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Comments for 8008502792


    04/18/2015 8:23PM
  • MJ

    I NO LONGER answer my cell phone unless I recognize the phone number. I got a call from this number. They did not leave a message. I am thinking this is SPAM since they did not leave a message. If someone calls me and I do not answer my phone and they wanted or needed to talk to me they would leave me a message, correct? To call and not leave me a message is SPAM to me!!!

    03/27/2015 4:08PM
  • MM

    On a Saturday night these people called 5 times in an hour. I called the number back just to see who it was and it was this 21st century insturance group. I hung up.

    02/14/2015 7:46PM
  • CC

    in a span of 50 minutes or so, this nr has called three times! no voice message left each time. caller id is "unknown". very annoying even though I am a no call list.

    01/13/2015 4:51PM
  • Frustrated in NC

    Has called several time in the last 15 minues and alternating calls with 704-422-8056. From 310pm to 334 I've rec'd 7 calls none of which I've answered. But I've googled the numbers and I get the same response- its telemarketers.

    09/10/2014 3:39PM
  • marissa

    Have called me several times within the last 20 minutes, I hit decline and go in about my day but this is getting ridiculous. I have never signed up for an insurance quote, I just got this number like 3 weeks ago. And in the middle of writing this, they call me back again. This is in the verge of harassment.

    08/02/2014 12:45PM
  • OH parent

    This number called my cell phone every 20 minutes for an hour and a half. I ignored at first and finally answered and told them to stop. They tried to say that they had only called one other time. After this call, the calls continued from a different number but with the same message. They asked for my daughter who does not use my phone. They said that she asked for an insurance quote. She did not. My phone is literally known to immediate family and the school system. I don't know how they got it, but they were clearly not going to stop until I threatened them with the FCC and the local police for stalking an underage girl.

    05/29/2014 10:11PM
  • Jo

    Stop these unwanted

    05/09/2014 12:39PM
  • android user

    received call every 15 min

    04/30/2014 5:09PM
  • iPhone User

    Called and left no message. Spammer

    11/12/2013 5:26PM
  • iPhone User

    21st century auto Spammer

    09/25/2013 1:45PM
  • iPhone User

    Didn't leave a message & caller ID said NumberGuru Top Spammer

    09/10/2013 4:12PM
  • Android User

    Have called me 3 times in the last half hour. Will answer next time and tell them to stop.

    06/20/2013 3:48PM
  • Called regarding an insurance quote that I did NOT request and kept pressing for my information.

    06/17/2013 1:51PM
  • iPhone User

    If you want to talk to me, leave me a message! Jerks!!!

    06/11/2013 6:35PM
  • your information was sold to insurance companies. tell them you didn't request their information and want to be taken off of their calling list. they will hang up on you then remove you.

    05/22/2013 4:47PM
  • frends of obama hotline

    05/08/2013 3:53PM
  • iPhone User

    They called three times in half an hour!! Are they that hard up for customers?!

    05/04/2013 3:11PM
  • Android User


    05/03/2013 7:18PM
  • Android User

    I got a phone call from them early in the morning. They're annoying

    05/02/2013 3:13PM
  • iPhone User

    21 century cold call spam. Dirt bags . Called early Sunday morning

    04/28/2013 11:21AM
  • iPhone User

    Harassing me about car insurance. Have called 5 times within a five minute period.

    04/05/2013 8:38PM
  • iPhone User


    03/18/2013 8:33PM
  • Android User

    21st century insurance. they called about every 15 minutes between 7am and noon. one call and message would have sufficed, but these jerks are persistent

    02/21/2013 5:03AM
  • iPhone User


    02/07/2013 1:44PM
  • Android User


    02/04/2013 6:42PM
  • manda

    It's 21st Century,I asked about insurance quotes online and they called and called my phone and I finally answered and told them to quit calling my phone. Their insurance is way to high anyways so its a waste of time.

    01/30/2013 3:21PM
  • Thanks for the comments. I know not to answer my phone.

    01/15/2013 4:01PM
  • iPhone User


    12/20/2012 5:56PM
  • iPhone User

    Call incessantly

    11/06/2012 6:18AM
  • iPhone User

    These guys go hard. Will answer next time and tell them not to call. They start at 8 am and call at least twice an hour..

    10/30/2012 11:39AM
  • Insurance spam

    10/15/2012 7:44PM
  • iPhone User


    09/18/2012 6:38PM
  • michelle

    insurance will call u a million times

    09/13/2012 4:49PM
  • chain

    insurance agent trying to give me a quote in the last 2 1/2 hrs they have called six times

    09/10/2012 6:04PM
  • iPhone User

    I checked online about an auto Insurance quote. 21st Century called within 5 mins. Told them their Insurance is more expensive than others. Told them I not interested & to stop calling me. They kept calling be back to get my business. Last time I threaten to call the FCC. They haven't called back in 3 days now

    09/10/2012 2:20PM
  • iPhone User


    09/02/2012 10:41AM
  • iPhone User

    They keep calling about an online insurance quote it BS if you ask me

    08/07/2012 5:40PM
  • Android User

    Getting calls from schools trying to get me to sign up when Im not interested,all from the web I tried to get free stuff,what a nonstop annoyance,should be illegal for them to keep calling

    07/19/2012 6:46AM
  • Lee Ashford

    They called, I rejected the call, but they left a message - something about car insurance, and calling them right back to get the best quote. A few minutes later they called again, and I rejected that call. Another few minutes later they called a third time, so I rejected it and turned off my phone for a few hours. Haven't gotten any more calls, and that was 2 days ago. The guy's accent was so heavy I couldn't understand much of what he even said, but it wasn't anything I initiated, so I wasn't interested.

    06/26/2012 12:11AM
  • 800-859-2792 is a Humana Right Source prescription drug program number. If you order your prescriptions from Humana, they will give you a reminder call when it's time to refill your prescriptions

    06/23/2012 1:17PM
  • iPhone User

    I'm being barraged by 1-800 numbers after comparing quotes online.

    06/13/2012 7:52PM
  • Android User

    21st century insurance call every 10 minutes since I checked their rates!

    06/08/2012 1:22PM
  • iPhone User

    I wish they would stop calling 5 times any hour!!

    05/09/2012 11:48AM
  • Android User


    05/07/2012 3:42PM
  • iPhone User

    I had requested an auto ins quote. When they called, I explained to them I had received a quote I was going with and did not Need them to waste their time and my minutes and to please remove future calls to me. So far, I've had no more calls.

    04/25/2012 10:20PM
  • iPhone User

    Calls nonstop every five mins

    04/19/2012 3:28PM
  • iPhone User

    21st century insurance calla even after I asked for no more calls

    04/09/2012 7:11PM
  • Peter Korsten


    03/28/2012 7:32PM
  • barry card

    called my cell left no msg

    03/26/2012 1:46PM
  • iPhone User

    She told me she was looking for a girl named Kara and I said wrong phone number.

    03/05/2012 5:42PM
  • iPhone User

    Keep getting calls

    02/25/2012 7:17PM
  • iPhone User

    21st Century Insurance

    02/09/2012 6:52PM
  • Keep getting calls from this number.

    02/08/2012 3:49PM
  • iPhone User

    21 century car insurance

    02/03/2012 5:49PM
  • iPhone User

    Why does these people keep calling me they call at 8 am and then about every 45 min how can I get them to STOP PLEASE..

    01/13/2012 3:18PM
  • Anonymous

    Wouldnt Stop Calling so finaly i answered and told the lady to give me her home phone number and i would call back later, she said she couldnt do that and i asked if she didnt want me to call her at home and she said yes, i said now you know how i feel! LOL

    01/06/2012 9:03PM
  • Android User

    These people have called me 7 times in thw last two hours.....hkw do I.get them to stop?

    12/20/2011 2:28PM
  • iPhone User

    repeated calls, over a dozen in 3 hr period

    12/10/2011 8:48PM
  • iPhone User

    Century 21 auto insurance should be blocked

    11/30/2011 3:57PM
  • Android User

    Century 21 auto insurance SPAM! i let this loser know that she was in violation of the TCPA law of 1992 for calling me on my mobile phone as well as calling a registered number on the national Do Not Call Registry She was rude and unprofessional in responding to my asking her to place my number on her company's DNC list Dont ever do business with these fools

    11/18/2011 12:22PM
  • Sonya Wicks

    several calls spammer

    11/16/2011 1:11AM
  • Android User

    21st century insurance

    10/22/2011 3:57PM
  • iPhone User

    Just wondering

    10/13/2011 11:30PM
  • iPhone User

    Me too

    09/28/2011 1:28AM
  • iPhone User

    They called me, but I never answer to a "1-800" number.

    09/22/2011 4:25PM
  • iPhone User

    They keep calling me too. It's the second time today they've called. It's 21st century insurance company.

    09/13/2011 3:45PM
  • iPhone User

    I inquired on 21st century web site for a quote. This is the number that calls you when you inquire.

    09/08/2011 7:39PM
  • iPhone User

    I hate insurance!

    09/03/2011 5:24PM
  • iPhone User

    I get several calls a day. They haven't left voice mail yet!

    07/05/2011 7:48PM
  • Louise Masson

    We suddenly began receiving calls from this number.  The calls never came in at a time when anyone was at home to answer the calls.  We have been very happy with our current insurance for the past 9 years and have NO intention of switching.  We did NOT go on line or ask for any type of insurance quote.  HOWEVER, several years ago, our insurance agent DID mention that one of the company's computers had been stolen out of a car while one of the employees was taking the computer to the shop for some repairs.  We have received a lot of strange E mails for several years - all of which we suspected COULD have been traced to that stolen computer.  This is the first time that we have begun to strange telephone calls as well.  These people never leave any type of message, so we are suspecting that it is some type of telemarketing scheme.

    05/09/2011 12:00AM
  • Squirrel


    06/27/2010 12:00AM
  • T

    Keep getting calls. They finally left a voice mail today stating she was from 21st Century Insurance and that we had requested insurance quoates, which we did not. Very annoying, wish they'd stop calling.

    01/11/2010 12:00AM
  • Anonymous

    Guy called with an incorrect last name saying I asked for insurance quotes.I didn't. When I told him I didn't, he asked if I wanted to speak to a fraud specialist.He said he was from Century21 insurance and that I had 50 different requests for insurance quotes.

    06/03/2009 12:00AM

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