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Comments for 8002443247
  • iPhone User

    Called left no message. I only had my number a week and never gave to anyone because the number I use is for emergency call out for me. It's a tracfone so my minutes are getting used up by these worthless calls then when I have a emergency I won't have my minutes but what do they care .....

    05/05/2014 9:09PM
  • iPhone User

    Calls and goes to my voice mail. No msgs. Just hang ups

    02/08/2014 6:39PM
  • was

    hang ups

    02/08/2014 2:44PM
  • iPhone User

    No answer

    10/30/2013 8:36PM
  • Android User

    Dial tone

    10/08/2013 3:21PM
  • Android User

    This number (800) 244-3247 called my cell at about 10:30 P.M. September 26, 2013. No one answered. I am reporting to" do not call" link provided by another person who posted here.

    09/26/2013 10:42PM
  • iPhone User

    Calling FBI

    08/28/2013 8:18PM
  • iPhone User


    03/27/2013 8:59PM
  • iPhone User


    10/16/2012 11:08PM
  • iPhone User


    10/15/2012 2:13AM
  • iPhone User

    Rings a couple of times and then stops before I can even answer.

    10/11/2012 5:45PM
  • Android User

    Answered the call and the other end hung up. If your "market research" is so important, you'd think they'd answer!?

    09/25/2012 6:28PM
  • iPhone User

    Refused to give me the name of the company he was calling from.

    02/08/2012 11:44PM
  • Android User

    I work at this place and we do market research. we are not covered by the federal do not call list. we follow all federal and state guidelines.

    10/19/2011 2:57AM
  • revenge

    I'm coming for you!

    11/04/2010 12:00AM
  • janos

    keep getting called from this number an no one is there.  it is really annoying already

    11/03/2010 12:00AM
  • Steve

    Report this to the FTC.  Go to website www.ftc.gov and file a complaint with the do-not-call-list people.  I reported a complaint one time for harrassment and I was surprised at how quickly they acted on it.

    11/03/2010 12:00AM
  • Bob

    How do we stop these people. My child has cancer and we are being bothered at all hours. We can't shut our phone off because we need to be able to call out. This is a horrible bother to us and I am sure to millions...please use your time and efforts for a good cause!

    10/26/2010 12:00AM
  • Jmom

    keep calling, i answered once and it hung up

    10/26/2010 12:00AM
  • annoyed telephone answerer

    reported these fraud marketeers to the AG in MA.  Three calls after 9:00 PM tonight (illegal in MA) *and* I am on the do not call list (illegal to call a person in MA on the do not call list).

    10/26/2010 12:00AM
  • Lee

    800-244-3247They call late at night and early on weekends too. I called the number and finally got through to a recorded message stateing that they are in compliance with all laws and the do not call list. It states that they are a company asking questions, a survey, of your answers to important issues we face today in our country, It says they are not selling anything. I guess we need to start a do not call list for these survey marketers now too as I have been getting these "survey" calls a lot these days. I guess it's their way around the government's "do not call" list.

    10/26/2010 12:00AM
  • Mocha

    They called at 9:24p, when I answered there was no one there.  They called right back at 9:26p.  This time my husband answered.  A girl said she was conducting a survey and begged him to answer it because she couldn't go home until she got one more completed survey!  Unbelieveable!  I thought they weren't allowed to call passed 9p???  We are also on the do not call list, but this didn't stop them.  My husband asked the girl to remove us from the list.  We'll see if it happens.

    10/26/2010 12:00AM
  • tom

    Keeps calling and no one there. Tired of it. How do we stop these calls. help.

    10/25/2010 12:00AM
  • Victoria

    :::PUT THE FOLLOWING LINK INTO YOUR WEB BROSWER AND POST YOUR COMPLAINT THERE...IT IS THE "DO NOT CALL REGISTRY"  http://www.callregistry.com/index.php?page=viewnumber&number=8002443247

    10/25/2010 12:00AM
  • Trina

    called never leave a message. call me at 10PM I answer a guy, told him why are you calling people so late his respond was he is in FL did not know the time I said, thats mean its 1AM where you are at, then heard a lady voice in the background told him to hang up.. ARGG.. Leave me alone.. STOP calling.

    10/21/2010 12:00AM
  • C Rogers

    I was called on 10/18/2010 (came up unknown caller) at 7:57 PM ,did not answer the call, no message left on my answering machine.

    10/20/2010 12:00AM
  • tina

    This is a scam,,  they called me nearly 6 times on a sunday, cant be a real company

    10/18/2010 12:00AM
  • Irene

    They called me five times today.  Picked up the first time and no answer.  I didn't pick up the next four times.

    10/18/2010 12:00AM

    They call.Ipick up the phone.No answer. I,m tired

    10/17/2010 12:00AM
  • mike

    called by this # 3 times.  No one is there

    10/17/2010 12:00AM
  • amm

    Came in as 'Toll Free Call' at the same time as another 800 number 866-496-8261. My phone went dead after that so there was no answering even if I had wanted to.  4:58 pm.

    10/17/2010 12:00AM
  • lizdan

    five calls so far

    10/17/2010 12:00AM
  • sick of calls

    they call me everyday - it is infuriating!

    10/17/2010 12:00AM
  • Russ

    They have called several times now and never leave a message, Who is this?

    10/17/2010 12:00AM

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