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Comments for 8772309773
  • Android User

    calling wrong number.and the person is. Died a year ago

    05/10/2012 5:43PM
  • Martha Griffin

    Call every day. Do not leave a message if my answering machine is on.

    02/14/2012 6:31PM
  • iPhone User

    Bill This # calls every day leaving a message asking for Ronald borane saying to hang up if it's the wrong #. Dose not work. Keeps calling anyway.

    02/02/2012 8:57PM
  • tg5678

    The person calling just kept asking for a similar sounding name like mine, yet when I asked who is calling she just repeated the name. So I gave up and said they have the wrong number and hung up.

    04/20/2011 3:21PM
  • bigbriz

    Demanding payment for debt.

    04/08/2011 12:37PM
  • 877 Services

    caller ID will show 877 services. they purchase junk debts that are old news. Ask them to contact the original debtor and provide you with a copy of the contract that you took care of and paid in full. also report them to https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx

    05/27/2010 2:34PM
  • Nancy

    A guy calls my house at least 30 times a day asking for a girl name Debbie, and I tell him wrong number he just hangs up and within 15 minutes he calls back, so then I tell him dont call my number again, they wait 30 minutes and that goes on all day.

    05/13/2010 10:14AM
  • Iakona

    I get 2-3 calls per day from this number. I never answer because it looks like a telemarketer. They never leave a voicemail either.

    03/24/2010 8:54PM
  • 1jancllns

    (877) 230-9773 They call everyday.

    02/26/2010 11:38AM
  • maw

    They cal EVERY day. In the beginning when I answered, no response. So I would hang up. What happened to the do not call list?

    12/19/2009 3:17PM
  • rnp4

    This individual or business has called you once a day for the last 4 days. Each time I been in a car. And in California against the law to talk or answer a phone while drive. How can we get them to stop calling?

    11/05/2009 12:11PM
  • Annette

    The phone number of this call me every day and hangup and do not say any thing I would like this to stop

    09/02/2009 11:03AM
  • cruisin

    another scam, i don't use my cell number for business...

    08/18/2009 8:20PM
  • cruisin

    sond so animated...and warbled like they were underwater!!! what do they think????

    08/18/2009 8:17PM
  • only1jb

    This number has shown up on my incoming call directory over 13 times. Last nite a partial recorded message was left asking for a person who lived at my address over 10 years ago.

    08/18/2009 4:04PM
  • JJ

    They continue to call in spite of everything - what idiots!!!

    06/24/2009 9:02PM
  • JJ

    Called twice today already using alias "877 Services". I don't usually answer but did so the last time to tell them where to go. What morons!

    06/16/2009 3:15PM
  • me

    3rd time

    02/21/2009 1:39PM
  • Me

    call number 2 wish I could block them!

    02/18/2009 2:10PM
  • Me

    My turn... Just act like you can't hear them!

    02/14/2009 2:56PM
  • They call repeatedly, asking for me, wanting to verify my address. No idea who they are. Very annoying.

    02/13/2009 6:41AM
  • April

    I keep getting this number calling me. It's someone who doesn't speak English very well and they keep calling and asking for Stacey. This person has not owned this number for two years. I'm thinking it's some type of collection agency.

    01/16/2009 12:19PM
  • Rachel

    They keep calling our business line with an automated message and when you try to call them to have the number removed because the person they are looking for doesn't exist here you get another machine. How do you get off their list?

    12/01/2008 1:48PM

    09/15/2008 8:23PM
  • bhy

    alway calling on my work left a recording message its annoying...

    09/05/2008 9:58AM

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