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Comments for 8666337945
  • kb

    called looking for my brother. said her name was April Broda, it was about a personnal matter. phone ID showed Fairport NY

    03/03/2014 9:24PM
  • got called

    Conserve about student loans. They sound very nice on the phone but they told me at least 5 lies while they were getting me to give them my personal information.  Conduct your business with them in writing! And double check with the dept of ed that the repayment plan the offer you really is the best payment plan you can get.

    03/30/2011 12:00AM
  • KT

    keep calling for a roommate who moved to Japan years ago. (and I keep telling them this)I finally called the main line and spoke to a woman who says she say the # marked as "bad" in one area but it wasn't marked on another page where the # occured. So she claims it's been removed.

    06/01/2010 12:00AM
  • Deej777

    About Conserve.  They are a collection agency for the dept. of education.  If you went to school and got a direct loan it is separate from the schools tuition.  I do not work for conserve but i had to learn the hard way so I am sharing my experience.  I paid the school off and thought I was done.  When I spoke to conserve they said that the schools tuition is different from a direct loan from the department of education.  So if they are calling you it's for that reason.  They don't explain it very well when you are submitting your paperwork to go to school.  But unfortuanately that is the way it is.  I dont know if Anon works for conserve but basically he is right even if he is condescending about it.  I personally will never get another student loan as long as i live because education is too expensive.  I do believe teachers should be paid but the knowledge should be free.  And if you are a person who can teach themselves that is a wonderful thing but without paying thousands of dollars for a little piece of paper that says you know what you are talking about then you are considered ignorant.  Such is the world we all live in.

    05/11/2010 12:00AM
  • deej777

    I have talked to these people from conserve about a student loan I had.  I paid that loan off thru the school and have a receipt proving I paid in full.  I faxed them a copy of the receipt showing I am paid in full.  They then said there was something seriously wrong cause everything matches the amount, my info and all that, but apparently the school didn't inform them.  I haven't heard from them in many months so i fugure the matter is resolved but now i see thier number again on my caller ID and i Do not under stand why they are calling me again.  i paid in full and have a receipt signed by a representative from the school thanking me for my payment IN FULL.  I don't know why they keep harrassing me.

    05/10/2010 12:00AM
  • KT

    No idea who it was since she didn't identify herself.Called and someone asked for an exroommate who hasn't lived in this country for 2-3 years.Told her the person no longer lived in the country and it's now a personal cell phone.The woman apologized and said she'd take me off the list.

    03/03/2010 12:00AM
  • tina

    this person keeps calling and never leaves a message

    12/16/2009 12:00AM

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