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  • 26
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Comments for 8007283902
  • Android User

    Want your bank account info

    04/18/2014 11:22AM
  • Android User

    Try and get your social security

    04/18/2014 11:22AM
  • Android User

    Debt collecter fraud

    04/18/2014 11:22AM
  • iPhone User

    Thanks for my Wake Up Call !!! I was almost Late for Work !! MAGGOTS !!!!

    04/04/2014 5:59PM
  • iPhone User

    Back AGAIN!!' Really ?? Give Up, Maggots !!!!

    03/31/2014 3:52PM
  • Joseph

    Caller from K-Designers trying to interest me in an at-home demonstration of their products. Stated that if I agreed to the demonstration, the company would donate $40 to a children's charity, which just sounded like they were trying to make use of the charity exception to the Do Not Call list. I confronted the caller about the fact that we had no prior business relationship with them, that they were in fact soliciting for new business, and that we are on the DNC list. Told him to take us off their calling list.

    01/28/2014 12:02PM
  • dexter

    cal,call, call frequently after 8 pm, no message ; think I will get a 900 number

    01/24/2014 1:42PM
  • iPhone User

    Callers get Paid by the number of CALLS and or actual CONTACTS that they Make ! So that is why the Maggots keep up the RELENTLESS Calling and Calling !!! And we wonder WHY We have a TELEMARKETING PROBLEM ??? I think the callers should be made to give US Their personal HOME phone numbers... so we can PLAGUE THEM as they do US !!!!!!

    12/20/2013 3:48PM
  • Android User

    Pushy sales window replacement KS 35th anniv sales set up appnt next evening - hang up

    12/19/2013 2:48PM
  • iPhone User

    Why do they even call there's never any one on the other end and I answer all my calls wtf

    10/08/2013 11:55AM
  • iPhone User

    Spam. Frequent spammer.

    10/01/2013 11:17PM
  • android phone user

    Calls and hangs up before I can answer.

    09/16/2013 11:14PM
  • iPhone User

    When I called their voicemail said Kay designs

    07/10/2013 12:39AM
  • iPhone User


    07/10/2013 12:38AM
  • iPhone User

    They tried to ascertain name and address :(

    06/08/2013 12:01AM
  • iPhone User

    Calling after 8:30 p.m., and calling more frequently. I don't answer. SPAM.

    05/31/2013 12:09AM
  • iPhone User

    No message...must assume it is SPAM.

    05/27/2013 6:23PM
  • iPhone User

    No message

    05/25/2013 2:51PM
  • iPhone User

    No message - called before SPAM

    05/11/2013 1:26PM
  • Android User


    05/09/2013 6:22PM
  • iPhone User

    Who the heck is Kay D?

    05/08/2013 12:18AM
  • iPhone User

    Got to be spam

    05/08/2013 12:17AM
  • iPhone User

    No message - I'm saying "SPAM"

    05/06/2013 3:37PM
  • iPhone User


    04/23/2013 2:12PM
  • iPhone User

    No message caller, I didn't answer

    01/23/2013 12:41AM
  • iPhone User

    No message

    01/18/2013 7:13PM
  • iPhone User

    No message -

    11/24/2012 3:06PM
  • iPhone User

    No message, don't bother

    10/19/2012 4:43PM
  • iPhone User

    They have called twice today and twice yesterday. Pests!!! They don't leave a message, just annoying. Most annoying!!!

    07/14/2012 7:12PM
  • iPhone User

    Life of the telemarketer scumbag !!!!

    07/05/2012 9:15PM
  • iPhone User

    Spammer for sur

    07/05/2012 9:13PM
  • Says Kay D on caller id, never answer it but they never leave a message. They have called multiple times a day, multiple days a week.

    04/20/2012 6:36PM
  • kr borthick

    yep they also just used another heading on the cid but with the same result.

    01/07/2012 11:57AM
  • dollysgirl

    Here we go again ! I am on a dnc registry as well not only the local phone company but the federal one as well--to no avail. Kay D shows up on the phone and does not leave a msg. they called today two times already and it is just 9 am. also got a call from another ph# with the last 4 digits the same now I have to check that one out too. Too bad we can't get paid for this!!!

    01/07/2012 11:55AM
  • Android User

    run don't walk from these BossOzz0s

    12/03/2011 2:39PM
  • craiggrr

    K Designs blocked their number after telling them we had just finnished a complete redesign to our home. Which was the truth! I doubt they believed me. Yes I would have lied if necessary.

    11/28/2011 1:00PM
  • when you answer and try to get information from them they hang up.

    08/11/2011 10:05AM
  • mel

    2nd call today. See previous comments, below

    05/24/2011 5:18PM
  • mel

    Kay Designer: Nice man said...there will be "truck" in my neighborhood. Whoa sooo many trucks in the 'hood. I asked him "where IS my neighborhood? He quickly responded with my address....nice cover. Where upon he began reading his script I teased and told him to stop reading and just talk, he claimed he wasn't reading a script, says he has a great memory, so I asked him to recite the Gettysburg Address, I even started it for him "Four score, etc. Then once again commenced reading his script. Don't think I'll see his truck anytime soon. At least I consumed some time thus sparing others from his calls.

    05/02/2011 9:55PM
  • Mel

    the usual...rings, no answer, no message NO NOTHIN'

    03/19/2011 5:16PM
  • mel

    the usual....rings..no answer...no message

    03/14/2011 5:46PM
  • Ditto

    Just another telemarketer without a life. Calls even though I'm on the Do Not Call registry....a lot of good that's doing me. Sigh

    11/21/2010 12:55PM
  • Bruce

    A shy caller who is too scared to even leave a message on an answering machine. Never answer a call from 800 numbers.

    04/06/2010 8:16AM
  • inadub

    These guys call my house any where from 1-5 times per day. I have asked them to remove a number of times, have answered the phone and set it turned on on my counter till they hung up.. etc..

    01/22/2010 12:13PM
  • T I

    I am on a no call list! Should not be calling. Will file further complaints. Called my cellphone #

    11/10/2009 6:07PM
  • Continues to call after telling them they have the wrong number

    08/21/2009 4:57PM
  • mel

    frequent calls, no message, the usual stuff

    08/06/2009 2:54PM
  • Mel

    rang several times, no message, the usual

    07/29/2009 4:21PM
  • Bob

    Second call today; I picked up, to my surprise the girl that answered was even polite. I politely explained to her that there were several complaints regarding their call ethics. She seemed surprised. Wanted to use my house for neighborhood example of their work, whatever that is. I think we've heard the "ol' truck in your neighborhood" bit before. We had an amiable parting.

    05/19/2009 10:10PM
  • Bob

    four rings, no message, hung up

    05/19/2009 1:53PM
  • Jessica

    I asked to be taken off their call list and they still call at least 4 times a day and ask me about credit card debt.

    04/16/2009 6:54PM


    04/03/2009 12:00AM
  • Connie

    wont stop calling everytime i say hello they hang up

    03/26/2009 5:46PM
  • DH

    Very annoying caller who called me lots of time by changing different ID. Whenever I answered the phone, the voice always says "the call from, press 1 to accept..."

    01/12/2009 7:51PM
  • Mark

    Multimple unsolicited calls received. Caller Id says "Toll Free Call". When I called them back to see who had called they said they were K Designers soliciting some kind of home products. I asked to be removed from their lists and they said it would take up to 48 hrs and to ignore other calls.

    01/03/2009 11:26AM
  • LR

    Unwanted and unsolicited caller.

    12/18/2008 8:28AM
  • K Telemarketer

    We Call them all, I worked for this company and they don't care how many times they call you. The name appears on a screen of the person you call and sometimes you notice you might call the same person 4 times in a day even if they said no the first time

    12/10/2008 2:31PM
  • LR

    Annoying caller

    12/03/2008 7:31PM


    10/27/2008 2:39PM
  • tired of having these people on my caller id.....I haven't talked to anyone and no one leaves a message....it's just annoying that they call at all different times

    10/21/2008 2:39PM
  • gijamiejo

    Caller ID says "Toll Free Call"

    09/27/2008 11:32AM
  • BartC8

    calls 3 to 4 times a day

    09/24/2008 5:48AM
  • Steven A

    K Designers or Kay Designers, they call 25 times in a 2 hours span, 3 diff ppl each time using a diff name I’m not stupid its the same 3 freaks, they want to put up sightings on your house and when u ask them stop calling they hang up

    08/13/2008 6:50PM
  • jennifer

    I just got a call from them and requested to be taken off the list. We'll see what happens....

    04/07/2008 12:00AM

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