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Comments for 8886014636
  • Xohan

    These people call my number morning, noon, and night. I never answer, they get my answering machine. I have their number blocked. If someone wants to start a class action law suit against these people for harassment, count me in. I have a record every time they call.

    08/20/2015 2:11PM
  • Makingmecrazy

    I just dialed the number and it's a hair replacement club. I asked them to take my name and phone number off of their calling list, and they said that this will take effect within the next 24 hours. Wish me luck!

    04/14/2014 4:27PM
  • Makingmecrazy

    This number calls me at least 5 times daily and I want this to stop immediately. They don't ever talk or leave a message. Who are they, what do they want. and how can I make this stop?

    04/14/2014 4:21PM
  • imoan

    For several weeks, I have been getting calls from this number and want it to stop. They never talk or leave a message. Very annoying.

    03/22/2014 12:38AM
  • Iphone user

    Called me twice & left not message.

    07/01/2013 5:05PM
  • Android User

    scam log onto youtube.com/user/mwaklimi

    04/27/2013 8:20PM
  • iPhone User

    If you call them back, then request for them to remove your number from the AUTO dialer; They will remove your phone number!!!! How your number ended up on there system dialer is because either you or someone you know either signed up for info online or called & requested there info. Thus AUTOMATICALLY adding you to there phone system to speak with a rep. NOTE: This happens ANY time with any company you are requesting either a info package or a sample! Hope This Helps Everyone.

    02/18/2013 3:10PM
  • amber

    they called me and did not do anything

    12/28/2012 7:41PM
  • iPhone User

    Call constantly. I got a block call ap. I'm entering the number.

    12/11/2012 7:04PM
  • Special K

    another call, no msg left. calling the house btw.

    11/28/2012 11:12PM
  • iPhone User

    Same here.

    06/21/2012 8:48AM
  • iPhone User

    I told them to stop & still they keep calling.

    01/22/2012 5:21PM
  • iPhone User

    They call me 4 to 12 times everyday and leave no voice messages and I'm sick and tired of it I may change my number soon!

    12/30/2011 8:43PM
  • Special K

    I love my answering machine. It screens calls good.

    11/25/2011 10:59PM
  • timetraveler

    this people sucks!They call me 7 times in one day.

    11/14/2011 3:06PM
  • iPhone User


    08/02/2011 10:34AM
  • iPhone User

    It's hair club they left me a message called by accident

    08/02/2011 10:33AM
  • wantutoostop!

    calls me over 30 times a day and I told the last person I talked to not call me anymore and they keep calling.

    03/26/2011 12:15PM
  • anonymous711

    A lady calls my Grandmother asking to speak with her grandson and will not tell whom they are, but A PERSONAL CALL! I've had to listen to hear and calm her nerves down, she thought he was is some serious trouble about soemthing, or did something wrong like break the law!..

    01/08/2011 7:11PM
  • Ryan

    3 to 4 times a day, if you answer the call its dead silence then they hang up...can we sue for harassment?

    12/09/2010 8:08PM
  • Brenda

    call 2-3 times a day.

    12/06/2010 10:55AM
  • No lady Or woman calls my number for some stupid no reason I don't fill right for a total stranger and speacially a woman calling my # to talk to my husband it's not going to happen.Why be stupid you could have left a message im his wife

    11/11/2010 8:13PM
  • Anonymous


    07/09/2010 6:43AM
  • Anonymous

    this number calls me 2 to 3 times a day, and will not stop!!

    07/08/2010 1:04PM

    The call about every 2 days and never say anything. They just hang up after you answer. So while I sit and I am not doing anything, I call them repeatedly. After they answer (which doesn't take long) they get a nice whistle blown in their ear.

    06/20/2010 7:14AM
  • jerseygrl

    Calls at least 3 times per day. I rarely answer, but if I do, they hang up immediately.

    06/08/2010 2:58PM
  • Lucky1

    They called my phone and i called back when they answered it said hair club. i asked them why they called and they asked me for my number and if i ordered with them before. i stated no and they said let me look up your info and i just hung up. this must be a spam...these people are bad bad bad...

    06/07/2010 2:10PM
  • ctg

    Thanks to the above comments, I did not pick up when this number called.

    05/17/2010 12:07PM
  • Anonymous

    calls 2-3 times a day, disconnects the times i do answer.

    05/16/2010 2:55PM
  • Anonymous

    hung up as i picked up and said hello, called back and it said "hair club"

    05/11/2010 1:12PM
  • rq

    they called

    04/04/2010 5:00PM
  • steveh2277

    Call home often, and they do not leave any messages. Very annoying.

    03/26/2010 10:26AM
  • Zippy

    In doing research it appears this is coming from The Hair Club. They have been calling almost twice a day on both my home and cell #. It says - Unknown - I never answer unknown calls - Period No one should. If you are The Hair Club then why hide??

    03/19/2010 10:03AM
  • Hair Club

    Collected payment for Polaris loan that we had and they had all of our information. We paid them $300 dollars before realizing that it was a scam. How did they get all of our loan info as well as our personal numbers and our new home address. Scary!

    03/17/2010 10:46AM
  • Hair Club

    They also hang up when I answer, it's annoying

    03/09/2010 1:26PM
  • Cathy Gendron

    calls after asked to take me off calling list

    02/05/2010 2:56PM
  • Danyalle

    They call several times a day! They won't leave messages on my a/m and when I answer they hang up ... it is getting very annoying!

    02/03/2010 11:02AM
  • Vicky

    I've been getting non stop calls from this number for months! I can't believe it's hair club. I could understand if I never picked up, but when I do pick up the phone clicks like they've hung up. WTF?! How can I stop it?

    01/05/2010 3:40PM
  • stop calling!!!

    12/28/2009 6:37PM
  • Rusty

    Bosley hair club for men

    12/26/2009 8:47AM
  • revshifu

    stop calling

    12/23/2009 3:43PM
  • Aziz

    After i answers, he hangs up. i heared him says Hello couple of time but when he hear my voice he hangs up. he called me more than 50 times.

    12/13/2009 10:41AM
  • msrubye

    I have received calls from this number at all times of the day and evening.

    11/27/2009 9:20PM

    10/08/2009 8:56PM
  • They keep calling every day sometimes three times a day after I said I was not interested I don't know what to do

    10/01/2009 4:56PM
  • Niagara Falls Resident

    Have called 65 times in past 2 month and many before, leaves no message. Also calls on Satureday and Sundays.

    08/30/2009 11:21AM
  • 5 calls in 2 days and they never leave a message

    08/02/2009 3:52PM
  • say they are the hair club

    06/28/2009 7:28AM
  • calls several times a day

    06/17/2009 3:50PM
  • Ahavers

    I am on the do not call register in Texas, they have called 6 times, each time I told them I was not interested and to stop calling

    06/10/2009 12:03PM
  • junior

    I just called my cell phone provider and blocked their number.For Verizon its VZW.com\spamcontrols. I did call and speak to a person and have done so many times prior to this asked them to take me off their calling list, he then asked for the telephone number and then the name of the person this number belong to. I explained he would not have a name because we have never done business with their company. I also let him know I would be reporting this company for harrasment. Very Strange maybe trying to get information for another reason. Report this company to the FCC.

    06/09/2009 8:21PM
  • brian

    Constantly calls everyday up to three or four times a day.

    05/31/2009 2:55PM
  • stephanie

    keep calling my sons phone..hes 15yrs old

    05/15/2009 12:04PM
  • chefjeff

    same comment as the last guy: every day the phone call. always a short wait, then some interoffice background chatter, then i hang up.

    04/22/2009 9:17AM
  • meyy

    I am getting a call from this number 888-601-4636. When I say "hello", the line gets cut..No ones's speaking or leaving a VM. I am getting this everyday

    04/17/2009 8:25AM
  • genie

    This number has called twice a day for weeks. No one is on the line when I answer, the call disconnects with 10 seconds of my answering.

    04/16/2009 8:19AM
  • Betty

    I just received a call from this number. I picked it up, but no one was there. They don't say who they are on my caller ID box.....Very bothersome!!!!

    04/11/2009 12:26PM
  • Graz

    This number has called twice a day for weeks. No one is on the line when I answer, the call disconnects with 10 seconds of my answering.

    04/02/2009 4:32PM
  • me

    leaves no message. caleed back says "thanks for calling hair club"

    04/01/2009 8:27AM
  • annoyed

    1-888-601-4636.....very annoying...calls me 2 or 3 times daily...no message left

    03/21/2009 12:16PM
  • Leane

    This caller called and left no voice message; called back and voice response has no company name or information it states "please enter pin number; authorization access denied". very fishy.

    03/15/2009 4:38PM

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