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845-764-9444 is a Mobile Phone in NEW WINDSOR, NY

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Stats for 8457649444
  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 71
    Spam Reports
  • 82
  • 2005
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Comments for 8457649444
  • iPhone User

    Never leaves a message

    01/23/2014 6:34PM
  • Samsung user

    Called me on 2 separate occasions, they leave no message and then when I call back, a man says. "hello?" Annoying! Spam!

    07/02/2013 11:10AM
  • they keep calling

    06/28/2013 4:06PM
  • iPhone User

    Calls all the time day and night and leaves no message

    06/26/2013 12:09PM
  • Sabrina S.

    I have gotten five calls from this number to my cell phone within three days' time. I downloaded the free app Mr. Number to block someone else from calling me and then this strange number began on 6/21/13 so I am really glad I have this app installed now! I have a good mind to call this number and find out exactly who they are, but at the same time I think I'd probably be better off just letting it go...

    06/24/2013 10:57PM
  • Aj

    when i called it back it sounded like calling card to me! back to back calls and than just stopped!

    06/23/2013 10:19PM
  • iPhone User


    06/19/2013 2:50PM
  • I just called them to get my number taken off the list and called from another number and used *67 and the guy actually told me my number. What the heck ?!?! Does *67 not work anymore? The man kept "but you don't want.." and I kept cutting him off..."no I don't want anything but my number taken off your list and don't put this one on there either"

    06/19/2013 1:03PM
  • Android User

    Online company called 'all abo ut the baby'. Supposedly calling to get your addy and info to send free samples, coupons, etc for baby.

    06/18/2013 12:46PM
  • iPhone User

    They call several times a day! Leave no message! Called back and got a man saying "hello"? Really??

    06/17/2013 11:12AM
  • iPhone User

    This number called me 4 times yesterday on a holiday (Memorial Day) but left no message. Called back and got a high pitched beep

    05/28/2013 11:18AM
  • Android User


    05/26/2013 11:38PM
  • Android User

    being harrased caller referrers themselves from the probation and parole office

    05/26/2013 3:18AM
  • iPhone User


    05/23/2013 9:46PM
  • Android User

    prank called them back "Carla" didn't like it to much (: Sick of getting calls from this number. I will be calling them as much as they call me

    05/15/2013 2:17PM
  • DEE


    05/15/2013 10:38AM
  • Rick

    Tired of getting calls from this number and others never leaves message calls calls calls days late night Work second part of third sift, Calls start sometimes 6:00 am all day long. Who ??? and Why???

    05/10/2013 10:37AM
  • I don't know anyone from NY

    Multiple calls at weird hours of the day when I answer they just repeat hello over and over again then hang up. Mans voice.

    05/09/2013 12:42PM
  • A dozen calls per day, no message

    05/08/2013 8:54PM
  • concerned smart phone user

    Just a thought but with technology today I'm wondering if the beeps are part of their system to collect the names and numbers of your friends and family on your contact list and other confidential information on your smart phones. Maybe that's why they don't care to talk to you and only really just want you to answer the phone. I have never answered nor called them back. It's a good way for them to get more access to you.

    05/08/2013 10:28AM
  • iPhone User

    Have gotten many calls and no messages. I am getting very annoyed with calls when i am registered for no call list.😡

    05/07/2013 11:01PM
  • Android User

    called multiple times a day. never left messages

    05/03/2013 7:55PM
  • Krystal

    Got a few calls from the number. Usually it just hangs up. Weird that caller ID says wireless and this last time clearly sounded like a call center - no one said anything to me, eventually call disconnected!

    04/24/2013 3:30PM
  • iPhone User


    04/15/2013 2:13PM
  • iPhone User


    04/10/2013 10:06AM
  • iPhone User

    answered no one there

    04/05/2013 5:32PM
  • iPhone User

    Cellco Partnership is part of Verizon's mobile company and had to deal with an FCC ruling if you keep getting harassed or especially high pitched beep sounds which could be Skype or line hacking hang up right away and report the number to the FCC / That's the Federal Censor for Communications

    03/28/2013 4:15PM
  • They keep calling my number and if you answer you get a high pitch beeppppp

    03/28/2013 2:31PM
  • iPhone User


    03/26/2013 3:54PM
  • Android User


    03/25/2013 5:41PM
  • iPhone User

    100% Spam (telemarketing)

    03/25/2013 1:28PM
  • iPhone User

    Called me 7 times in less than 2 minutes, following calls at least 5 times/day. Ugh.

    03/22/2013 9:07PM
  • Android User

    called cell phone 4x in one day.when i was finally able to answer all i got was annoying high pitched beeping....

    03/21/2013 7:30PM
  • Pat S

    I received 6 calls in an hour from this number so I tried this reverse look up and based on the comments I read I added the number to the blacklist on my phone. Thanks to all who commented.

    03/11/2013 8:44PM
  • iPhone User


    03/08/2013 9:07PM
  • Android User

    Hate this number calls me even on weekends

    03/05/2013 10:19AM
  • I received 4 calls in a 12 hour period; no voice message was left.

    03/01/2013 7:25PM
  • lglee579

    This number called me 18 times in one day!!! Very annoying!!! I reported them also.

    03/01/2013 3:35PM
  • K

    I just reported them...when is this going to be fixed!!!!

    02/26/2013 1:09PM
  • Called my cell phone saying I signed up for some baby club then asked me if I was going to have a baby. I told them I did not sign up for anything and to remove me from their calling list. He said OK but while I do that let me tell you about...I hung up, Oh yeah he could hardly speak English, He was Indian.

    02/22/2013 6:08PM
  • iPhone User

    Stupid how dea get ur number

    02/20/2013 7:51PM
  • Android User

    SO ANNOYING! They call about once every hour or two consistently. Never leave a voice mail message and IF I do answer, the call disconnects as if they hung up. Geeshhh

    02/20/2013 3:06PM
  • Called cell phone claiming I won a sweepstakes entered online but I don't enter sweepstakes. Told them to remove me from their call list.

    02/19/2013 6:35PM
  • iPhone User

    This number is more annoying than an ex! Call hang up can't call it back. I googled it and I'm not alone, this number is something wierd.

    02/18/2013 9:39PM
  • iPhone User

    They keep calling landline and cell phone but they hang up

    02/18/2013 3:54PM
  • iPhone User


    02/18/2013 1:04PM
  • iPhone User

    Called several times in one day (7) so I called the number knowing no one would answer, but a young woman said quickly I think baby products. I asked her to remove my number and thougjt that would be the last I heard from them. WRONG! I ended up leaving my phone off the hook the rest of the day. Annoying for sure.

    02/16/2013 9:47AM
  • iPhone User

    The call everyday, no one answers and the never leave voice mail

    02/15/2013 10:09AM
  • Android User

    call hang up

    02/13/2013 12:27PM
  • iPhone User


    02/13/2013 11:47AM
  • MARY

    get at least 3 calls per day no one answers pains in the A--.

    02/12/2013 2:56PM
  • iPhone User

    Not answering this call. Thanks to all of you who posted!

    02/08/2013 1:38PM
  • Amber Walker

    They Claimed to be from my doctor y said my test came back positive Im pregnant.I called them back Im in Texas their in Newyork.Yes I reported them to the companies they claim to represent.I am not pregnant I told them the Man argued with me.I told him I miscarried a year ago y Im divorced so No no im not pregnant.He argued with me like I was magically going to become preg cause he said so.Well Im not y the cell call later from his woman pal with him laughing in the back ground asking what I said? well Your not funny your a bully.I hate bullies.Also asked me to give out their number to pregnant friends..Why so u can bully them too? Also claimed my Elderly mom must be pregnant...Well she isnt either.Dont Call ever again.

    02/05/2013 8:00AM
  • Casey

    Please report them to the FCC!!!! Scum who ignore national DNC registry and company-specific DNC requests.

    02/04/2013 9:28PM
  • Android User


    02/04/2013 6:52PM
  • Elisha

    They call a lot, and every time I pick up there are just beeps and no one there.

    02/04/2013 2:02PM
  • iPhone User

    Still annoying

    02/01/2013 2:48AM
  • iPhone User


    02/01/2013 2:47AM
  • Richard

    Tired of getting the phone calls every 3 to 30 minutes. Too bad they called me, I know how to find them. Called Lloyd and threatened him with a civil law suit for calling me after I have requested the number removed several times in several days. Here is their info... allaboutthebaby.com All about the baby LLC 120 W. Garnerville Road Suite 6-176 Garnerville, New York 10923 United States Phone: (845) 362-3179 (recorded message) 15 Woodfield Road Pomona, NY 10970 Phone: (845) 362-3174 (Lloyd) Email: lloyd@allaboutthebaby.com

    01/31/2013 4:57PM
  • iPhone User

    Asked for someone in a very heavy accent, almost impossible to understand. When I said wrong number they said "As long as I have you on the phone.." I hung up.

    01/31/2013 11:13AM
  • iPhone User

    Calls but no one says anything

    01/29/2013 10:13PM
  • Android User

    I just hit redial and got someone with a very unintelligible accent but she says I have been removed. she did try to get info from me on someone else she might call...yeah right...lol

    01/29/2013 3:22PM
  • iPhone User


    01/25/2013 12:53PM
  • iPhone User

    Constant calls. On the do not call list

    01/25/2013 12:51PM
  • Worn-out Floridian

    The calls start at 7:30 in the morning and continue throughout the day (3 to seven calls average) with never anyone on the other end and never a message left on my answering machine. I can't image what kind of perverted pleasure the caller gets or what it wants to sell. I'm on the "Do Not Call" list so will lodge a complaint, but don't expect much in the way of assistance.

    01/23/2013 10:17AM
  • Android User

    100% spam. Could barely underarm what he said but it was something about baby talk.

    01/19/2013 4:48AM
  • Not amused in MS

    Got this number calling 4-5 times a day the past week. This is getting pretty old. I actually talked to a person and they threw me a line about a Pay Day Loan for me to buy stuff for my new baby. I Have no baby. I proceeded to tell them to take me off their list and what do they do, KEEP CALLING! I am getting tired of this mess.

    01/18/2013 3:54PM
  • Solution

    I saw a post earlier mentioning "free baby stuff" and I remembered I had received a call a few days ago and taken a message for my boss before this annoying beep-beep in my ear bagan. (I knew it was a scam but got a return number out of them when I acted as if I'd have my boss call them back) If you call 845-559-3436 you will get a live person...I asked them to remove our number. So far, so good... By the way, they simply answered hello...not a business, unless it's the business of ripping people off. Hope this helps!

    01/18/2013 1:23PM
  • Justin

    As spammy as Hawaii. Calling my fiancée and me several times a day. More often in the evenings.

    01/17/2013 9:28PM
  • floyd

    100 % spam

    01/16/2013 11:11AM
  • Michelle

    Have been receiving many calls from this number. Pick up, no answer. Getting very old very fast.

    01/14/2013 5:45PM
  • Linda

    I have recieved this call today. I didn't pick up due to not recognizing the number. I am on the recent list for "do not call" list but I guess that doesn't matter to some spammers!!! I reported them to the consumer fraud but I guess that won't do any good either now that the ban was lifted recently from the Obama administration. I blocked them last year now I guess I'll have to again...too bad these lists don't do any thing to protect the victumized party...

    01/11/2013 4:49PM
  • i phone user

    this number calls, says nothing , lot of beeps and I hang up

    01/11/2013 11:40AM
  • Android User

    same thing, calls allot beeps then hangs up

    01/09/2013 2:18PM
  • iPhone User

    they say nothing just beeps and hangs up! called 5 times in 12ht

    01/08/2013 4:02PM
  • spammer...called 7-8 times, today.....says nothing...only 2 beeps whether you answer or answering machine picks up !!!!

    01/04/2013 10:17PM
  • pb


    01/04/2013 2:49PM
  • Android User


    01/03/2013 9:55PM
  • Report to FCC

    I reported these scumbags to FCC. You guys should too. Here is the link to report harassing phone calls: http://www.consumerfraudreporting.org/index.php I wish these spammers go out of business and go to jail.

    12/27/2012 3:23PM
  • Android User

    This is the 5th time these people call and say nothing.

    12/27/2012 10:51AM
  • iPhone User


    12/26/2012 9:56PM
  • iPhone User

    Gotten multiple call from this number. It's a spammer!

    12/26/2012 11:56AM

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