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  • 70%
    Spammer Score
  • 4
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  • 7
  • 108
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Comments for 8668748380
  • Android User

    answered and no one said anything

    04/24/2014 12:53PM
  • HP

    When I called this number back it said "Verizon Wireless". Told me to call 800-735-7744 for technical issues or to hold for the sales rep...then it hangs up. I called Verizon & they said it's not them calling over & over but they did block the number so it will not come through to my phone any longer.

    04/17/2014 5:05PM
  • Rod T

    It's spam. People having been using this number for years. You can actually call verizon and get the number blocked...

    04/11/2014 8:48PM
  • Linda D.

    I kept getting a lot of calls from 866-874-8380 and I finally called it back. It was Verizon trying to get me to upgrade my cell phone with a smart phone with unlimited data, texting and calls for $60.00 a month. I asked if they would stop calling me and they said no. It makes me want to drop Verizon as my carrier and I could probably do better anyway.

    01/29/2014 2:10PM
  • Lori

    They said they were from Verizon and wanted to do an "account analysis." I was suspicious that they didn't know if it was my name or my husband's on the account. I would think Verizon should know whose name is on the account and that they weren't calling the primary phone #.

    01/28/2014 9:30AM
  • called back and it was some kind of Verizon place, not sure if it was spam or what but anyway weird.

    01/17/2014 3:53PM
  • Feather

    nope sure didn't call them .

    01/11/2014 10:47PM

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