28/2014 1:02PM
  • iPhone User

    Stop calling me damnit!!!

    01/06/2014 10:30AM
  • Stop calling

    12/10/2013 11:55AM
  • john m

    spam for sure block block block

    09/23/2013 11:54AM
  • iPhone User


    07/20/2013 11:09AM
  • Android User

    scammets for more info lpg onto YouTube.com/user/mwaklimi

    05/05/2013 5:41PM
  • Android User

    been calling me for two days now. I do not answer blocked or unavailable msgs. if u cant lrave me a msg or unblock the #, then I don't need to talk to u.

    04/30/2013 1:43PM
  • iPhone User

    They must be spammers! They have called me 3 times today, I'm sick of it! I believe they're spammers!!

    04/01/2013 9:15PM
  • Android User

    no idea who this is and no message left

    01/23/2013 9:02PM
  • Ann Noyd

    call several times a day, I let it go to voice mail because I don't know the number and the voice mail is nothing but what sounds like "hold music" that goes on forever (at least 5 minutes). I have listened to it to see if anyone ever picks up, but finally erase the message after 5 minutes!

    01/20/2013 3:05PM
  • Android User

    Does anyone know who is calling from this #?

    01/13/2013 11:25PM

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