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  • 5
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Comments for 8663744849
  • iPhone User

    Low life's trying to sell something!!!

    01/20/2014 3:02PM
  • Sherri

    They are definitely spammers. BLOCK!!!

    07/25/2012 2:39PM
  • Kei

    add the number to your block list

    02/15/2012 11:31AM
  • This number has called me five times trying to sell me a resort package. I have told them I am on the National do no call list and twice they told me they do not have to abide by them and are allowed to call as many times as they want. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY ARE RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12/15/2011 2:53PM
  • iPhone User

    Branson resort

    08/15/2011 11:30AM
  • Vu

    Caller tries to sell the resort vacation.

    04/19/2011 7:38AM
  • gb

    3 calls a day

    02/21/2011 2:00PM
  • SG

    I'm sick and tired of this number and calling me all of the time and from early mornings to late evening and inbetween. How do we stop these ppl. from calling?

    12/29/2010 7:26AM
  • EJ/VT

    This is a business and when people call, we can see their phone numner via LED readout. They either 'hawk' some fantastic bargain and pressure you for additional personal information. Personally, I beleive ALL businesses should be NOT be on these Telemarketer calls. They are wasting their time and our company time.

    11/16/2010 7:38AM
  • dk

    Even after I told the woman nicely, "Ma'am this is a business number, and please take us off your call list." She says, "Well, if you don't mind this will only take a minute of your time, wouldn't you like a great vacation?" ~ Uggh.

    10/26/2010 2:32PM
  • IndyGuy

    I missed a call from this number and they left no message. Funny someone mentioned Carnival Cruises, and that they are on the DNC list. The only connection I can think of is that I signed up to win a Carni cruise at a festival. I don't usually do that stuff and doing so would give them a right to put you on their list until you stay stop. Read the fine print when you do things.

    09/29/2010 12:34PM
  • Amrii

    Received a voice mail from this number stating we were too dumb to take a trip. I don't believe the agent knew he was leaving a voice message. Called and complained to Corey who put me on the 'Do Not Call' list. Advise him I was also a travel agent. mmmmmmmm

    09/23/2010 1:01PM
  • john

    they call every 2 to 3 hour and do not say anything. i have picked it up on the 1st ring and they just hang up.

    09/14/2010 1:29PM
  • A

    Constantly calling and leaving no message. Sometimes every 15 minutes.

    07/30/2010 7:57AM
  • Kathy

    Asked to be removed from their call list

    06/22/2010 10:54AM
  • t


    06/04/2010 10:14AM
  • kelli

    they keep calling even late into the night

    06/03/2010 12:47PM
  • Debbie Quick

    They call at least 3 times a day! Sick of it....

    05/15/2010 9:59PM
  • Steve M.

    Called my home phone again on 4/30/10 @ 1:22pm. Didn't answer their call, but called back and requested to be put on their do not call list.

    04/30/2010 1:07PM
  • Steve M.

    Called on 4/23/10 @ 5:40pm CST. Shows up on home caller ID as Not Provided.

    04/23/2010 5:07PM
  • Vic

    repeated calls that my caller I.D.shows as: 866-374-4849 I would like it stopped at once. I am listed with the do not call registry.

    04/21/2010 2:48PM
  • rhett

    it would be nice if these people would find somethng constructive to do and leave working people ALONE

    04/15/2010 12:26PM
  • i would like to know who is calling from this number they are calling from this number every 3 mins pinkhat

    04/14/2010 6:07PM
  • Hogi

    Calls many times starting in the early evening and up to 8:30 at night sometimes 30-40 minutes apart. As soon as the answering machine picks up the caller disconnects leaving no message.

    04/09/2010 6:42AM
  • Jason

    This number is calling daily several times a day. Never leaves a message. Some have said it's one of those vehicle warranty calls.

    04/05/2010 8:23AM
  • They won't Stop calling!

    02/23/2010 4:01PM
  • Bill

    They keep calling I see 800 service and let it ring. screen my calls for telemaketers and 1888 numbers. I will not give them the satisfaction of answering.

    02/17/2010 7:00PM
  • pb

    They seem to call everyday. I don't answer, however, I got curious and looked up the number.

    02/11/2010 7:54AM
  • Billie

    Asked for Mr. Caulk. I said that they have wrong information. Then they went into sales pitch. I said "Not interested" and hung up. They have called back several times since.

    02/03/2010 9:19AM
  • luretia

    trying to get dollywood adventure sell package, wanting credit card, pushing to do it now

    01/25/2010 7:20PM
  • susan


    01/07/2010 11:26AM
  • Agnee

    Calling at night after hours

    11/12/2009 6:19PM
  • repeated calls from this number after I asked to be taken off their calling list.

    10/19/2009 1:31PM

    Don't want any more calls. Phone rings but no reply.

    10/13/2009 1:15PM
  • Nick

    Message left on answering machine, several seconds of background noise, then a man's voice saying "Man, this is pissing me off ... pissing me off." then he hung up. No useful information, just obscenity on my answering machine.

    10/01/2009 10:58PM
  • David

    Call for Mr. Martinez every night and I tell them every night to stop calling and no Mr. Martinez is here but they still call

    09/23/2009 6:33PM
  • Dave

    Caller ID shows "unavailable" and no one leaves a message.

    09/11/2009 12:32PM
  • BCFranks

    I keep getting these call even though I asked them to stop calling my number

    09/01/2009 10:13AM
  • New2KS

    These clowns call 4 times per day. Whenever somebody does come on the line I've told them to stop calling...not interested, yet they continue to call. Now I'm actually going to figure out how to use my call block service.

    08/31/2009 1:27PM
  • Texas Dude

    This number calls my phone at least twice a week. It is very annoying. The one time I did answer, no one ever came on the line for me to ask to be taken off their call list.

    08/27/2009 5:41AM
  • They Called ! They wanted to give me special VIP treatment of 2% financing. They even wanted to fax paperwork. Baaa BAAA Better to call.

    08/25/2009 4:11PM
  • TJS

    Said it was a toll free call

    08/24/2009 5:08PM


    08/14/2009 8:33AM
  • Dos

    Interrupted a very important meeting. These people should be brought to justice! Public execution!

    08/06/2009 9:00AM
  • I said I was not interested once. I get these calls day after day.

    07/27/2009 9:40AM
  • TinkerBedlo


    07/22/2009 5:45PM
  • Sasha

    Trying to sell cruise

    07/16/2009 5:50PM
  • Diana

    I receive 3-4 calls from this number every day. How do we stop them?

    07/03/2009 10:01AM
  • Tressa

    I receive at least 5 calls a day from this number and i am fed up!!!!

    06/25/2009 6:15PM
  • cindy

    866-374-4849 Grand Crowne Resort VIP Hotline - how or why they got my number I'll never know - phone regested on do not call list

    06/11/2009 4:09PM
  • SLC

    Called and left a voice message, ...just said my name in a muffled voice.

    05/07/2009 7:45PM
  • Amy

    these ppl keep calling and won't leave a msg or say anything when the phone is picked up. it's getting really annoying.

    05/05/2009 1:23PM
  • MAS

    I have had 5 calls in 11 days from this # and do NOT want these calls. Very Distracting.

    04/20/2009 7:35AM
  • mommc

    Doesn't say anything when I answer. I just quit answering, but its still annoying to get the calls!

    04/20/2009 7:33AM
  • marshall


    04/13/2009 4:25PM

    caller said he was with carnavill cruiuse lines and when did we have a vacation last I told him we were going on one but really ITS FALSE I got you on tape brother and its going to the FBI.... I called number back it rang, and rang, GOT YOU POPEYE

    04/10/2009 9:22AM
  • BAM


    04/10/2009 9:11AM
  • bj

    i do not want these calls they are annoying and rude do not want them to call

    04/09/2009 5:06PM
  • C. Staggs

    Asking for someone not at this address, then addressing the call to this household

    04/01/2009 7:12PM
  • Kansas

    I called number back and blocked mine. I get an answering machine it sounds like and says it's from Grand Crowne VIP Line in Branson Missouri. It's a telemarketer trying to get us to buy a trip there at a discounted price in exchange for timeshare.

    03/07/2009 9:39AM
  • Kansas City

    answered and nobody there - i try to call the number back and it says that due to network difficulties, the call cannot be completed at this time. Calling everyday at the same time

    03/03/2009 6:36PM
  • Butterf;y

    they call me all the time and it is annoying. leave me alone!!!

    02/28/2009 12:59AM
  • cmr

    calls my cell everyday when im at home or school. i usually ignore the calls. but answered it today and a woman asked for my parents. by the way..im 16. PLEASE STOP CALLING ME

    02/18/2009 3:45PM
  • Wally

    No one on line

    02/11/2009 4:09PM
  • Antonio Lorenzo

    Call originally came up as "unavailable" and I didn't answer it. They actually left a message, but it was just 1/2 of a message, with the phone # and hours of operation. I tried calling back (from my work phone), but that's how they get ya!

    02/11/2009 7:32AM
  • dude

    calls me at least twice a day

    02/04/2009 4:12PM
  • Deborah

    I dont know who is calling because they never leave a message and when I do answer they dont say anything they just hang up

    02/03/2009 4:31PM
  • coopalini

    They called me and wanted me to give 500.00 over the phone to garentee me a cruise with as many people I want. I told them no and they called me right back and left me a voice mail

    02/03/2009 11:49AM
  • eric

    calls my cell 1 or 2 times a day, listed as unknown, and leaves no voice mail. i dont answer any caller listed as unknown and delete these calls the following day. usually i have several on my phone just like this one.i wish they would give up after a week of my NOT taking their call, but i guess their holding out for a divine intervention= yeah, like thats gonna happen.

    02/03/2009 9:39AM
  • eric

    calls my cell 1 or 2 times a day, listed as unknown, and leaves no voice mail. i dont answer any caller listed as unknown and delete these calls the following day. usually i have several on my phone just like this one.i wish they would give up after a week of my NOT taking their call, but i guess their holding out for a divine intervention= yeah, like thats gonna happen.

    02/03/2009 9:37AM
  • Steven Russell

    I keep getting these type of calls from the number 866-374-4849. Whomever you are making these calls from the above number needs to cease and desist NOW!

    02/02/2009 4:36PM

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