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757-321-6279 is a Landline Phone in NORFOLK, VA

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Comments for 7573216279
  • stalked by Claire Arndt

    Anyone this sick like Claire Arndt who is abusive and criminal towards so many people, must be a poor mother as well.I plan on contacting child protection services to investigate her, and hopefully get her children into a safe foster home, away from this degenerate who may call herself a woman, but acts like a demented man.

    08/19/2009 12:00AM
  • Robin

    Claire Arndt from Portfolio Recovery is a stinking pig - we should call her at 757-961-3537 and irritate her the way her and her POS company irritates us, right Claire Arndt you disgusting piece of rat backside.

    07/11/2009 12:00AM
  • Aseez Marcubai

    There is a derogatory picture of Muhammad on their website. As a Muslim, I am deeply offended by that and I have contacted them and asked them to please remove this picture off their website. I hope that they will do so or I shall contact them again.This is their despicable website:http://www.portfoliorecovery.com/

    02/26/2009 12:00AM
  • Kimberly

    im tired of them calling me and not leavn a number, if you want me tell me who you are why you are calling.

    02/26/2009 12:00AM
  • golf ho

    these a-holes call me but I just blocked the number.

    02/25/2009 12:00AM
  • joey

    They are leaving messages and need to stop!  I don't know who or what they are but I'm chnging the number tomorrow.

    02/25/2009 12:00AM
  • Steve

    The're my weekly phone a friend.  I have actually talked to a live human a couple of times and they seem to be trying to track down some deadbeat guy with an Indian sounding name.  I've repeatedly told them to stop calling but to no avail, they called 3 minutes ago...

    02/24/2009 12:00AM
  • Sef

    I got a call from these folks a few days ago. I didn't answer when they called. I recognize the name, they've called before. I'll take the advice of not answering at all. With a lot of these companies, the more you answer, the more they call. I guess if you owe someone money, it's best to deal with the company directly rather than the idiot collection agencies. They're like the mob over the phone, rediculous lol.

    02/23/2009 12:00AM
  • Pam

    Portfolio recovery says they buy up bad debts.  If you have filed BK or have any outstanding debts that have been charged off they try to get money for them.  Do not admit to having owed anyone any money -just hang up or better yet, don't answer.

    02/20/2009 12:00AM
  • Annoyed in Roswell, GA

    We've receive a few calls from 757-321-6279 and they DO NOT leave messages.

    02/20/2009 12:00AM
  • Chris

    Calls about once a week.  Doesn't leave a message. portfolio recovery

    02/20/2009 12:00AM
  • why not

    they keep calling me but do not leave a message. I do not answer any number that i do not know after a month or so they stop calling try it.

    02/20/2009 12:00AM
  • Shameika

    Why are they calling?

    02/19/2009 12:00AM
  • Tim

    portfolio recovery

    02/19/2009 12:00AM
  • Bradley Benz

    This group continues to make harassing calls after several demands that I've made that they never call me.

    02/19/2009 12:00AM

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