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Comments for 8669537906
  • anonymous

    Robocall left on my machine: "Hi this is Linda. We would like to discuss solutions regarding an important business matter with CapitalOne. Please call us back today at 1-866-953-7906 to discuss it further. Again the number is 1-866-953-7906. Thank you." Contacted capitalone and they said if 866-953-7906 isn't on their website contact pages, then it's not a capitalone number. Couldn't find 866-953-7906 on capitalone.com so this is a scam call. I think this scam works on you believing you've been called by the real capitalone (and you have not), you call 866-953-7906 back (and you should not), they ask you for an account number to look up what the important business matter is all about, then they ask you for personal info to verify that you are the legit owner of the account number you just gave them. Don't fall for it or the scammers will steal your money and possibly your ID, and unless you're a very important client, capitalone will likely not replace your stolen money. Why not? Because you, not capitalone, were negligent in volunteering your data to a scammer. Ain't capitalone's fault.

    03/04/2015 5:41PM
  • John

    They call multiple times a day and it is some womans voice leaving what sounds like the trailing end of a message to call 1-866-953-7906. I refuse to return any message that does not identify themselves or what they are trying to accomplish, or if it is just a machine leaving the same message every time and starts before the prompt to leave a message.

    01/23/2015 10:33AM
  • Received a voicemail stating to call this number urgently. Message did not provide any information besides the phone number. I am not returning this call.

    02/19/2014 11:37AM
  • Android User

    This is not spam. I under paid by $4 so they called me to let me know. I looked it up and they were right (sorry Capital One) they had all my infomation and thanks to them they prevented a bad mark on my credit score.

    05/08/2013 10:17AM
  • girlisdutch

    This number has called our work number for a week straight. Only left messages on the answering machine. Left no name only this number to call them back. If it was Capitol One calling you, they would know your account and all your personnel information. Do not give anyone your personnel info. Obviously this is a scam to get your info so they can rip you off. When in doubt, call your bank and find out.

    07/19/2012 10:10AM
  • iPhone User

    This is Capital one collection phone number according to Capital one rep.

    10/24/2011 2:18PM
  • Sam

    These people are ridiculous .. I've been behind on a CC payment before, but NEVER have they called me at 8am on a Sunday morning. I just recieved 2 calls from this 'Linda' in the last 3 minutes. This is getting out of control. Yesterday I had 8 calls from this person. If they were a REAL collections person, they wont know that legally that is harassment.

    09/11/2011 9:06AM
  • dmh

    I rec'd several phone calls today from this #, one caller left a message, Linda from Capital One needed to urgently speak with me regarding my account.  I called back, they requested my credit card number, which I would not give them, they then asked for my SSN which I would not give them, they then asked for my phone number which I did give, I got transferred to someone else who asked for the last four digits of my SSN, I did provide this, asked what the call was about and they hung up on me.  I called the customer service number for Capital One on my credit card, they advised that no one from Capital One had called me and the number they left (866) 953-7906 IS NOT for Capital One.  They suggested that I report this to the Better Business Bureau.

    06/22/2011 12:00AM

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