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Comments for 8009378942
  • iPhone User

    They bother! Keep calling till you pay your bill!

    02/12/2014 3:59PM
  • Android User

    It's T-mobile. Pay your bill!

    10/16/2013 11:38AM
  • Android User


    10/03/2013 1:51PM
  • Android User

    Put it in her but

    05/22/2013 11:41PM
  • Android User


    04/18/2013 10:24PM
  • StingrayJG

    This phone number has called my cell phone 45 times in the past 21 days. Thank goodness my phone allows me to have a blacklist of calls to ignore and the phone never rang once. But they are all in my call history as calls received so I just counted them. Never had a T-mobile account if it's really them at all. Can you believe that though? From November 9th thru the 29th, 45 calls! And I don't even know who they are!

    11/30/2012 10:32PM
  • Android User

    calls 6:00am

    11/02/2012 1:46PM
  • Mr.BillGuru

    I guess from all the comments this is from T-Mobile. I've been a customer of T-Mobile since they first opened up in Las Vegas, NV. I think maybe 6-7 years. I've had up to (3) accounts at a time. I always pay my bill, OK I've been late a couple of times. But I still think that T-Mobile should quit hassling their good customers with automated call centers. If they would show a little respect to how they got where they are, I'm sure it would do wonders for their customer relations. Ya, OK, I'll pay my bill. But keep in mind, no matter what 5th Avenue Adverstising Firm you hire, don't loose site of your customers, they are real People. Flash Videos and Photos of beautiful people enjoying your services, go POOF! in the face of poor customer service. Reality man, what a concept.

    10/31/2012 10:27PM
  • Android User

    I called t mobile, they said my number could be a recycled number. I received a call asking for someone else earlier today, and my number was just given to me this morning

    10/30/2012 5:25PM
  • Windows Phone User

    keeps calling asking for a latrice white,i have told them that i dont know that person,that they have the wrong #,calls has not stop,please go away.......

    08/23/2012 9:59AM
  • iPhone User

    They call me wrong looking for a wrong person... :@

    07/20/2012 12:35PM
  • Android User

    tmobile attempting to collect bill

    07/17/2012 11:41AM
  • annoyed

    i know its t-mobile....but do they really have to call me every hour!!!??? omg its a little annoying...especially when i'm scheduling to pay my bill, but waiting for a payday or something...happens every single month

    05/16/2012 7:09PM
  • Joshua

    Thats Tmobile.. collecting there monthly bill..

    04/16/2012 3:09PM
  • Diane Cuthbertson

    No conversation - numerous calls

    03/30/2012 3:06PM
  • iPhone User

    If u guys dont want these calls, just put it on your auto block/reject list in your call settings!!!

    12/01/2011 2:13AM
  • 19

    No conversation - numerous calls

    05/04/2011 7:51AM
  • No conversation. Numerous calls per day

    05/02/2011 9:06AM
  • Cindy

    I get a call from this  number every day.  Sometimes more than once.  They never leave a message or voice mail.  I do not use T-mobile.  I've used US Cellular for several years.

    04/14/2011 12:00AM
  • Peter

    I hate that they call me, since I hate using the phone.  It will get me to leave their service.

    04/06/2011 12:00AM
  • Brenda

    Calls of and on for 3 weeks about a past due bill with T-Mobile. We have not ever had T-Mobile, they said to take our phone number off the account they would need address, ss #, date of birth of my husband. We refused to give this information and they called back the next day asking again after we were told our number had been deleted. The number they call from is 1-800-937-8942 ­. They said they need this information to verify against their records they we are not that person. I don't trust giving this information over the phone. I told them we lived in Petersburg, VA but that was not enough because she would not say if this was the same as the bill.

    03/23/2011 10:01AM
  • Anonymous

    They called asking for money when I had nothing due, called tmobile and they said it was not them

    03/14/2011 7:18PM
  • Keith

    It's just T-Mobile call because your payment is late You Probably got a text message about the bill being past due. They will shut off your phone in a few days if not paid.

    03/04/2011 8:34AM
  • Anonymous

    twice in five mins today, asked to be removed weeks ago, still get calls

    03/01/2011 9:19AM
  • Anonymous

    Harassing calls at all hours of the day

    02/22/2011 7:28AM
  • Betty

    Well that's nice cause I have never had T-Mobil I have been with Verizon for 5 years and have never been late on my bill??? WTH???  This really pisses me off...You would think they would leve me a message but they never do!!!!!!!!!! Very RUDE!!!!!!!

    02/12/2011 12:00AM
  • JAY


    02/08/2011 12:00AM
  • Anonymous

    Tmobile calling over and over reminding you to pay your bill

    02/07/2011 1:41AM
  • anonymous

    Continues to call despite several rqsts to stop all calls.

    02/03/2011 2:19PM
  • T

    T-Mobile Collection Dept.

    01/28/2011 3:22PM
  • Anonymous

    wont stop calling me

    01/27/2011 6:47AM
  • barbi

    ok... this number calls me all the time... and i dont even have tmobile... i have sprint????

    12/28/2010 12:00AM
  • tanya

    It is a scam! My bill is always paid!

    12/24/2010 12:00AM
  • Anonymous

    caller hung up when I answered or didn't say anything.

    11/30/2010 3:00PM
  • Anonymous

    tmobile collections

    11/09/2010 3:50PM
  • Momma

    it's TMobile....pay your bill

    10/28/2010 12:00AM
  • Haley

    I get these calls every day. I dont answer. But i get them at least 3 times a day!

    10/07/2010 1:40PM
  • Anonymous


    10/06/2010 9:32PM
  • kb

    i have verizon and im gettin thes calls

    10/01/2010 3:46PM
  • none ya

    i called tmobile and they said didnt know the number. to direguard it. they acted as if they knew but was unable to say who .They are becoming a very unreliable company i am going to cancel my service

    08/30/2010 7:28PM
  • C

    T-mobile. They called me yesterday.

    08/20/2010 12:00AM
  • 1-800-937-8942

    call me and hang up

    07/16/2010 12:00AM
  • AceB

    T-Mobile's calling you because you owe some money. If you don't pay they're gonna shut your phone off.

    07/14/2010 4:44PM
  • Anonymous

    I got a call but they just hung up on me. They called again I just ignored the call

    06/30/2010 8:38AM
  • Phil

    Thanks Maranda!I felt more comfortable calling back the number knowing who it really was!

    05/25/2010 12:00AM
  • Bianca

    Trying to find out who calls from this number.

    04/03/2010 12:00AM
  • cassie brown

    someone called me from this number didn't tell me who they were and just wanted me to pay them now and wanted my account numbers, how am i suppose to respond if i have to ask them several times who they are and what account they were talking about and none of the numbers for t-mobile match that number so how do i know this isn't a scam?

    03/25/2010 11:42AM
  • Sarah

    What's weird, is that yes it's from TMobile about a "past due" amount, but when I called TMobile and asked them about it, they said my account was fine and it wasn't past due. So, I'm just ignoring the voicemails for right now..

    02/26/2010 12:00AM
  • Anonymous

    Debt Collection

    02/24/2010 9:47AM
  • Ganesha

    It's T-Mobile letting you know that your bill is past due.

    02/18/2010 12:00AM
  • jenn

    Tmobile Account collection.

    02/08/2010 3:38PM
  • Maranda

    This number calls me several times a day. They very rarely leave a message, but if they do it is just a recording trying to verify who I am and telling me to call some number for more information on why they are calling.

    02/05/2010 12:00AM
  • diane

    Got calls from them; sometimes they leave voicemails, other times, no message. Mechanical voice that gives you directions to determine who you are.

    07/31/2009 12:00AM

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