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Comments for 8555073376
  • rick

    Calls (x2 in past 2 says) and then does not respond, but eventually hangs up (10 sec.).

    04/25/2014 8:13PM
  • just the third call from this number..who ARE THESE PEOPLE?? all day long...they hang up...call them bac and they ask you leave a message, but not who they are....must stop, but how??

    07/11/2013 2:35PM
  • iPhone User

    Calls no one there

    02/25/2013 9:07AM
  • iPhone User


    11/22/2012 11:34AM
  • This number constantly calls and there is no one there. Calling back is an answering machine with no data and saying leave a message.

    11/06/2012 12:14PM
  • Jack

    Just called asking for my mom. Sounded like that person from another number to.

    09/25/2012 11:14AM
  • Susan

    fake charity!!! watch out !!! they are rude and lie!!!

    07/18/2012 4:55PM
  • iPhone User

    They call my house like 12 times a day when i awancer no one is there who is it

    04/12/2012 9:40AM
  • Russ

    They have been calling me numerous times over the last two to three weeks. Today they called 4 times. I made the mistake of calling them back with the intent to have them remove my number from their call list. BIG MISTAKE! It was a voice message, no company name given, no button to push for deleting my number. I got two more calls within two hours! (also, 855 area code seems bogus.)

    03/19/2012 3:30PM
  • Whoever this is calls persistently throughout the day. Can't we stop this somehow?!!

    03/16/2012 4:02PM
  • eVIE

    They call eavery day numerous times...no ID when I call back..."Leave msg" so told them to take my # OUT OF THEIR CALL LIST!

    03/05/2012 5:07PM
  • jerry

    no one on the other end. they call often.

    02/19/2012 11:09AM
  • harvey mittleman

    I have gotten a number of calls from this number. I am supposed to be on the no call list. How can we stop them from calling? I think we need to get the "occupiers" on their case!

    01/06/2012 11:45AM
  • Android User

    Got a call min ago. Caller I'd says 800 service

    11/28/2011 10:54AM
  • Vivi

    I called this number back and got "Please leave your message at the tone" Of course I did not respond.

    09/27/2011 1:05PM
  • cincy-delhi

    called 3 time in a hour,, left no message first2 times, i answered it on 3rd call, they asked for my decesased mother, she passed away 2 years ago and this number was never under her name,

    09/19/2011 6:48PM
  • No one on the other end.

    09/05/2011 11:10AM
  • this caller has been calling me for the last month but never says anything who is it

    08/23/2011 10:09PM
  • iPhone User

    Picked up the phone then they hung up on me.

    08/17/2011 8:33PM
  • iPhone User

    Phone rang 3 times and they hung up

    08/17/2011 2:07PM
  • Molly

    Who is this calling?  No one on the line when I answer the phone.

    07/14/2011 12:00AM

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