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801-656-2093 is a Landline Phone in SALT LAKE CITY, UT

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  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 23
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  • 23
  • 888
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Comments for 8016562093
  • BD

    Social engineering fraud calls -- tries to get personal info. & access to your PC.

    10/13/2015 5:05PM
  • Android User


    06/12/2015 11:25AM
  • wc

    Didn't answer it, based on comments have added to my block list. If you are not using a Block List, give it a try it works, phone does a 1/2 ring and states "Caller Blocked" to notify you.

    06/12/2014 3:54PM
  • Android User


    05/28/2014 4:55AM
  • Becky Gillette

    They called me from this and another different number within an hour and claim that they have a very important IRS matter to discuss with me, and good luck if I don't return the call.

    04/17/2014 2:16PM
  • Joe

    CUSTOMER FOCUS: I think they spelled it wrong! CROOKS>

    04/15/2014 4:19PM
  • Accent Despiser

    Tried dialing back only to receive in return a voice prompt which stated it to be a non-working #. . . I then simply blocked it, I don't like BSers nor can I stand their dialects!

    04/08/2014 5:34PM
  • another concerned consumer

    It sucks that nothing is private anymore !!!!!!!! Spammer! Lets bring down the hammer on these people , we know where there calling from, it's a land line for gods sake it doesn't take a degree to figure it out!.

    03/17/2014 2:17PM
  • brandy


    03/07/2014 10:51PM
  • Android User

    A news program says don't answer the call it may be from outside our country, charging international fees. If I don't recognize the number, I don't answer.

    02/04/2014 5:49PM
  • iPhone User


    02/03/2014 6:38PM
  • iPhone User

    They called on my cell at 10:45 PM! No message, but from what I can see here on Guru and on Google, it is yet another scammer. Such nerve to call so late!

    02/02/2014 1:48AM
  • Android user

    Received a phone call from this number and a second number which is 559-328-2353. Had a middle easterner accent. Caller said they worked for the US Treasury / IRS and stated that if I didn't sent them money immediately that I would be arrested and put in jail for 6 months. I was also told that I had to pay them within 40 minutes or the IRS officers will be arresting me and that they were 6 blocks away.

    01/15/2014 6:14PM
  • iPhone User

    Some bullshit about lowering my credit card payment or something. Nope

    01/06/2014 4:33PM
  • iPhone User

    100% SPAM!! Tries to tell you that your computer is infected. Total BS!

    01/03/2014 5:28PM
  • iPhone User


    12/26/2013 10:12AM
  • iPhone User

    Said my PC was infected. Seemed disappointed when I told him I didn't care.

    12/01/2013 6:58PM
  • iPhone User


    11/14/2013 6:47PM
  • iPhone User


    10/28/2013 8:05PM
  • iPhone User

    Called twice, never leaves a message

    12/07/2012 2:51PM
  • Android User

    Has called me eight times between 8:00 and 11:30. Four on my cell and four on my work phone. Never leaves a message.

    12/06/2012 11:53AM
  • Scam...Do not reveal any info to them

    09/17/2012 4:48PM
  • iPhone User

    Debt collector. Tries to collect on ancient charge offs

    02/09/2012 12:12PM

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