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  • 100%
    Spammer Score
  • 14
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Comments for 8665197641
  • iPhone User

    No message left

    02/20/2014 2:59PM
  • Anonymous

    SiriusXM suffered a data breach in Dec 2013. Both James E. Meyer and Patrick L. Donnelly are aware of the breach and have informed the IT department not to disclose the breach. Millions of customers have had their account information stolen, including credit card numbers. SiriusXm needs to come forward and admit the data breach.

    01/27/2014 12:47PM
  • iPhone User

    Not spam. XM radio calling about my acct, that I set up.

    01/24/2014 6:00PM
  • Android User

    XM spam

    01/10/2014 10:39PM
  • iPhone User


    09/03/2013 10:29PM
  • iPhone User

    I suppose it's xm calling... Just like everyone else

    09/01/2013 5:22PM
  • Cal was from SXM call center asking to renew account . Was not spam, just an issue with my account.

    08/06/2013 7:27PM
  • iPhone User

    Call every day, sometimes multiple times.

    07/13/2013 4:37PM
  • landline

    They call at least 1x / day at different hours. I pick up the phone and say nothing - and neither do they. Then I hang up.

    07/25/2012 3:43PM
  • iPhone User

    They call every day, multiple times

    07/11/2012 10:47AM
  • iPhone User

    They call everyday 3 times a day! It's XM and I have declined to renew my service with them, yet they keep calling.

    06/23/2012 11:41AM
  • iPhone User


    05/19/2012 5:24PM
  • iPhone User

    Xm Spam

    05/13/2012 9:07PM
  • Kim

    I don't pick up calls on my cell phone unless they are in my contact list, ever since I've been getting spam calls from an Indian call center. They keep calling since I always ignore and reject the calls.

    01/24/2012 5:32PM
  • sarah

    They will call every single day until you have a live conversation with them and decline their offer.

    09/02/2011 1:10PM
  • iPhone User


    08/16/2011 11:25AM
  • chris

    they called me about xm satalite radio i said not intersted , called everyday since 7/25,26,27twice so far nobody at the other end after first call

    07/27/2011 6:43PM

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