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Comments for 8008889595
  • iPhone User

    Called me four times today all 20 min apart exactly. Stupid scammers!

    08/15/2013 4:31PM
  • Android User

    They are really consistent about those 20 minutes assist calls. Just got 2 more.

    08/15/2013 3:01PM
  • iPhone User

    Called 8:31 pm and again at 8:51 pm. Since it's an 800 number I don't answer, figure if it's important they will leave a voicemail. No message so guess its not important. Just hope the calls stop.

    08/14/2013 8:58PM
  • iPhone User

    They will put 305 if I log into my AT&T account SPAMMERS

    08/14/2013 2:06PM
  • Android User

    Partial voicemail recording stating that I had a 415 dollar credit coming to my verizon account... some poor elderly person might fall for this but not me!

    08/12/2013 2:54PM
  • iPhone User

    08/10/2013 5:10PM
  • Android User

    Honestly, are you people stupid or just lazy? Get call block & use it after the 1st call!!!

    08/10/2013 11:15AM
  • Kate

    Does anyone know how to get this number to stop calling? They call me over and over from 2am on, and in over it. Can it be reported to anyone?

    08/10/2013 2:42AM
  • iPhone User

    Called at 11:30 pm, spammers

    08/10/2013 12:47AM
  • Android User

    Just called again, 12:24am. Seriously, Wtf.

    08/10/2013 12:25AM
  • Android User

    Just received a call from this number at 12:04am. I have never ever gotten a call after like 9pm. I am still awake but I know plenty of people who wouldn't appreciate a call at this time. I didn't answer it either. Crazy.

    08/10/2013 12:07AM
  • iPhone User


    08/05/2013 9:49PM
  • iPhone User

    Twenty minutes apart two calls . I didn't answer as I don't answer 800 calls on my cellphone. After reading these comments I'm thankful I didn't answer.

    08/05/2013 7:59PM
  • iPhone User

    Two calls so far today. No voicemail thank god.

    08/04/2013 5:28PM
  • iPhone User

    Fraud call. Voicemail picked it up. Said to log on to my account at myatt300.com for $300 credit. Called twice on another household cell already.

    08/04/2013 3:40PM
  • iPhone User

    Calls & hangs up..

    08/04/2013 3:11PM
  • Android User

    called my phone just now and wife's phone twice today

    07/28/2013 9:57PM
  • Fraudulent site. Spammers. Don't answer 800 #'s.

    07/28/2013 9:08PM
  • iPhone User

    $385 free omg. Bite me

    07/28/2013 8:34PM
  • fuck these people

    called me twice today at 12:32 and 12:52pm didnt answer

    07/28/2013 5:18PM
  • Always suspicious

    Called twice 20 minutes apart. Didn't answer and won't ever answer unknown calls. A scam for sure.

    07/28/2013 5:01PM
  • Android User

    They called me twice today, literally one call right after the other. I never answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. This is one of the reasons why.

    07/28/2013 4:43PM
  • iPhone User

    Called me with recorded message telling me I had been awarded a $385 credit on my Verizon bill & all I had to do to claim it was go to www.vzw385.com & login to my account. Site looks very solar to the real Verizon account but there are some subtle differences. It appears fraudulent. Do not sign into it.

    07/28/2013 4:35PM
  • iPhone User

    Called me at 11:31 I didn't answer then called me at 11:51 saying owed 380 dollars

    07/28/2013 12:37PM
  • iPhone User

    Called me but didn't answer

    07/28/2013 12:16PM
  • iPhone User

    Verizon Scam to say you have an old bill.Ive never had Verizon .

    07/27/2013 12:59PM
  • Aaron

    fraud not really verizon

    07/26/2013 7:25PM
  • Android User

    What a bunch of intrusive scamming turds.

    07/26/2013 5:48PM
  • iPhone User

    It's a scam.! They want to get you Verizon info to take a phone out using your account.. It happen to me :(

    07/26/2013 3:45PM
  • Jasmine

    I have sprint, they called twice within 30 minutes. If its Verizon how did they get my number...?

    07/26/2013 3:20PM
  • Android User

    definate scam...they have called all numbers on my Verizon account. keep trying to call the number back and its always busy...go figure. do not fall for vzw355.com.

    07/26/2013 2:44PM
  • Concerned

    Calls came on in July 25, 2013 @ 10:28 PM and 10:48 PM!

    07/26/2013 2:43PM
  • Vickie

    They called me last night, two calls in a row shortly before midnight. No message left. Blocking them now!

    07/26/2013 6:51AM
  • Received two calls ten minutes apart, the first call was at 10:53pm on July 25th.

    07/26/2013 12:20AM
  • Received call @ 11:20 pm...Really!!

    07/26/2013 12:07AM
  • Annoyed.

    Called twice with ten minutes and I ignored it both times, looked it up & found multiple Verizon customers getting the same call.

    07/25/2013 10:49PM
  • hko - verizon wireless customer

    called my verizon cell twice. I was able to answer the second time. Automated voice repeatedly saying to visit www.vzw355.com to login to account and redeem $300.00 in savings. Certainly must be a scam.

    07/25/2013 10:45PM

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